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My Chemical Romance Discuss Next Single, Video: "Bulletproof Heart"

In an interview with MTV, My Chemical Romance confirmed that their next U.S. single will be "Bulletproof Heart."

Don't get too excited about its video's giving answers about where the one for "SING" left off just yet, though, Killjoys. According to Gerard Way, the band are unsure if they want to pick the story back up so soon; as, the fiction elements are secondary to what they portray metaphorically.

Of spacing the parts of the Killjoy story, Way said, "I like a gap. I think it should be a gap. And then I think that when you do get that final part, when the right song comes along, I don't know that it'll make perfect sense. It's not supposed to."

"Bulletproof Heart" was previously set to be the first single from Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Plans changed when the "Art Is The Weapon" pre-album trailer was released with "Na Na Na..." in it to massive fan response.


Cassie's Weekly Recommendations: Week Two

1. "Neat Neat Neat" [The Damned Cover] - My Chemical Romance, LIVE

The lovely Carrie, a long-time MCRmy bud of mine, was kind enough to share this great quality video of MCR's performing The Damned's "Neat Neat Neat" at the show she attended in Des Moines, Iowa.

The intro is hilariously awkward, but the cover itself is full of piss and awesomeness, and I love it. I was stoked when they played it during the show and at the soundcheck in Cleveland on April 17 and I got to see it for myself.

Not many people knew the words, it seemed, so heads-up to future show-goers: This is becoming a staple in their World Contamination sets!

Three cheers for MCR's doing classic Punk covers!

2. "Best Places to be a Mom" - Taking Back Sunday

Best Places To Be A Mom by adamdamnlazzara

Taking Back Sunday released their video for "El Paso" this past week and the band, who returned to their original line-up last March, have a new self-titled album set for re…

Unabridged Live Review/ Soundcheck & Meet-And-Greet Recap: My Chemical Romance / April 17, 2011 / Cleveland, OH

Because this is, as the title says, "unabridged" and, as a result, very long, I have added sub-heads that will allow you to skim ahead. Enjoy!

For a more concise review, check out my Cleveland Fan Report.

Formal Review on
Chicago review here.


Somehow, my friends and I had managed to make it out of the show at Chicago's Aragon on April 15 alive, and while my friend Emily immediately passed out after that show, I spent most of the night awake writing my Tour Report for the MCR site, and still woke up around 8 a.m. because I was so excited for both the show I had just gone to and the one that was coming up the next day.

The drive to Cleveland started at 11 a.m. Central time and ended at about 6 p.m. Eastern time, and we were all exhausted from it as we collapsed into hotel beds and began sorting out our plans for the next day.

After the Chicago show and our rotten experiences with the crowd there, we had originally planned to line up fo…

Unabridged Live Review/ Soundcheck & Meet-And-Greet Recap: My Chemical Romance / April 15, 2011 / Chicago, IL

Because this is, as the title says, "unabridged" and, as a result, very long, I have added sub-heads that will allow you to skim ahead. Enjoy!

For a more concise review, check out my Fan Report.

When my friends and I arrived in Chicago on April 15, we barely had time to check in to our hotel and to scarf down cheap Chinese food before we had to be on our way to Aragon Entertainment Center for our scheduled meet-and-greet with MCR at 4:30 p.m..

When we got there, the line was hidden around the corner of the building away from the main sidewalk, so we never got to see just how big it was (we would later when we got in it, and I'll say now "HOLY SHIT!"). My two friends and I, and about 20 others who had won a meet-and-greet through the local radio station, Q101, lined up in the rain immediately outside the venue's front doors and waited to be let in.

The inside the Aragon has a mosaic feel in design. It has dramatic teal and gold pillars …

More Unabridged My Chemical Romance Reviews Coming Soon!

Some of you may be aware that I saw My Chemical Romance in Chicago and Cleveland this past weekend.

As always, I will post the usual no-detail-spared unabridged reviews here to share my experiences. They will include all I can remember from meeting the band, watching them soundcheck and from the shows themselves.

I am swamped with homework, editing and other obligations, but I am working hard at the same time to get the posts up as soon as possible.

For now, you can check out these reviews I wrote that have already been published:

Chicago Fan Report for the official MCR site.

Formal Cleveland review for

Keep an eye on the MCR site for my second Fan Report!


My Chemical Romance Sings it For Japan

My Chemical Romance have launched and released a new song in support of Japan following its recent disasters.

The site features several ways to donate to Japan's relief efforts, showcasing the band's re-imagined version of "SING," as well as a photo print and t-shirt. All proceeds from downloads and the purchase of the items will go directly to the Red Cross.

Download "#SINGItForJapan" from iTunes.

Check out and share the #SINGItForJapan video, to which My Chemical Romance recently asked fans to contribute.


Cassie's Weekly Recommendations: Week One

Those of you who follow my online shenanigans beyond this blog may be aware that I am the blogs editor for, Ohio University's All Campus Radio Network.

One of the blogs I oversee is called Exec Recs. In it, the executives of each of the station's departments list their current recommendations to readers. The blog is updated twice weekly, and I have so much fun and learn so much from the varying tastes of the contributors as I edit the posts that I decided to start my own Weekly Recommendations series here. I hope you enjoy!


1. "Blasphemous Rumors" - Depeche Mode

Is there anything better to listen to while writing or painting than Darkwave? Don't challenge me-- I'm a gloomy kid and believe there is not.

Recently, I wrote a story for my short fiction class about an encounter between a person who was about to commit suicide and a person trying to convince the other not to. It turned into a mental dialogue about how human interaction when it comes to…