Thursday, March 31, 2011

MCR on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge: Pulp, Unicorns and Radio 1's Big Weekend Festival

UPDATE: March 31 @ 9:34 A.M.

Listen to MCR's cover of Pulp's "Common People":
My Chemical Romance - Common People (Pulp Cover) by thisisfakediy


My Chemical Romance's session at BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge that aired this morning featured in-BBC-studio performances of "Common People" by Pulp, which they had performed at a few stops of their recent European tour, and of MCR's current U.K. single "Planetary (GO!)."

In the interview the accompanied the live performances, My Chemical Romance discussed topics ranging from their joking that that shred all the stuffed unicorn toys they get on tour to performing at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend on May 15.

When asked what they would be likely to play at the festival, Gerard Way said they would possibly play a lot of material from Danger Days..., which the interviewer suggested, but that they hadn't worked out their festival sets yet, but that they wanted to include old material too to make "a good mix."

The band also talked about their pre-Danger-Days recording and the decision to scrap it. "It was the best thing for us," Gerard Way said. "I'm so glad we did it. You gotta make something you really believe in, and that's what we did. It was even harder because we'd already been gone for so long."

Frank Iero added that deciding to scrap the album was "one of those situations that could have been really scary. It could have been one of those band-killers where it's just like, 'Agh, I don't want to deal with this and go do this record again,' but we had written 4 new songs when we got to the point where we were like, 'Oh, wait. We have a new record right now. This is the new stuff; this is what we want to be doing.' So, I think we were just excited that we had found this new sound, and we wanted to chase it."

See videos from the session here.

Note: Those videos do not play outside of the U.K.. I'm sure someone will have put them on another video site by the time I get out of class today. No worries!


Monday, March 28, 2011

My Chemical Romance ask for fan help in #SINGItForJapan Project

My Chemical Romance are set to release a special version of "SING" to raise money for Japan's recovery effort. They are asking fans to submit photos, videos and artwork showing support for Japan to possibly be used in a shareable video for the song.

All of the proceeds from the purchase of the new version of "SING" will go to Red Cross Japan.

In a blog entry posted on Friday, lead guitarist Ray Toro explained that the project was inspired by fans on Twitter who were sending hope and condolences to Japan using the hashtag "#SINGItForJapan" following the tragedy-bringing earthquake and tsunami that hit the country earlier this month.

Fan contributions must be submitted via this form by March 30 at 5 P.M. PST.


UPDATE: April 1, 2011 @ 1:17 P.M. EST

Check out Toro's footage from the string recording of the new version of "SING"


Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Chemical Romance to Sell Replica Killjoy Jackets

UPDATE: March 25, 2011 @ 6:13 P.M. EST

The replica jackets are now available. The special-edition replica jackets range from $89.99 to $99.99 and will be sold exclusively through My Chemical Romance's online store.

Check them out:

Fun Ghoul [vest] | Jet Star [jacket] | Party Poison [jacket] | Kobra Kid [jacket]
UPDATE: March 24, 2011 @ 7:09 P.M. EST

Full picture:


My Chemical Romance have been gradually revealing an image of what appears to be replica Killjoy jackets on Twitpic and the MCRmy.

Those of us who attended the Danger Days... listening party in November, 2010 were informed by the person who runs My Chemical Romance's merch store that they eventually would be selling such jackets.

If I'm taking these hints correctly, it appears the time has come for those jackets to be released!

Which of the Killjoy jackets do you want?


The Official MCRmy Returns!

The MCRmy, My Chemical Romance's official fan community and street-team relaunched March 21.

The new MCRmy, because its promo "missions" will be based primarily online, lives on Tumblr where its content will be easily shareable among team members and those who are not team members alike.

The site is revamped and there are many new features for members to explore. One of the new features of the MCRmy, for instance, is the option to register your local "gangs" to make meet-ups for easy for members.

The MCRmy message board, a place many of us called home before the original Street Network-hosted MCRmy shut down, has - of course - returned. I'm very honored to say that I have been asked to be among the board's moderators. So, if you have any questions let me know!

Join the MCRmy, and let's make this bigger than ever before, soldiers!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gerard Way to make Guest Appearance at Duran Duran's Live, Online Performance TONIGHT (March 23)

UPDATE: March 24, 2011 @ 4:37 P.M. EST


As a part of American Express' "UNSTAGED" concert series, Duran Duran will be live-streaming a performance directed by David Lynch tonight on their Youtube/VEVO account.

My Chemical Romance fans will be interested to know that earlier today Duran Duran announced via Twitter that Gerard Way, vocalist of My Chemical Romance will be joining them for the performance.

Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. EST!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Chemical Romance premier "Planetary (GO!)" video

My Chemical Romance premiered their "Planetary (GO!)" video yesterday on Facebook.

The video was shot live on February 24 at London's O2 Academy Islington. The final product features live performance and crowd shots mixed with overlapping select lyrics in both English and Japanese.

Check it out!

The "Planetary (GO!)" single, which will be released March 27 in the U.K. and Ireland, will come with two remixed versions of the song: "Planetary (GO!) (Lags Gallows Remix)" and "Planetary (GO!) (Vasquez/ Gorman Remix)."

You can listen to the Lags Gallows remix on Hype Machine.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Frequently asked 'Danger Days...' Questions Answered!

Now that My Chemical Romance's Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys is out, I'm finding more and more questions about it leading people to this site. I figured it would be beneficial to address some of the ones that are asked most frequently in one place for the benefit of all! I hope this helps!

ORIGINAL POST:  November 24, 2010 @ 11:57 P.M.
UPDATED: March 18, 2011 @ 9:47 P.M.


The Killjoys

Fun Ghoul
-Corresponding MCR member: Guitarist, Frank Iero
-Raygun: Green with horror-style stickers attached to it
-Symbol: A smiling face with one eye crossed out and a jagged mouth
-Physical Description: Wears a yellow shirt with black-striped accents over which he wears a military vest. In the video for "SING," Fun Ghoul bears a scar on the right side of his face at his mouth.
-Mask: Purple and green Frankenstein mask
-Additional Information: ...

Jet Star
-Corresponding MCR member: Guitarist, Ray Toro
-Raygun: Blue with red and white details and the text "BECAUSE I SAID SO"
-Symbol: Star with a face and a lightening bolt rising from its left side
-Physical Description: Wears an eyepatch on his right side. His jacket displays an American flag on its back.
-Mask: Black astronaut-style helmet
-Additional Information: The original name for Jet Star was "Raygun Jones."

Kobra Kid
-Corresponding MCR member: Bassist, Mikey Way
-Raygun: Red with white details and a decal that says "deluxe" (his raygun was originally named "Demon-shark Deluxe").
-Symbol: the face of a hissing cobra
-Physical Description: Wears a red jacket over a yellow-and-black zebra-print shirt
-Mask: Yellow helmet with blue and red eye-like details that displays the message “GOOD LUCK” on its visor
-Additional Information: In addition to his raygun, Kobra Kid can also be seen using a power glove in the video for “Na Na Na…." Mikey describes Kobra Kid as a "misunderstood" character with a "short temper" who "knows Kung-Fu."

Party Poison

-Corresponding MCR member: Vocalist, Gerard Way
-Raygun: yellow with pink details and "Give Me Money" written in Japanese on its side.
-Symbol: pill with an "X" beneath it
-Physical Description: Wears a blue jacket with red details, a "dead pegasus" logo on the front and his Killjoy symbol on the back
-Mask: yellow domino mask with blue circular details and clown-style eyes or a decorated "mousekat" helmet.
-Additional Information: Party Poison was among the Danger Days... characters active on Twitter preceding the album's release.

The Killjoys' names, which Mikey Way told NME are "themed after designer drugs," started as the names of their rayguns, but later turned into character names. The band has said that their Killjoy personas are not characters they are playing, but how they picture themselves in the future.

Are the Killjoys Dead?

Currently, as a result of the “SING” video, the Killjoys are presumed dead. However, a picture from Gerard Way of “Party Poison” in what appears to be an unzipped body bag (left) captioned “Killjoys never die” has many fans questioning how dead they truly are.

UPDATE: April 10, 2011
Dr. Death Defying tweeted: that "there are four acceptable levels of dead after posting an ode to Party Poison, whom he called "dearly departed."

More information will follow if the four levels of dead are explained further.

Dr. Death Defying

Played by Steve Righ? of Mindless Self Indulgence, Dr. Death Defying is the smooth-talking narrator who filters in-and-out of Danger Days…. He is a D.J. for 109 F.M., WKIL, a pirate radio station that operates in the Zones. He is recognized by his “Slaughtermatic Sounds” jacket, which also says “Jackals” and “Philly,” his aviator sunglasses and the bandanna he wears tied around his head.

Dr. Death Defying uses an electric wheelchair because of an apparent injury to his left leg, to which an electric brace is strapped.

In an hour-long video “listening party” hosted by the D.J., the character implied that he is a veteran, possibly of the Helium Wars, which have been alluded to vaguely.

Show Pony and the Girl

Show Pony, the character who can be recognized by his "NOISE" half-shirt, blue-and-white polka-dot tights & helmet and rollerskates is the companion of Dr. Death Defying, the narrator of Danger Days... (played by Steve from Mindless Self Indulgence). Show Pony is played by performer Ricky "Rebel" (Twitter | Reverbnation). Rebel opened for My Chemical Romance as Show Pony at the band's Hollywood album release show.

The actress who plays the Killjoy girl in the videos, whose character name has thus far only been "the Girl," goes by Grace Jeanette. She, too, is an actress and a musical performer. The Girl's role in the Danger Days world appears to be a significant one; as, she was kidnapped by Better Living Industries for a stull-unknown reason.

The Zones and Battery City

The Killjoys world centers around Battery City and its surrounding concentric Zones. The map to the left shows how the Zones are laid out in relation to the city. Utopian Battery City is central, corporate, clean and the center of manufacturing. It is where Battery Towers is located. Battery City, California is the setting for My Chemical Romance's "SING" video, to give you a better perception of what it looks like. The setting for the "Na Na Na..." video is in the Zones, which are a more lawless, desert terrain in which the Killjoys live, run and fully embrace their freedom. The Zones are dirty, wild and dangerous-- the opposite of Battery City.

Geographic landmarks include:
Route Guano, which is the road on which Gerard has said, "the shit happens." It is where Jet Star and Kobra Kid are "ghosted" by an exterminator in the Danger Days... track "Jet-Star and The Kobra Kid/Traffic Report." "The Getaway Mile," which may be a specific location, is mentioned in the song "Bulletproof Heart." There is also a place which Dr. Death Defying on Twitter called "Wolfblood Beach."

Better Living Industries

Better Living Industries (Also known as BLI, BL/ind, or BL industries) is the corporation that controls Battery City. The corporation strives to bring about structure in a post-apocalyptic world. It is known for producing emotion-eliminating medications as well as every other manufactured product one can acquire in 2019.

BLI crosses over from the Killjoys world and into real life. The made-up corporation has its own  web site with products that you can actually purchase, a mission statement and a "Zone Report" in both Japanese and English.  Also, MCR takes it a step further by having changed the name under which their music is published to "Better Living Industries Music," which you can see in the liner notes of Danger Days.... BLI also overtakes the edited version of Danger Days..., whiting out the internal album art, taking away the lyrics and putting its smiling face logo (above right) all over it. The Danger Days: California 2019 Edition box set is packaged in a BLI box and the 3-song The Mad Gear & Missile Kid E.P. that comes with it is printed on a disc made to look like a BLI brand CD-R.

Check out some BL/ind commercials and "Fact News" reports.

Dead Pegasus

Dead Pegasus is a 2019 oil company.

Korse, Draculoids and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W

Korse is an exterminator for BL/ind's SCARECROW Unit. In the videos, he is played by comic writer Grant Morrison. The "SING" video has raised speculation among fans that Korse could possibly a robot of some sort; as, he is seemingly "activated" in his chamber by the push of a button. Some also speculate, based on Gerard Way's character sketches and his indicating that Korse suffers from "Zone sickness," that he may stay in the  chamber shown in the "SING" video for medical reasons. Grant Morrison revealed to MTV that Korse is "intimately connected with the Killjoys and their secret history," which has yet to be revealed.

The SCARECROW Unit of BL/ind is a sort of police force. Korse leads it, and The Draculoids are the other exterminators that appear to be of lower ranking than Korse. They're a "clean-up crew" for the Zones, getting rid of the things and people who do not comply with the monochromatic standards of Better Living Industries.

The Mad Gear And Missile Kid

The Mad Gear and Missile Kid is My Chemical Romance's alter-ego band for Danger Days... Mad Gear is what MCR imagined the Killjoys would listen to in 2019.

Fans who ordered the California 2019 Box Set received a bonus E.P. of the three tracks MCR recorded as The Mad Gear And Missile Kid:

1. F.T.W.W.W. (acronym for "fuck this whole wide world")
2. "Mastas Of Ravenkroft"
3. "Black Dragon Fighting Society"

The genesis of TMG&MK came with the writing of "Black Dragon Fighting Society," which was originally recorded for the pre-Danger Days album the band "scrapped." "F.T.W.W.W." and "Mastas of Ravenkroft" followed as songs created specifically for TMG&MK.

Gerard Way told Alternative Press that the MCR is interested in creating a full album as The Mad Gear and Missile Kid and that they would like to play shows as the alter-ego band on off-days of tours in the future.

EVENTS in the Zones

2012: The Great Fires

2017: The Pig Bomb

?: Helium Wars

If there's something about which you are confused that you would like added to this post, let me know! Consider this a perpetual draft that will update as often as you, Reader, need it to. Also, please don't hesitate to submit corrections! I have compiled the information in this post using knowledge I've gained from interviews of the band by several sources.

Suggested Reading to Expand your Killjoys Knowledge:

The Twitter development of the Zones presented in a linear fashion. 

A full interview transcript series posted by Coup De Main Magazine.


Friday, March 11, 2011

My Chemical Romance to Appear on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge

UPDATE: March 11 @ 5:31 A.M. EST

The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge page now indicates that the My Chemical Romance session will be pushed to March 31.


ORIGINAL POST: March 5 @ 11:33 A.M. EST

My Chemical Romance are set to appear on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge March 11, 2011.

Live Lounge sessions traditionally feature an artist's performance of an original song and of a cover.

In the past, My Chemical Romance covered Blur's "Song 2" for the show. What do you think or hope they will play for this session?

Tune in at 10 a.m. UK time to find out!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Chemical Romance Release Director's Cut Version of "SING" Video

Check out the extended version of My Chemical Romance's "SING" video with an additional 37 seconds added and sound effects audible over the music!

Finally, we get to hear what a blaster from 2019 sounds like! And if you thought the raygun battle at BLI Towers was intense before, check it out with an added dramatic twist the sound effects:


Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Chemical Romance Answers fan questions for MTV Spain

EDIT: March 5, 2011 at 1:48 P.M.
MTV Spain recorded the interview, which you can watch here:


ORIGINAL POST: March 5, 2011 @ 1:30 P.M. EST

Last week, My Chemical Romance was announced as the headliner of MTV Winter Music Event in Spain on March 12 (to be broadcast April 15 on MTV's World Stage).

Today, MTV Spain talked to My Chemical Romance about the Event, for which they all unanimously said they are "excited" and agreed that they love the art, architecture and people of Spain. MTV allowed fans to submit their own questions for the band to answer via Twitcam.

My Chemical Romance, who described themselves in one word, "friends," leaned in and squinted as fan questions scrolled by at surprising speed and picked up several to answer.

Many fans were curious about future live setlists and what the band may or may not include on them or how current songs could evolve.

Much to the surprise of fans, the guys admitted that they would like to play "Early Sunsets Over Moroeville" in the future "if we give it some structure at the end," Gerard said, "That's the problem with that song: It has no definitive ending. It just kind of keeps going." Another I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love song that the band mentioned being interested in bringing back is "Skylines in Turnstiles," the first song written by MCR, which Frank said would fit well with the band's 10 years of playing together.

MCR also discussed, though did not say they would resurrect, the long, lost track "Sister To Sleep" of which many fans have a live bootleg, but nothing more. The band said that it was recorded with what they called the "Manhattan Demos," however, no one in the band actually has a version of the song.

Of current songs the band plays that they would potentially re-work like the new, Live version of "The Ghost of You," Frank Iero said, "Each song has a place in the time when it was written, but it's kind of fun to play live old songs and reinvent them." Gerard added, "I've wanted to re-record songs like '[The] Ghost [of You]' or 'Vampires [will Never Hurt You]' just to see what happens these days."

When asked what inspires the creation of those songs, Gerard Way said, "Life filtered through the lens of our childhood and movies that we really like. Cinema, books and life."

The band also discussed other projects like The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys comic, which Gerard said will be released "hopefully this year." And the possibility of a new video documentary of the band.

MCR admits that they have been talking about the possibility of a new band video diary. "We would love to do a bit of a follow-up to Life on the Murder Scene. Kind of like the first ten years of the band and where we are now. We've been talking about it a lot; we don't have any cameras out with us, really, though," said Gerard.

A surprising number of the questions were spawned from fan inside jokes' crossing the line from fiction to reality. To clear those up once and for all:

Why does Mikey not smile or "Mikey Way, why you no smile?"
Mikey: "Smiling right now."
Gerard: "How 'bout THAT! How 'bout THAT!"

"Gerard, you're too sassy for me..."
Gerard: [laughs]
Frank: "For me, too. Gerard, you're too sassy."

"Mikey, what is so awesome about unicorns?
Gerard: "We'll try to rectify it here, but it doesn't seem to do anything. He doesn't like them. It's a myth."
Mikey: "It's an outlandish rumor."


My Chemical Romance to offer Limited Edition 7" Picture Disc for Record Store Day

My Chemical Romance will release a limited edition 7" for Record Store Day.

The disc will include artwork from the "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)" single and will feature both "Na Na Na..." and its B-side "Zero Percent."

It is limited to 2,000 copies, so be sure to check your local record store to get a copy on April 16!