Friday, August 27, 2010

"Look alive, Sunshine:" possible My Chemical Romance album hint from Gerard Way

Last night, Gerard Way returned to Twitter to celebration in the form of MCR fans from all over the world coming together to crash the TweetPhoto page that displayed the accompanying image (left) for Way's tweet that read simply, "Look alive, sunshine..."

Way, unsurprisingly, dropped off the cryptic picture with no further explanation. Fan theories are circulating about what the picture could mean in relation to MCR's upcoming album.

This morning, Matt Galle, My Chemical Romance's long-time booking agent, brought further suspicion to the unexplained picture by retweeting it.

This is not the first time MCR fans have gotten teasers from the band in the form of close-up shots of words. In June, 2009, Mikey Way posted "practice cam" shots of what appeared to be working titles for songs written on whiteboard.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Chemical Romance Casting-Call Seeks "Little Girl" and "Ladyboy"

UPDATE August 26, 2010
Chris, admin of DrinkingSouls, has found that the source that sent out the casting call was ActorsAccess.Com, a casting site that promotes job opportunities for aspiring actors.


A screen-shot posted on DrinkingSouls.Com of what is supposedly a casting advertisement sent out to actors may give insight to the visual direction of My Chemical Romance's upcoming album.

The ad calls for a "Little Girl" with "attitude and vulnerability." The description cites Natalie Portman in "The Professional" (pictured left, Portman played the role of Mathilda, a child assassin) as a reference for the character.

"Ladyboy," a person who must be "identifiable as male" but "feminine" and who must be able to rollerskate is also mentioned. The wardrobe for that character includes tights, a layered tank-top/half-shirt combination and a helmet.

The two characters are set to appear on internal album art, promotional materials (both physical and digital) and merch. As a sidenote, the ad mentions the possibility of a video appearance.

The casting call, which was sent August 19, asked for submissions "ASAP Today," and the possible shoot dates range from August 30 to September 3.

I am in the process of finding more information about from where the casting-call came. Everything seems legitimate, but until I know the original source, I'm going to have to call it rumor. I have contacted DrinkingSouls for possible further information and will keep you posted here if I find anything new.

Original Story at


My Chemical Merchandise Update

With My Chemical Romance's upcoming album set for a Fall release, new merchandise is flooding in. Having anticipated that, I have not been making posts for each individual item, but here are a few recently-released items about which collectors may want to know.

"No Support" Rubber bracelet. The first of the new merch items made available through Hot Topic. I wrote about this particular merch item in May.

Fan-stated Pros: NEW MCR MERCH! Irony. No MCR merch like it.
Fan-stated Cons: Conflicting message. Don't understand.

Purchase at: Hot Topic

"Medusa Skull:" an updated and brightened version of the longer, maroon-sleeved "Medusa Raglan" that was sold on the band's 2008 U.S. Tour. It is currently on-sale through My Chemical Romance's webstore for $9.99.

Fan-stated Pros: Shorter sleeves. Brighter colors. Fitted.
Fan-stated Cons: Preference for old version. Illegible.

Purchase at: Hot Topic

"4-Piece School Set" -- A folder and notebook display the Medusa Skull graphic. A pen and pencil bear the new My Chemical logo in bright yellow against black.

Purchase at: Hot Topic

The "Squid Attack" shirt about which I recently wrote in detail.

Fan-stated Pros: Showing "comic-book nerd" side of MCR. Reminded of The Misfits.
Fan-stated Cons: Not well-fitting. Black base would look better.

Purchase at: Hot Topic

"Skull Snake" t-shirt. A Girl-fit t-shirt with an aviator-wearing skull with what appears to be a blond devilock? With a lightening bolt and yellow zebra print behind it? What? Yes...

Fan-stated Pros: "Classic rock" look. Unexpected design. Fitted.
Fan-stated Cons: Dislike colors. Looks like design of many current bands.

Purchase at Hot Topic: Regular sizes | Plus Sizes

The "Ray Gun" shirt was just revealed this week.

Purchase at Hot Topic: Slim-fit | 2XL

Those who pre-order "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" from will receive an exclusive guitar strap designed by My Chemical Romance.

Purchase from: Amazon

Is it just me or, is all this talk about 'ray guns' and 'galactic destroyers' making that probable title that Gerard mentioned in Nylon Guys seem to make more sense than ever?

Conventional Weapons: We're no match for them.

Hm. I'm still sensing leather and lightening-flashes, as I previously mentioned, but -- with this MCR release -- should we be expecting intergalactic warfare?

Expect the unexpected!


Be sure to check out the sale section of MCR's webstore for deals on a lot of awesome merch!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Album Review: Matt Skiba - 'Demos'

Matt Skiba
Asian Man Records
August 10, 2010


1. You Didn't Feel a Thing
2. Angel of Deaf
3. I Can't Believe You
4. Haven't You?
5. How The Hell Did We Get Here?
6. Cradle To The Grave
7. Red, White, and You
8. Radio Vienna
9. S.O.S.
10. Nausea (Cruel and Unusual)
11. Into Thin Air
12. Merry-Go-Down
[13. Field of Darkness]
14. Special
15. Razor Blade Blues
16. Magicland

Matt Skiba's first full-length solo album sets a dark mood and allows fans a look at the rawest form of his art.

Read my full review for ACRN.Com!


New My Chemical Romance Shirt: Squid Attack / Galactic Destroyer

I think that it is worthy to note that My Chemical Romance has a brand new piece of merchandise available at Hot Topic.

The shirt, named "Squid Attack," features a graphic of a floating eyeball in space being consumed by a giant space-squid while both appear to be under the attack of missiles.

Under the graphic are the words "Galactic Destroyer." Both the band's logo and "Galactic Destroyer" appear to be in a more stylized version of the font used on the band's Motorcycle" t-shirt.

The squid shirt is not the first of the new wave of My Chem merch to feature the words "Galactic Destroyer."

After MCR performed at Japan's 2009 Summer Sonic Festival, three limited edition shirts that were sold at that show were made available to fans through the band's online merch store.

One of said shirts was called "Galactic Destroyer," and it featured a graphic with the words printed on some sort of control device along with "MCR."

What the significance of it could be I haven't a clue, but -- as I mentioned to start -- I found it worthy of note.