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Interview Quest: Update Two

A couple days ago, I got the contact information for William Control (A.K.A, WiL Francis of Aiden), the second artist for my "Interview Quest" series, and have heard back that an interview is possible for next week.

The exact date has yet to be set, which is the same thing that's going on with Black Veil Brides interview I told you about, but I do have the confirmation that it will happen unless something goes awry!

So, again, I'm opening it up to fans: Is there anything you are interested in finding out that you would like me to ask while I have the chance?

I can't guarantee that every question will make it into the final interview, but I'll give it a try!

Leave suggestions in the comments!


Former TBS Bassist to work on new Patrick Stump project

Matt Rubano, former bassist of Taking Back Sunday, just announced on Friends Or Enemies Radio that he was recently working with Fall Out Boy vocalist Patrick Stump on his new project.

"We've been talking about helping to put the band together to go on tour for his record," Rubano said.

The bassist gushed that Stump is "a mountain of talent," who -- during their time working together -- took on instruments from guitar to drums to even a trumpet.

The unique dynamic the artists have is one that Matt Rubano describes as, "we're both kind of these weird secret jazz fans that ended up in rock bands."

That sounds like a combination that could lead to some interesting tunes.

Rubano said there will be more information in the coming weeks.

Keep your eyes open!


And's 'Story of the Year' award goes too...

At the end of every year, we "Rock Lobsters" at Ohio University's All Campus Radio Network ( hold a small cookout at which we distribute awards to characters within our group. Awards include: "biggest scum," "Lobster of the year," "Best DJ Name" and "Biggest Lush."

With the addition of the Editorial Department this school year, a new award was created for "Story of the Year," and I -- somehow, with all the amazing content that gets posted on the site -- managed to snag the title!

Check out the story that was deemed worthy of my gold record prize:

"They Call Us Crazy: An Ode to Fans"

To everyone who has found a home in, has been inspired by or has felt a part something through it, music is more than just notes: it’s worthy of being a lifestyle.


PS: Also, I have moved my way up within the Editorial Department. I am now Cassie, ACRN.Com Blogs Editor!

Marked Music: The Emo Stigma

Somewhere along music’s evolutionary path, punk found its way into the hands of a mad chemist who replaced its piss and vinegar with teardrops. There born was the Frankenstein that is emo. What have we done to him along the way?

Check out my full article on


Illustration By: Matt Anderson

Interview Quest 2010: Update One

Last week, I made the first order of business of "Interview Quest 2010" contacting Black Veil Brides after I noticed so many of you seem to like them.

I heard back very soon after mailing, and should have an interview set up with BVB vocalist Andy Six in the near future. The date is pending, but I'm pretty sure it's going to happen.

In the meantime, those of you who wanted me to talk to BVB: If you have questions, leave them in a comment.

I can't guarantee that all questions will make it into the interview, but I think it's important for fans to have a say in these things.


New My Chemical Romance merch: 'I don't support anything' bracelet

Recently, many My Chemical Romance fans were surprised to find, upon searching their local Hot Topic stores, that a new MCR merch item has come into unannounced, sudden existence.

The item, a large rubber bracelet, reads: "MCR I don't support anything" in the band's new, block font. The ironic message has stirred mixed reviews from fans, but guitarist Frank Iero reassured curious fans that it was all the band's idea.

Those who had hoped to purchase the bracelet may have a tough time last week when it was available only in physical Hot Topic stores, but it is now available through Hot Topic's online store for the (kind of crazy) price of $6.99!

The bracelet is the very first piece of wearable MCR merch to feature the band's new typeface (if you do not count the very similar text back of the 2008 T.Oro shirt). Those who are familiar with past merchandise release decisions for MCR may not be surprised by the quiet Hot Topic release, recalling the 2006 "We …

Interview Quest 2010

In my experience as a writer so far, I have done only a few interviews with bands. I want to get experience; so, I am compiling a list of potential bands to attempt to interview before the end of 2010.

You see, I am sickeningly shy, and I mean that literally: I am so shy and nervous that it often makes me sick. The wise lyics of The Smiths' "Ask" warn, "Shyness is nice/ And shyness can stop you/ From doing all the things in life you'd like to."

I am not about to be stopped.

Lately, I have been seeing bloggers, who have even smaller followings than I, getting interviews with some pretty wicked artists, and I feel like I need to step the fuck up; seeing as, I write for a radio station Web site and am going to school to be a journalist while these kids are, like, 17. Ha-ha!

So, let's do this thing! Here's where you come in.

I want your suggestions for bands to interview. Simply comment with the name of any artist you would like to see interviewed, no matter…

New My Chemical Romance photos give insight to recording

The second set of limited edition My Chemical Romance photo prints are now available on the band's official Web store.

The descriptions of the photos titled "patience and chaos" and "come and get me motherfucker" provide fans with insight to the band's long recording process.

Most strikingly news-worthy is the description of "patience and chaos," which shows bassist Mikey Way and vocalist Gerard Way in a "digital room" of their Los Angeles studio. The description says, "As a band we have all found ourselves behind instruments we wouldn't normally play, writing songs we wouldn't normally have written... the unusual and unique has become the norm, opening countless doors for us as musicians and ultimately our minds as artists."

Should we expect a new, more digitized sound on the upcoming MCR release?

The other photo, "come and get me motherfucker" gives fans a first glimpse of the lyrics to the song "Trans Am,&…

Taking Back Sunday announces 6-date Pre-Album Tour

In a video posted on their web site,a shiny, new Taking Back Sunday line-up announces dates of a short June tour of their favorite venues.

June 22 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
June 23 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY
June 24 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
June 25 - House of Blues - Boston, MA
June 27 - The Metro - Chicago, IL
June 29 - The Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA

One date has been posted for the Fillmore at Irving Plaza in New York on June 23 on TBS's Ticketmaster event page.

For more ticket information, including how to get yourself a fancy VIP package, check out Taking Back Sunday's Artist Arena page. Tickets will go onsale there May 5.

Also, the video announcing the dates includes a snippet of what appears to be a new TBS song. Excited much?


Image credit: Ticketmaster