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Classic Live Review: Projekt Revolution 2007 | August 11, 2007 | Tampa, Florida

I was supposed to see another show on the Black Parade/ My Chemical Romance tour from my previous post, but it happened to be the Columbus show that ended up postponed for three days and eventually canceled after bands and crew-members on the tour got food-poisoning at a previous show.

Note: This review was written and originally posted near the time of the show. It has received only minor editing.


"Mama, we’re all gunna JUMP!"

After a 20-hour drive to Tampa and a couple days of doing things that amused my mother, my friend and I made ourselves at home in our new hotel, which was directly across from the Florida State Fairgrounds where the concert was to be held the next day.

August 11th, 2007- Projekt Revolution: Tampa, FL

The Wait

We got to the venue at about 6:30 a.m. after circling the perimeter of the fairgrounds to be positive that there was no other line. See, we had to do this, because the gate that let cars in had yet to open and there were about 6 people in line at that gate with three cars waiting behind them: a very suspicious-looking set-up.

Finally deciding that it would be safe to line up there, Emily and I got in line behind the other MCRmy kids (I apologize for being so anti-social; I was too nervous for words beyond two syllables that morning) and these other two girls who were really amusing. I tried to settle my nerves by eating an apple and sipping Gatorade. The apple proved very useful in calming my jumpy stomach, but nothing could calm the over-work of my heart. Everything was so uncertain and unorganized that I felt I would soon crack and panic-attack all over everyone's face. (Yes. I did just made panic-attack a verb that occurs upon one's face).

Finally, the first gate was opened, and I was sooo bummed that it hadn't been opened sooner, because -- by the time they let us in -- there were roughly 8 cars lined up, and, obviously, cars outrun humans. Thinking that we would still have a decent place in the second line of the day, my friend and I took our time getting there. Though I had desperately wanted to run, I couldn't leave Emily, who wasn't feeling well, to walk alone. So, we lost about 20 places in line as a result. GRRR! But, it isn't as if that mattered at all, because- within an hour or so- we had lost far more because of a misinforming security guard.

So, this security guard comes up to our relatively peaceful line and goes, "You guys know this isn't the line to get in, right?"

We logically knew that there would be another line once we got past the first of the barricades, but our minds processed this terribly-worded sentence in a panic. The guard continued after our gasping: "Yea, the line is way on up there *brandishes past the barricades*." So, what do we do naturally? We stand and rush forward, turning the line into a packed crowd. Great! That is JUST what one needs in 100 degree weather, a line that is more like human soup! I didn't mind it so much, but -- as I mentioned before -- Emily hadn't been feeling well, and the heat was really bothering her.

I'm unsure how it happened, but the crowd gradually started to inch its way in front of the barricade, and -- as a result -- police were called, security FREAKED OUT, and we had to stay in the crowd; not until time for the doors to open, but until time for the show to start. When they finally let us go, I grabbed Emily's wrist and sprinted like Hell, but we had to stop when we were a little over half-way to the second line.

We got in and went to the pit line, which was yet another crowd of people cutting.

Obediently, we sat on the curb to the side of the mass blob of beings [this proved to be an advantage later] where we were to wait for another 4 hours. Yay! At this point, we had been in the hot Florida sun for 6 or 7 hours, were sunburt because our sunscreen had literally melted and had become useless, and we were were losing sweat by the gallon.

I thought I would break down several times-not because of the heat, but because I had taken a 20 hour trip and waited since early morning to get a good spot in line and for what? Only to be cut by a ton of disrespectful, completely rude, inconsiderate people [pardon my repetition].

I wanted nothing more than front row for Gerard's "soberversary" show, and was pretty convinced that I wouldn't be getting it.

What made me even more bummed was a woman old enough to be my mother's yelling at me. She just walked up with two younger girls [Teenagers {"scare the livin' shit outta me"}], who were complaining that "OMG. *whines* I've been here for THREE whole hours. OMG," and I told her politely that the back of the line was *points Northwest* WAAAAYYY back there. She was like, "We've been standing here for a long time now *glares*" At that point I was so frustrated with cutters that I was like, "Seriously? Because I haven't seen you, and I have been waiting since 6:30 this morning." She was like, "You couldn't have been standing here since 6:30. They weren't even open at 6:30. So don't try to fucking tell me that you've been here." I just let out a sarcastic laugh, uttered, "Oh yea, you must know everything about what I've done. Right." and walked away, nearly on the verge of tears. It was just so sucky, because she was treating me as if I were an insect when I had simply pointed out her injustice. It was only made worse by the fact that she and the others with her were wearing MCR shirts, and completely throwing everything the band hopes for as far as fan unity and respect down the drain. I'm seriously getting sooo over the disrespect of fans at shows and in general, but that is for another time. (/endrant)

The Chaos, The Show

Finally, 4 o'clock rolled around, and the line was let into the pit. Emily was in the bathroom trying to cool down; so, I was at it alone.

A FIGHT broke out in the line, which worked to my advantage along with my not being in the massive blob of people who were lined up in the wrong direction. I held my ticket and banded-wrist in the air and squeezed through all of the last minute cutters. It was not an easy task at all, trust me. Before even entering the gate, I was thrust into the air and came down upon a barricade in a straddling position, which hurt like mad, but didn't stop me. I got my nod from security and went as quickly as I could through a first mob of people, then a second, then I was finally *BIGGEST SIGH EVER IN LIFE* in the pit. I did a split-second scan of the barricade, saw that there was space on Frank's side and BOOKED IT. I seriously doubt that I have ever run so quickly in my entire life- you have no idea. I mean, in order to stop myself I had to CRASH into the gate. I was soooo happy.

I'm sure I looked a complete fool because of my wide grin, but nothing would bring my spirits down so long as I was hugging that precious, perfect, wonderful, amazing barricade. So, it was set- that black bar was under my firmly-clutching arms and I was going nowhere surely as it would go nowhere.

Seriously, The Show...

Julien K
They were the first band to play. I can describe them only as TechnaRockSexMusic..Hair. They were very good live -- the sound was great and the singer's voice virtually flawless. I wouldn't say that they're my usual cup of tea, but they had me desiring to buy their CD at one point. Their song about strippers was rather amusing. Actually, it was very amusing. I guess after seeing MCR 9 times, one can't truly take any type of over-dramatic sex gesture quite as seriously as one may have before (Yes, I'm looking at you, Way the Junk-Grabber). The guy who stood in front of me onstage had very distractingly soft-looking hair. He alternated playing the keyboard and either bass or guitar; I can't remember, because I was so distracted by his strands of soft... softness. There's no other way to describe the man's hair than, "OMG-I-want-to-pet-him-like-now." No joke. All in all- as mentioned before- Julien K were pretty good live, enough to tide me over for a bit longer.

How to explain Placebo... Well, I'm madly in love with "Special K" and "Meds," but I wasn't quite as thrilled with their performance of them. There really just wasn't enough going on to satisfy my interests. This, I assume, is another complication of my being used to the performances of MCR. They spoil one's senses with amazing-ness so that every other band is dull in comparison. Do not get me wrong, they sounded very good (perhaps this was due to the singer's constant signaling to the sound people *wrinkles nose*), but there wasn't enough stage presence to excite me. There was a rather disturbing, nasty butt-dance, though. *wrinkles nose* It was horrifying and I shall take a break from my incessant typing to go scour my eyes now.

-Ah, that's better-

Great, finally a band from whom I know more than one song! This was my second time seeing H.I.M, and I was NOT impressed in the least bit. There was such a horrid lack of enthusiasm and such an attitude from Ville that I could literally feel the indifference floating from his cigarette smoke and into my being. Mige and Gas were way into it, but Ville seemed like he would rather be anywhere in the world than on that stage. It's understandable that he would be tired, but - seriously- he was beyond tired: he was ridiculous. And tired was, therefore, how I felt about their performance. Not tired because I exhausted myself in energetic sing-along (I made only feeble effort), but because their indifference seeped into me and made me beg for their end. To my remembrance, they did the following songs (not in order and not a complete list, mind you):

-"Wicked Game"
-"Under The Rose"
-"Soul on Fire"
-"Wings of a Butterfly"
-"Killing Loneliness"
-"Poison Girl" (I think)
-... and more that I can't remember.

I was almost as thrilled to be seeing them as to be seeing MCR! I absolutely love the band and had never been able to see them live before; so, this was my very first TBS experience, and it was absolutely PERFECT!! Before they came out, a fog machine let out a large cloud and a theatre marquee-esque banner was lifted into the air, that flashed "Taking Back Sunday" in old-fashioned Broadway-bulbs. Their set had a completely crimson backdrop, a theatre-like curtain and the drum set was WAAAAYYY high in the air on a curtain-covered platform. I can't remember in what order they did the songs or that much at all, because I was so completely caught up, but I know they did:

-"What's it Feel like to be a Ghost?"
-"Error Operator"
-"Set Phasers to Stun"
"A Decade Under the Influence"
-"This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know)"
-"Cute Without the 'e' (Cut From the Team)"
-"You're so Last Summer"

I completely owned all the songs, and Fred took a great notice. I was directly in front of him. He kept grinning down at me and pointing; so, I decided to sing all his parts when he came in, which was quite awkward since I had a couple girls behind me singing all Adam's parts. Taha! Ah, it was amazing! Rubano is ALL over the stage, completely hyperactive. Adam is an AMAZING performer, and a comedian.

At one point, one of the 'Rmy kids' boas made its way onstage. Adam snatched it, threw it around his neck and was like, "Ooooh, I'm gunna make Gerard jealous with this."

Fred pays very close attention to the audience and interacts with us a lot, and Ed, well.. Ed hides. *frowny face*. There was a replacement drummer, not TBS's actual one, because Mark hurt his back while on tour, which Adam explained in a very captivating and funny way. Adam said something about MCR making people feel things they've never felt before and pointed out a few guys in the audience. "Even you.. and you, Sir.. and maybe you, I dunno about you."

But, enough about any other band ever in life... The most important one of all came next

!!!!!!!!!MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!

Between MCR and TBS, I absolutely could not stop grinning and bouncing. I was singing along at the top of my lungs to all of the songs that came over the speakers during set-up, which I'm sure annoyed the hell out of the people on either side of me, but I didn't care. All of the day's heat and exhaustion had lead to pure energy and excitement... Funny how a "mere band" can do that to me... *smirk*

Before the boys (minus Mikey; plus Cortez) came out, purely instrumental theme music played, and fire shot sporadically from a row of flame-shooters set up on the back speakers beside Bob's drum platform. It was so rad! The boys came out and the first thing out of Gerard's mouth was, of course, an obscenity: "TAMPA, YOU ARE GETTING FUCKED TONIGHT!"

They went straight into "This is How I Disappear" which is among my favorite MCR songs, AND a highly energetic song at that, so I lost my fucking mind. I didn't care if I was completely crushed, and that it was over 100 degrees outside: I definitely was not going to stand the fuck still... at all.

I was so insane that, after the first song, the woman next to me was like, "Like I said, they don't HAVE TO bring you water, Sweetie." A likely reaction from someone who has never seen me at an MCR show. TAHA!

Next, they played "The Sharpest Lives," which was introduced by Gerard's saying something threatening and/or aggressive about dancing. I don't remember the order of the songs from that point or what exactly happened during each of them individually, but I do recall these things:

Memorable moments

-The "Casa De Lobos Crew" (Florida MCRmy) managed to get banners they made onstage. The first one Gerard showed off was one supporting Bob's solo project. He was like, "Check this out!" and held it in the air. Everyone went crazy. He thanked "the lovely ladies of the MCRmy" for all the banners, and ran across the stage with the longest one flying behind him for a while. At the end of their set, during "Cancer," he covered himself with one of them and said, "I'm goin' to bed now." It was way sad...
When he got the congratulatory banner for his 3rd "soberversary" he explained a little bit about how he was sober and said, "I'm not here to preach. I just wanna love on ya."
-BOB'S ROTATING DRUM SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Gerard's talking without the mic when he was getting the banners and my hearing him. It was just an odd sensation. Taha!
-Gerard had "You Win" written on his neck.
-Frank fell over his monitor and rolled around for a long time, then came and sat right in front of me on the speaker. It was great!
-A VERY young, tiny girl came and stood next to me at the barricade and caught Frank's glow-stick. I don't think I've ever felt so happy for another person. Awww!
-I cried A LOT during "Famous Last Words." Yea, I suck. Whatever.
-"Thanks for coming out to Projekt Revolution 2001 *holds up three fingers*," - Gerard Ha-ha!
-Gerard's speaking in an eerie voice after "Mama". He said something like, "I don't even know what to say about that..." Then he hid in the shadows before re-appearing next to James, who was playing creeeeepppyyy music.
- During "Teenagers," Gerard's hopping across the stage like a chicken and saying, "Check me out, check me out."
-My favorite part of any MCR concert: "I wont go down by myself, but I'll go down with my friends." and the crowd's feeling of complete unity. My favorite feeling ever!!! It's amazing. Just... like perfect belonging and acceptance.
-They boys of the audience stripping during "You Know What They do to Guys Like us in Prison" and making crazy windmills with their shirts. Gerard: "I wanna show my mama how many boys I've gotten naked."
-Before "Mama" the hand-clapp and "Everybody in the whole plavce, whole place."
-During, "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" the Gerard-proclaimed "Mosh pit commander", an obvious asshole, got thrown out. Gerard: "You, the guy with the POW-MIA tattoos..." He totally didn't say P-O-W- M-I-A, he said pow, mee-uh. I thought he said "palomino" and cracked up. When the guy got kicked out Gerard was like, "No, I liked that guy. *snicker, snicker*"
- Gerard: "I can feel it in my stomach, kinda in my ass that this is the best crowd of tour."
- Gerard: "I'm feeling good. I'm feeling so good, I think I'm going to throw up."
- Frank's molesting Gerard to death. Poor dude.
- Gerard's running up to Worm and dancing ("krumping") all over him while Worm stood with his arms folded over his chest for a long time, then - eventually - did it back to Gerard. I almost pee'd myself from laughing so hard.
-James De-motherfucking-Wees!!! He came out before MCR ,and I screamed for him. People looked at me as if I were insane.. I guess I was. :]

I've read that this is the set in order:
-Sharpest Lives
-Not Okay
-Give 'em Hell, Kid

Another amazing show! Next stop: Projekt Revolution in Raleigh, North Carolina!

A review of headliner Linkin Park's performance is not included because I left after MCR played.

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Just a note...

I find that more and more often now people are taking what I write and are copy-pasting it on other sites.

It's AWESOME if you want to use what I've written to help spread information, but could you please just link it here or at least give me some form of credit? I would appreciate being able to know where things I write are being re-posted.



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Gerard Way reveals more information about new My Chem release to NME

In today's feature from NME Magazine, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance divulges some information fans didn't already know.

The writer of the article revealed the song we knew as "Trans Am" has been re-titled "Bullet Proof Heart," and is likely to be the first single from My Chemical Romance's upcoming album. In addition to the "Jenny" character in the song, there apparently is also a "Johnny," a runaway-type character that Gerard said is symbolic of what is often the point of starting a band.

"You get into a van to run away." Way said, "I didn't want to end up where I grew up, and that's not to speak ill of Jersey at all. I love New Jersey, but I didn't want to end up with a job I hated just floating through life. I wanted to escape. And so I definitely felt at times when we started in the band that there were forces, albeit in my head, that were conspiring against us to keep us in a basement, and you have to rebel against that."

In the article, Way comments on the times, saying that he feels current music seems to focus on the fact the people want to have fun and they want to forget what's going on around them.

"People just wanna fucking rock! Let's go out and escape! Let's go out and go on an adventure! I don't know that people want to make statements right now. I can't comment on anybody else's record, but I certainly feel something in the air, like, people just want the truth and they don't need a big story. And they also want to forget about the truth; they just want to let go and cut loose," Way said.

Way, who says the songs on My Chem's upcoming release could be played in stadiums, arenas or in small clubs maintains that the album's overall theme is of survival.

Of the line This ain't a room full of suicides from "Save Yourself(, I'll Hold them Back), Way says, "It's saying this is a room of survivors. And this record's about the truth and living and survival... It's about getting back to what we were which is a working-class rock band and embracing that while, at the same time, being larger than life."

Of the song "Light Behind your Eyes," a song Way has previously mentioned was inspired as a message to whom his daughter would become, he fights the image of victimization that has come to surround My Chem and their fans.

"I was writing about the victimization of the audience, and that to me was the best thing the band could possibly say at the moment, about not being a victim. I realized that if anything were to ever happen to me, I would want my daughter to know that her dad and his band weren't victims. And I don't think there was any real solid evidence of that up to now. It's about empowering the audience."

The NME article has an information box that give details about a few songs. Here's some solid info we didn't already know:

Lyrics from "Death Before Disco" (if you couldn't decipher them from the Roxy recordings):
This ain't a party/ Get off the dancefloor/ You wanna get down/ I want the gang war.

Lyrics from "Save Yourself" (in the article, the "I'll Hold them back" is left out of the title. Possible change):
This ain't a room full of suicides

"Black Dragon Fighting Society"
Apparently, Gerard repeats "This is a medical emergency!" in this song.

Conclusion: I predict many lyrical exclamation points and a return of dirty leather jackets.


My Chemical Romance to appear in tomorrow's NME Magazine


Article summary here.

Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance appears on the cover of this week's issue of NME. In the magazine is an article in which Way discusses MCR's upcoming release.

Check out NME's Web site for more details

Magazine on newsstands tomorrow.


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My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Bravery, Silver Sun Pickups to play Sundance Film Festival show to celebrate Twitter? [NO! New Details]


Jan 16, 2010

I just received the following message from 140tc, which is to host the twitter conferences at "Tweet House":

Preparing post & email regarding this. Promoter who contracted bands/our space was unable to pay any obligated $. A mystery.

Original Post:

An article from Salt Lake Tribune announced musical events and music-based films that are to happen during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, which spans Jan. 21st through the 31st and takes place in Park City, Utah.

At the bottom of the list of music events was this:

Tweet House » Bands 30 Seconds To Mars, The Bravery, Silver Sun Pickups and My Chemical Romance are to perform at the "Tweet House," Jan. 22-25, inside the Yoga Shop, near Main Street, 1167 Woodside Ave. The event is designed to celebrate Twitter's global influence. Find details at: http://parnassusgroup.com/twitterconference.

The event website describes the "Tweet House at Sundance" as "invite-only." According to The Daily Truffle the "3 day & 3 night event" will feature twitter technology conferences during the day and performances at night.

A more focused blog entry from the Salt Lake Tribune gives additional details and makes the event guestlist sound exclusive to stars and to the media elite.

None of the bands have the shows listed in the tour sections of their official websites.


About an hour ago, My Chemical Romance's official twitter offered fans the chance to be followed by them. For one hour, fans could request to be followed and would be followed back.

Could that performance be why the follow frenzy happened? A possible promotional move? That the two are linked is only my weak speculation. Do not take it as fact.

I will post more details as they come.


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Album Review: The Bouncing Souls - Ghosts on the Boardwalk

The Bouncing Souls
Ghosts on the Boardwalk
Chunksaah Records
January 12, 2010

Track listing:

1. Gasoline
2. Never Say Die / When You're Young
3. I Think That the World...
4. Ghosts on the Boardwalk
5. Airport Security
6. Badass
7. The Mental Bits
8. Dubs Says True
9. Boogie Woogie Downtown
10. Big Eyes
11. We All Sing Along
12. Like the Sun

Read my full review here.


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Classic MCR Live Review: The Black Parade & My Chemical Romance Tour | April 24, 2007 | Atlanta, Georgia

After that last show I went to in 2005, I hit an MCR dry-spell. Through the beginning of 2006, they were recording The Black Parade, which meant there were no shows for a while.

A glimpse into MCR history: 2006 & the "WTF is The Black Parade?!" craze

Everything was relatively quiet in the MCR world until circa June 2006 when Hot Topic started distributing the now legendarily mysterious "We are the black parade" shirts that none of us understood at the time but still faithfully bought.

Also in June, MCR announced two festival shows in Allentown, Pennsylvania on September 2 and 3 with Taking Back Sunday, Hot Like [A] Robot, Say Anything & The Honorary Title that I thought I was going to be able to attend at the time.

In July, mysterious photos surfaced with strange titles that included "TBP" and "character" in them of Gerard with bright white hair. Oh, and Mikey's glasses vanished forever...

In August, things really started to heat up. Literally for drummer Bob Bryar, at least. I remember being on vacation to see a stop of Warped Tour in North Carolina and being in my hotel when MTV News came on and announced that rumors were circulating about My Chemical Romance's being in a car accident. Fans were panicking, not knowing what could have happened.

Apparently, something happened to Bob and Gerard had broken his leg? No one knew until later when we discovered that Gerard had torn all the ligaments in his foot and that Bob had been severely burned on the set of one of two music videos the band had filmed at the beginning of the month ("Famous Last Words").

We found that The Black Parade was actually the title of MCR's upcoming album and that it would be coming out in October via a press-conference video that the band posted, which included footage from a show they had played in the U.K. earlier that month.

At that point, everyone in the MCR world was agape at this new, "epic" feel that had been so shrouded in mystery for months. What was going on? What of these working titles we were hearing like "The Five of Us are Dying," "The Rise and Fall of My Chemical Romance," and "Boy Division"? And all of these characters... The Patient? Mother War? ...Pepe?

It was to our lucky advantage that some lovely British MCR fans who were at that "gig," as they say, on August 22 at Hammersmith Palais bootlegged the new songs. From that show, the fanbs got a taste of "The End" (which was assumed to be "Welcome to the Black Parade" at the time), "Dead," "I Don't Love You," "Cancer," and "House of Wolves."

On August 31, MCR premiered "Welcome to the Black Parade" in a live performance atop the GE building in Rockefeller Center during the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show. The performance featured a boy's choir in skeleton face make-up and the band dressed in their new, military-style costumes (We later found that these were designed by Tim Burton's trusted costumer Coleen Atwood and that the fabric was actual historical military fabric). My Chem played an after-show at New York's Knitting Factory that night, but later drummer Bob Bryar was hospitalized because of a blood infection from the burn he had sustained on the set of the "Famous Last Words" video shoot had spread dangerously.

MCR canceled their appearance at Allentown shows while Bryar recovered and fans held their collective breath.

It was the day after those shows that I received a phone call from Scott, the then casting-director at Fuse, telling me that I had been selected to be an audience member for "7th Avenue Drop," a live performance show upon which My Chemical Romance were to premiere their new songs to a small audience of fans.

The problem?

The show was either the next day or the day after that (I can't remember), and no one could take me to New York in time.

That was the last opportunity I had to see the band in 2006.

So, I watched the performance on TV later that month (and cried, of course), then watched them on various other programs such as "Saturday Night Live" and an MTV2 concert special.

Eventually, October 24 rolled around, The Black Parade was in my hands and I had it to keep me occupied until Spring 2007, when I next saw MCR live and met 4/5ths of the band.


The Review (For those of you longing to skip ahead)

April 23, 2007
At 1:30 p.m., My friend Emily and I fled the Hellish realm that was our math classroom to hop into my car and be on our way back to my house where we hopped into yet another car and started our journey south.

When we arrived in Georgia, it was sometime between midnight and 1 a.m.. We checked into our hotel, which was pretty much attached to the arena, and settled in for the night. I didn't sleep at all (I never can before shows) and had my alarm set for 5:30. When it went off, I sprung out of bed and was ready in a shocking, probably record-breaking amount of time. Sadly, my alarm had no effect on my mother or Emily. I, thus, reset it in hopes that it would wake them. I think they slept until about 6:30 *sighs*. So, we got to the venue sometime after 7 a.m.

April 24, 2007
So began our wait. The line was shockingly long already when we arrived: my friend and I were the 23rd and 24th people there.

At 11, a member of the venue staff came out and started passing out wristbands, which were numbered according to our line position. She told us that we were to leave venue property until noon and we would be guaranteed our original order and to be let in first.

I think at that moment, my nerves exploded. I was so afraid people would take our spots. We returned to the venue mere moments before noon to see barriers and brightly colored tape boxing off an area in front of the side doors. As it turned out, only the first 70 people with numbered wristbands were allowed in this "box" and would be lined up in order and let in first. That was cool until, closer to door-opening time, people started cutting and falsely numbering their bands. Those assholes got owned in the end, though *evil smirk*.

The line-wait was pretty uneventful, save for the Starbucks from the Kroger across the road that I drank. I called Lauren, the Atlanta Field Marketing Rep from WBR who was to give those who won them their meet-and-greet passes, at about 5:30 and was told that she had just arrived to the venue. So, I told the other MCRmy soldiers in line, and we all found her. We got to pass out a ton of WBR promo, which was super fun. I was passing out Melee stickers (AKA: "The pretty stickers"), had no idea who they were, but I sure pretended to. After all of the fun in promo land, the MCRmy kids who were getting passes all kinda lingered by the box office; seeing as, Lauren had gone there to retrieve our passes.

At that point we were super nervous; because, we had been told that she may not be able to get us our meet-and-greets until the doors opened and we'd have to get them before getting our spots in the crowd. That would have left us with a tough choice: Barricade or meet-and-greets. Fortunately, after we had gone back to the line and were put in order, Lauren came out and gave us all our passes. Aaahhh, I could have died, I was so relieved. I gave Lauren a huge hug and, moments later, the doors opened.


Muse played first, and, I have to say, I was extremely impressed. The singer's voice is virtually flawless live and, honestly, I almost think they sound better live than recorded. Pretty Epic. Their lightshow was INSANE. I'm surprised my eyes didn't jump out of my face, honestly.


THE BLACK PARADE!!! They came out in full, Black Parade apparel, Gerard being wheeled in on a hospital bed. As he began to sing, he turned his insanely-pale face to the audience, then sprung from his stretcher and ripped off his hospital gown at the first heavier part of the song.

That is where, in my opinion, the show began.

As their Italian alter-egos, The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance performed The Black Parade in it's entirety and in order. It was soooo fucking amazing. There were crazy lights, endless confetti, STARS everywhere, pyrotechnics, rotating drum platforms, epic 'fros on the Toro side(LOL) and -overall- pure madness.

Because I can't remember it perfectly enough to describe every last detail, Some memorable moments:

Gerard: "You just looooove The Black Parade, don't you?"
Audience: *cheering*
Gerard: "You just looooooove booing The Black Parade *eleaborate cupping of hand about ear at the crowd*"
Audience: *booing*

I pretty much ate the confetti that was blasted into my face at the end of "Welcome to the Black Parade"- it was fun finding bits of it that were stuck to me later.

I started sobbing when they played "Cancer."

Gerard's walking like a toy soldier (Legs unbending and kicking upward to propel himself forth) and story-telling before "Mama":
"Well, it rains.. and it pours. and it rainsanditpours. And you can't make any friends, OH NO, because you never know if -tomorrow- your buddy's face is gunna get blown off!.. Well, it rains... and it pours..."

Then, after "Mama:"
Gerard: "*Crazy, almost frantic, childish voice along with spasms* A-a surprise party, f-for me? *standing straight, glaring, normal voice* You shouldn't have."

During "Disenchanted", a girl had fallen down and no one was helping her. Gerard COMPLETELY stopped the song and was like, "You need to pick her the fuck up, right now... Back up, give her some room... See, we can have fun, but it's not so fun when you're on the floor." I was so fucking pissed at the crowd. From where I was, it seemed as if no one was making an effort to help her at all. I nearly jumped out of the crowd and flipped them all off. I NEVER want to be a part of that. It's complete, greedy bullshit and, in my opinion, there's absolutely no place for it at a My Chem show.. Ever.

Since it's my favorite song from The Black Parade, the uninterrupted parts of "Disenchanted" were so amazing to me. It made me cry, as well... *shakes head at self*

I practically killed myself from exertion during "Famous Last Words." That song means so much to me and seeing it live was completely overwhelming. I was pretty much sobbing by the end of it.

Gerard: "Next, you'll have to deal with the likes of My Chemical Romance. Personally, I think they're terrible dressers and they use foul language."

Drinking and sharing Frank's thrown, orange powerade (I later got a terrible sore throat and have decided it was Frank's fault).

Scaring the shit out of flashlight-holding security guards, during the short intermission between The Black Parade and My Chemical Romance by singing along with the recorded version of "Blood." Everything was pitch black, and I'm sure the audience looked scary as fuck.

After a short break, the boys came back out, dressed in normal clothing (Actually, I'd almost say it was Greaser or T-bird inspired apparel.). The fancy set was taken down and there was simply an MCR backdrop as they performed songs from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I can't remember the exact set, but I know that THEY PLAYED THE HELL OUTTA SOME "HEAVEN HELP US". I almost had a heart-attack. I never thought they would play B-sides!

From what I can remember, they played (not in order):

-"Helena" (Whoa-hoa introduction included)
-"Give 'Em Hell, Kid"
-"You Know what they do to Guys like Us in Prison"
-"Heaven Help Us"
-"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" [I think]

Emily had to get out shortly before their set was through and our friend, who we had met in line/in the crowd was able to take her spot. We OWNED so fucking hard.

We pretty much hurled ourselves over the barricade and basically knocked one another out with our flailing arms during that last to songs. It was fucking AWESOME!


The show ended, Emily and I went to get our stuff to be signed from my mother and waited in the arena along with everyone else who had meet-and-greet passes. We all got in a line, and The MCRmy kids got together toward the back of it and we waited our turn.

Emily was in front of me in line and was having her CD player signed; so, she and I got into a conversation with Ray and Bob about how much better CD players are than iPods. I said, "iPods don't exist. Actually, we're from Ohio; nothing exists there." Pretty much the nerdiest thing I've ever said in my entire life, but whatever. HAHA!

Ray was firstm and I was so fucking excited. It was my first time ever meeting "the man with the plan, Ray Toro." He was an absolute sweetheart: everything I had ever been told about him and expected. Oh, and the 'fro... was ravishing. He made it a point to repeat our names back to us, which it was really cute. He was like, "Thank you, Cassie" and I was like *secretly* "EEP! Toro knows my name!," which, I'm sure, was his intent in speaking my name.

Next was good ol' Bob. He was fucking awesome as usual. I told him that the last time I met him had been at the very same venue and he had had electrical tape on it to bandage a sliced thumb. He was like, "Yea, that's pretty likely *observes thumb* Actually, it's pretty swollen tonight. *nods and shows me*"
Me: "Bob, you need to be careful!" ...
Bob: "*chuckles* I'll try."
I now regret telling him to be careful. I feel as if it somehow jinxed the boys into their food-poisoning.

Between my meeting Bob and Frank (I was waiting for Frank to quit making fun of Emily's CD player), people were commenting upon all of the doodles that the boys were doing on their table. Well, all except for Gerard's. Either Bob or Frank, I cannot remember now, made a point to tell Gerard that he wasn't getting compliments. and I was like *sad face* "Aww, Gerard, yours are lovely, too." and he looked up from his doodle and kinda half-smiled at me.

Then, there was Frank. As bubbly, hyper, and enthusiastic as ever. He gave me the good ol' "HiI'mFrank.. What'sYouName?" Ha-ha! I swear, someone needs to take away his caffeine... or not. Hyper Frank is awesome. He signed my poster and drew a halo on "Pepe" and marked out his eyes with Xs.

Finally, I got to Gerard. He seemed pretty withdrawn and tired, but I absolutely cannot blame him for that. I'm so proud of myself, because, after 3 times meeting the man, I was finally able to say something worthwhile to him. I told him how much his words and lyrics meant to me, and he looked up to listen as I spoke, which kinda surprised me, because I had expected him to be staring downward the entire time like he had the last time I met him.
He said, "You know what? It really means a lot to me that you said that. *nods and gives me a tiny smile*"
After I told him, he drew a flower above my name on my poster, which was really sweet. I asked him if I could have a hug, and he looked up at Worm and Worm shook his head and said, "No hugs." Gerard was like, "*shakes head* No hugs, I'm sorry... You can have a high five, though? *lifts his hand*" I was like, "Awesome!" and high-fived him, then went over to stand with the rest of the MCRmy people to await our group picture with the boys.

(Oh, btw... Mikey was not at the show due to his just-married-and-starting-a-life-ness. Congrats to him, for sure. He was replaced by Matt Cortez, Frank's tech.)

So, the boys finished meeting everyone and came over for the group picture. Someone nailed Gerard in the face with a poster by accident, and I think Gerard and I were the only ones that noticed.

It was everything I could have hoped it would be. It was perfect.


Previous entries:

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bob Bryar talks drums and injuries on Sabian's Paragon Lounge

Check out these three videos of My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar discussing his drum preferences and how injury has affected his drumming:



Added after post:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gerard Way says Upcoming My Chem release will be 'a breath of fresh air' for fans

In an interview from Kerrang!'s '50 Albums You Must Hear in 2010' issue, singer Gerard Way compares My Chemical Romance's upcoming release to 2006's The Black Parade.

"There's chaos, but I think it sounds just as ambitious as The Black Parade," Way said.

He notes that the band has maintained their 'angst' and 'attitude' that is apparent in past releases, but that there is a more positive element that went into the upcoming MCR release that makes it different.

"This was a record born out of positive energy and The Black Parade was opposite. You make such a big theatrical death fantasy, and you have to go to those really fucked up places to get there, and I think only bad shit is going to follow that. It always felt like there was a bit of a curse on The Black Parade tours," Way said.

Way has said in the past that the upcoming album is a sort of self-protest, but he reassured Kerrang! that it is for no sort of style points.

"...This isn't a cred record. We've never been interested in that. We don't give a shit what people with credibility think about us."

Of the album's sound, Way tells Kerrang!, "The songs are really empowering and, at times, they're really funny too," mentioning that whereas the over-the-topness of The Black Parade was more theatrical and serious, any parts that seem over-the-top on the upcoming album "(are) there because they made (the members of MCR) laugh."

In the end, Way says he feels the album is going to be "a breath of fresh air" for fans.

"I think they're getting tired of seeing people in costumes. Not that we didn't look good! (Laughs) That thing got done to death. I mean, obviously there have been tons of people before us -- Bowie or whoever -- but at a certain point, we were at the forefront of that kind of thing and, then, I think we were sick of it."

Quotes and image source: Kerrang! Magazine


Preview the First Single from Alkaline Trio's Upcoming Release For Free Online Now

Fans can now preview "This Addiction," the first single from Alkaline Trio's upcoming release of the same title.

This Addiction is set for release on Epitaph and Alkaline Trio's own Heart & Skull imprint on February 23.


Questions, Comments or Suggestions? Leave them here!

One of my most recent MCR-related answers:

Does it worry or excite you the My Chem is saying they going a different direction then their old music? I mean yeah, most of their records are very distinct, but in an AP interview I believe it was Gerard who said 'our old fans will not like it.'

It's very easy, since My Chemical Romance's previous work is so phenomenal, to get caught up in wishing they would make the same album over and over, but they never have and it has always been fine in the past. They've always done everything beautifully, but I don't necessarily think that's purely musical.

No matter what they do, they do it with heart. They put every ounce of what they have into every album they put out and they absolutely believe in their band and the many directions they have taken as a band.

When MCR do put out the new album, I guarantee that they put everything they had into it and that it is them and not them masquerading for a new audience or for wider airplay.

They're not changing to be anything they're not. They're growing. If the next step in MCR's growth as a band is something that is unlike their previous material, you can be assured that it is 100% honest.

They don't bullshit. They are what they are and do what they feel is right. I think that's very important.

I believe in them, and I believe whatever comes out of them will be great.

I just have a feeling... I feel it when I read interviews and see what they have to say about the album. It feels like they believe in this album so much, and like they think we (their fans) will too. I think it's a very united sort of thinking that's going on.

It's like it's My Chem and My Chem fans VS the world, and we will not dare accept losing as an option.

"You can leave this world/Leave it all behind/We can steal this car if your folks don't mind/We can live forever if you've got the time..."

- from 'Save Yourself, I'll Hold them Back,' a song from MCR's upcoming album.