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Avenged Sevenfold Drummer 'The Rev' Tragically Dies at 28

Avenged Sevenfold have posted the following on their website:


It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world's best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy's family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.

Jimmy you are forever in our hearts.
We love you.

M Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ


The drummer was found dead in his home on December 28, 2009. According to The Orange County Register, police have said that Sullivan's death appeared to have been natural but is still under investigation by the Orange County Coroner's Office.

Within moment's of the A7X's tweeting the news, Alternative Press's page announcing the news crashed and mourning fans were trending "James Owen Sullivan," the drummer's full name.

It is apparent that the drummer was greatly loved and will be missed. I'll definitely be remembering all the times I drummed along to "Unholy Confessions" using my hands as sticks and my knees as a drumset tonight.

Rest in Peace, Rev.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Adventures in Journalism: 'Metal Hammer' and the My Chem Misquote Mishap

Stay with me, dudes and dudettes: I am about to turn into a nerdy journalism student. Wait. I guess that begs that I'm not usually a nerdy journalism student...

Last quarter, when I found that my news writing class would feature a lecture titled "The Science of Linking," I scoffed and rolled my eyes, having been down with the old a-href since the days of GreatestJournal. Who seriously wouldn't know how to link, and why the hell would someone not link?

Well, apparently some news websites didn't get the memo.

Earlier this week, I stumbled across an article from MetalUnderground[dot]Com, wherein the writer made the accusation that Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, had questioned Judas Priest's claim to metal. Briefly mentioning the source of the quote without linking, the writer posted this as Way's original quote:

"Judas Priest is considered metal, but it’s great rock n roll. (New MCR songs have) nothing to do with that era of metal, the hair rock, but then having everything to do with like the birth of power-anthem metal."

Not only does this quote, with the misinterpreted replaced section, not make grammatical sense, but it also comes across as insulting as if Way is insinuating that Judas Priest are not really metal while My Chemical Romance are.


The thing is, this is not what Way originally said. This quote is from an article from Spinner posted last week.

The original quote, Way's response to a comment that the new MCR song "Death Before Disco" was reminiscent of Judas Priest's "Living After Midnight," was the following:

"That's my favorite Priest song," Way says, admitting there is some '80s flavor on the disc. He credits 'Trans-Am' for freeing those influences up.

"That song actually reminded me in an odd way of all the best stuff of '80s what is called cock rock, but not all of it was," Way says. "Judas Priest is considered metal, but it's great rock 'n' roll. It's having nothing to do with that era of metal, the hair rock, but then having everything to do with like the birth of power-anthem metal. After 'Trans Am,' that started to really bleed into the record."

Way is actually complimenting Judas Priest on their freeing themselves from the fitting-the-mold metal of the '80s. The "it's" that the writer decided could be replaced by "New MCR songs" made all the difference in the world.

But, this is not the only failure in this story. After I left persistent and respectful comments, the writer edited the story and revealed that the source of the information he used was Metal Hammer. By not linking to the original source, the writer of the article set himself up for criticism, but it was not all his fault. Metal Hammer too had failed to link.

So, in the end: Metal Hammer was the original culprit. As a magazine, it should know better than to not link to the interview from which it derived the ignorantly edited quote but, -- alas -- it did not link and left Priest fans without all the information and with tempers high.

I wonder how much farther this misinformation has spread?


PS: At the time I post this, my comment on the Metal Hammer article with the actual quote and information 'is awaiting moderation.' Hm.

*Dusts hands*
Damage control.

Classic MCR Live Review: My Chemical Romance's 2005 Canadian Headlining Tour | December 1, 2005 | Toronto, ON Canada

(Note: The flier is not for this exact tour date, but it was on the Canadian tour. I will try to upload my personal pictures from the show when I can.)

My Chemical Romance's 2005 Canadian headlining tour with Circa Survive and Thrice. December 1, 2005: Toronto/Mississauga.

Note: This was written in 2005 and has had only minor editing.

Thursday, December 1st

My friend and I woke up at 7:30 A.M. to ready ourselves for the great Canadian line-wait. We ate what we could stomach with our nerves at the tiny restaurant that was attached to our hotel and went to wait in line.

We met some awesome people and whatnot, as usual. We met girls who had gone to the same concert we had in Michigan, and we got fascinated by the Canadians.

While waiting in line I learned:
*Candians call Smarties "rockets" because they have these awesome chocolate Smarties (they're like big M&Ms)
*They say "Washroom" instead of restroom and think that restroom is about the most ridiculous term ever.
*They say "backpack" or "knapsack" instead of book-bag.
* "knob" is an insult
* "pro" is a compliment
*Canadian currency has cutesy names like "loonies" and "toonies"
*I generalize Canadians
*People in Canada are really hardcore

It was around noon or so, and we'd been waiting in line for around 2 hours when, all of the sudden, some fools at the back of the line decided to stand up and rush forward. It was INSANE!

People scrambled to pick up their blankets and food, which they had previously been happily seated on the ground with, before the sudden crowding and ridiculous line-cutting. It was like being in the crowd before getting into the venue. Everyone was pushed together and pissed off at everyone else, but it got better eventually. After a couple hours, people got comfortable in their standing spots. People got freaked out by Emily's and my "American-ness" again and we with their Canadian-isms. All was well.

So we stood and we stood and we froze our asses off for 6 hours until, finally, the doors opened, and it was complete and total mayhem/chaos/insanity once more.

Everyone ran to the doors, and there were people getting stuck in the doorframe and popping through eventually because of the pressure of the crowd behind them, then came coat check; then, we went into the room where the concert was...

This place was... Oh my god...

Picture this:
A vast gray-floored room that could fit 6 or more gyms inside of it. No joke. The place was huge. There were no seats, and it was dark as we rushed across the expansive floor toward the foggy-looking island of a stage.

As we speed walked to the stage, which seemed a mile away, we saw that there was no room on the left side where my friend and I usually stand; so, we went to the right side and almost had second row until two kids moved elsewhere, and we snagged their spots against the barricade.

From there it was set: we were front row on Ray side. It was very new for me; as, every time I've had floor, I've been on Frank's side of the stage; so, I was super excited to see what it was like from the other side.

Circa Survive played first. I only know one of their songs, but Anthony Green is insane and very wiggly and he has this crazy mic that I decided owns my soul just for its pure unique awesomeness.

Thrice were pretty good. I liked all the songs they played even though I didn't know them. They played "Image of the Invisible," and had the audience repeat after them to sing along as they had on Warped Tour. They didn't play "Stare At The Sun," though, which broke my heart because I love that song more than cookies.

By the time Thrice finished playing, everyone that had been beside me in front row was gone excepting Emily and Dan, who had stood beside us in line. More than 20 kids had gotten pulled out of the crowd (up and over my head), and what seemed like thousands of crowd surfers had began making their slow attempts at breaking my neck, but all was well. I was still front row, and I was about to see MCR... IN CANADA!

Before My Chemical Romance came on, it was so odd. There was a huge curtain up, and The Smiths were playing in the background; then, MCR started playing "Interlude," and the curtain was STILL UP; so, I was freaking out! That never happened when I saw them in the states, and I was wondering if something had gone wrong. Gerard's mic kept going out and cracking; then, they started doing "Thank You for the Venom," and I REALLY freaked out because the curtain was still up, but -- BOOM -- it came crashing down, and it was shocking to see them that suddenly standing there at the front of the stage and glaring down at the (huge, 8,000 person, would-be-illegal-in-the-States-for-sure) crowd. Judging by how all of their eyes were wide, I think we shocked them right back.

Oh excitement... God, it was an amazing show.

So much shit got thrown onstage, and Gerard kept going around and picking it up and brandishing it at the audience. Gerard's always-appreciated "1,2,3,4: back the fuck up" saved my ribs. I owned completely by talking along with Gerard, (which is really sad, honestly) and knowing "Shut Up and Play," and surviving that crazy crowd as long as I did. I was excited to be in front of Ray; because, I never had been before, and he was awesome! He looked down at the crowd a lot, and I got some sweet pictures of him. Sadly, MCR didn't do "Headfirst For Halos,
"Vampires...," or "This Is The Best Day Ever." I'd really been looking forward to hearing them do "Vampires..." all day too. Oh well. I actually think their set was a lot shorter than it had been on the U.S. tour dates.

It was still awesome despite that and the fact that I lost my awesome crossed-gun earrings somewhere on the bottom of a Canadian crowdsurfer's shoe.

I can officially say I have seen My Chemical Romance internationally! Epic!


Previous entries:

2005 Taste of Chaos | Green Day & MCR | Warped Tour, Columbus | Warped Tour, Charlotte | 2005 Headlining tour, Columbus | Headlining tour, Atlanta

The reason behind this blog series.

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Upcoming MCR Album Influences Range from the '80s to Movies to Cars

My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way has divulged to Spinner and to Spin online that the upcoming My Chem release has inspirational roots in everything from the movie Blade Runner to his Trans Am: things that he says stand for much more than what they are, and it all goes back to the original theme the band had announced: making their "love letter to Rock'n'Roll."

"It's working class rock versus Chanel fucking handbags and red carpets and all that bullshit," Way told Spin, going along with what he had recently said about the album's fighting fame-seeking musicians.

He revealed to Spinner that the song "Trans Am," in particular, was inspired by Judas Priest (and also by The Killers, who Way says were the inspiration for a female character named "Jenny" in the song).

"Judas Priest is considered metal, but it's great rock 'n' roll. It's having nothing to do with that era of metal, the hair rock, but then having everything to do with like the birth of power-anthem metal." Way said of the genre-rebellious influence.

MCR are no strangers to fighting a musical norm and label. Because of the time in which MCR rose as a band, they were lumped into the dreaded "emo" category, a classification they have fought for years.

Perhaps this album and the risks it takes will help set MCR farther apart from the crowd.

The fact there's a song now tentatively titled 'Trans Am' is a bold thing for this band to do as opposed to our previous material," he tells Spinner of one of the tracks on the band's eagerly anticipated 2010 album. "There's something in that phrase that's obviously more than the car. But to bring something like old '70s muscle car culture into the music, that's kind of different move."

In addition to the idea of the car's time being an influence on the album, Way also cites the movie Blade Runner and notes to Spin that there's a feeling of the 1980s and a captured time and place on the record.

"...[A]esthetically or fictionally, the album has these feelings of being like a 15-year-old kid at the Jersey Shore, trying to win a Motley Crue mirror or an Iron Maiden hat, from that era when heavy metal was yet to become hair rock," Way said.

What sort of themes can listeners expect these influences to bring about?

Way told Spin, "The album has many themes. That a band and an audience can be immortal through rock'n'roll, even if just for one night. The power of believing in something. Being a survivor, running away in a positive way, leaving home in order to come back."


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Classic Live Review: My Chemical Romance's 2005 Headlining Tour | October 8, 2005 | Atlanta/Duluth, Georgia

Part seven of my MCR classic reviews series!

My Chemical Romance's 2005 Headlining tour with Alkaline Trio and Reggie & the Full Effect in Atlanta, Georgia.

In my last entry, I noted that I had found out how some people had won meet and greet passes on this tour. Find out if I succeeded to get passes by reading!

Note: This was originally written in 2005 and has had only light editing.


I've returned from yet another out-of-state adventure. You guessed it: another MCR concert! Yea, yea... I'm "ridiculous," "insane." Remind me not; I've been told countless times. Your predictability bores me. Find another way to describe my obsession... Humor me *smirk*

Immediately after school the day before the show, my friends Lauren and Emily and I piled into the backseat of the car, and we were off, heading south like a flock demented geese. What a car ride that was! When we finally got to our hotel, it was about 3 A.M. Eventually, despite our pre-show anxiety, we all found sleep somehow.

We woke up in the morning, and my "OH MY GOD! WE BETTER HURRY, OR WE'LL HAVE BAD SPOTS AT THE SHOW" nerves came out with claws. I literally thought my heart was going to explode!

We eventually got to the venue and were 13th in line. Emily went to the box office and asked the first security guard she ran into about the donating of canned goods that eventually got our meet-and-greet passes (Yup.), but the people working at the venue didn't know anything about it yet.

A while later, a really nice security lady came out and my friends and I got special armbands to show that we had been the ones who brought canned goods and the idea of the meet-and-greet passes, and she promised we would be awarded for it! After we got our armbands, everyone in line (I mean EVERYONE) figured out what we had done and did it as well by flocking to the Kroger across the road. They owe us their souls, for sure. Ha-ha!

We waited in line longer and got our got my meet-and-greet pass at long last! My friends and I were so overwhelmed that we started crying with joy. We gave one of our passes to Alyssa, my friend from TheImmortalityProject, and to the 51st girl in line who tried to get passes (the limit was 50). I also gave my extra tickets that came with the passes to people who did not have tickets. It felt really nice to be able to share them.

At long last, a stooped over old woman opened the doors to let us wild animals into the venue.

And here's where the fun begins, kiddies.

We got in and had barricade -PHEW-, but security made us all sit down on the floor until we were told to stand up. It was so strange and made me paranoid that someone would run past me and take my spot when we stood. To calm me slightly, I talked to three people we had met in line. If I recall correctly, their names were Lauren, Ashley, and Justin.

After we stood up, I talked to a security guard who was identical to my biology teacher. He explained to me and pointed out to the other guards that we were known as "The Girls From Ohio With The Mom In The Car," and security had had a meeting about our meet-and-greet pass situation. Hilarious!


IT WAS REGGIE TIME!! And I killed it! I got the strangest looks when I started beast-ing their songs. Not many people in the crowd seemed to know or like them.

Then, ALKALINE TRIO! They were so amazing, and the crowd didn't seem appreciative of them either. Matt Skiba even told us at one point that we "suck[ed]." In the middle of their set, however, the most exciting thing ever happened to me!

During "Mercy Me," I was completely owning and the majority of the audience was dead. I was in front of Matt Skiba, and he kept looking down at me and grinning and eventually we just locked eyes and were grinning like fools at each other and mouthing the lyrics back and forth. After the song, he said, "This next song goes out to my new friend right here," and he pointed TO ME!!! I guess it pays to show your appreciation for a band at shows! He continued pointing at me and grinning as he backed away to his mic stand then played... He grinned down at me every time I was owning, and I was completely overjoyed.

As if things couldn't get better...

I soon found myself in darkness with a crowd chanting "M.C.R! M.C.R!" behind me; then, I looked to the right side of the stage, and all I could see was Ray Toro's amazing 'fro! It was time!!

Oh, the warmth that courses through me every time that happens! It's like
-BAM- 'fro *heart stops*
-WHOOSHK- Gerard *heart starts up*
-LIGHTS- Bob *deep breath in*
-BOOM- Mikey *screams*
-POW- Frank *braces self for the experience that is coming*

Then... "Interlude" with lights low and the fangirls a'scream. But since my mind has learned to completely tune them out: darkness, quiet and the voice of an angel, then -without warning- the sheer aggression of "THANK YOU FOR THE VENOM"!!!! And My body is no longer still and never will be again... Well, at least until MCR's set is through.

I've seen the show three times, and I still don't remember the set in order, but I do know that Gerard is quite the dancer during "Headfirst For Halos." All the times I've seen them, I've never seen Gerard dance... But, boy, did he this time! It was hilarious, and I'm sure the audience looked hilarious as well since he demanded that we dance too. The crowd was really calm; so -even at the barricade- my friends and I had room to really dance.

They played "Shut Up and Play" again, and I was happy to see that I had remembered many of the words to it from the past couple shows. Instead of playing "This is the Best Day Ever," they played "Astro Zombies," their Misfits cover, and dedicated it to the first person Gerard saw in the audience who was wearing a Misfits shirt. Hah! Other than "Astro Zombies," I believe their set was the same as it had been for the past couple shows. I was kind of bummed, because Gerard didn't do "story time" before "...Prison" at this show for some reason, but before "To the End," he still went on his same little rant about how he's "NEVER GETTING MARRIED!" Ha-ha!

At one point during the show, a little girl threw her bra onstage. Gerard picked it up and was like, "Who threw this? -finds her- How old are you!? I could get arrested just for holding this! -drops it-." Then, they did a song, and he picked it up again and was like, "You want it back?... Then why'd you throw it up here?" -grins- You got excited?... -nods- I get excited sometimes too" and he threw it back to her and told everyone to pass it to her. It was so funny and random. Crazy girl...

It was amazing to be at the barricade at long last after the mishaps of the past couple shows that kept setting me back in the crowd. It was all so perfect!


After the show, I waited an hour-and-a-half with a ton of other people for the meet-and-greet!

When I finally got into the strange, completely white meet-and-greet room and saw the guys sitting at a long table just feet from me, my cell phone rang (My ringtone is "Our Lady of Sorrows") ugh... embarrassing! When Emily, Lauren, and I got near the table where the guys were sitting, we started talking to one of their security guards, Lance. We had a nice little conversation with him, and Mikey was listening as we told him we were from Ohio and such... There was a nice hold up at Gerard's end of the table that allowed us to talk to Mikey, Bob, and Frank a bit longer than most people had. (I'm getting ahead of myself already I'm so excited).

I met Mikey first, shook his hand (my hands were freezing and his were nice and warm), and he signed my shoe (after my friend told him that his eyes looked gorgeous and he looked at her in utter shock and awe and muttered "Thank you" quietly. *face!pam*) After he introduced himself to me, I said, "I've actually met you once before."
Mikey: Really?
Me: Yea, but it was because I had a heatstroke at Warped tour.
Mikey: -Eyes widen- Are you okay?!
Me: -laughs- Well, yea.
Mikey: -Blinks, looks down and mumbles- Well at least you're okay now...
Me: -grins- For sure.

Then I got to Bob! He was so funny and was continuously playing with his lip ring. Emily got to him first and shook his hand, which had a nice little decoration of black tape on his thumb.
Emily: Bob! What'd you do to your thumb?!
Bob: I sliced it open.
Emily: Why?
Bob: It was an accident... -shifty eyes- (You'd have to hear the way he said it to understand. It was in a joking "I'm-lying-and-can't-cover-it-up" tone.)
Me: Yea, 'cause Bob just takes sharp objects to his thumb at random -exasperated joking hand gesture-
Bob: -shrugs- You'll have that.

Then Emily and I talked to both Frank and Bob and told them that we were from Ohio and Frank got so excited he was all, "-wide eyes- REALLY?!"
Us: Yeah!
Frank: Where from?
Emily: Umm.. It's near Dayton.
Frank: -nods-
Me: Between Dayton and Columbus... This little crap place called Springfield... No one knows where it is.
Frank: -Grin- Yea, yea! (He acted as though he knew where it was. Ha-ha!)
Em and I: It took us, like, 9 hours to get here...
Frank: Wow!
Us: ...And this is like our 8th show.
Frank: REALLY?! On this tour or-..?
Us: In all... This is our third on this tour.
Frank: WOW! Are you guys planning on going to any more?
Us: -look at each other- I think we may be going in Canada.
Frank: Oh! That's going to be a fun one! Thrice is going to be there!
Me: And Circa Survive too, right?
Frank: -smiles- Yup!
Emily: They're exciting.
Frank: -laughs- They are exciting.
Emily: The singer, like, molested my friend.
Bob: WHAT?! -cracks up laughing-
Frank: REALLY?! -laughs-
Emily: Yea. he, like, fell on her and grabbed her boobs and stuff -makes funny gestures-
Bob and Frank: -crack up laughing-

By then, Gerard was waiting on us and tapping his pen; so, Emily ran along to him, and he was very fast with us. He just signed our stuff and thanked us.

Emily asked him to draw her a picture, and he drew her this cute little monster. I kind of mumbled something about wanting a picture, but he didn't hear me. We both made him smirk. He smirked because Emily said "Golly" and he signed my shoe right on the label, and I was like, "Right on the logo..niiice -grin-"
Gerard: -looks up and smirks- Thank you.
Me: -wonders why he's thanking me- No. Thank you... -gets quieter- So much...

Then Worm was staring me down and the line looked impatient; so, I ran over to wait on the elevator with my friends.

I've officially decided that I don't like the meet-and-greet atmosphere. It's way too rushed, and I felt like everyone in line behind me was pushing me along. I wish I hadn't had a completely blank mind and had said something of more substance to the guys. :[ I also wish Toro had been there!! Oh well! It was still the BEST.NIGHT.EVER!!

Previous entries:

2005 Taste of Chaos | Green Day & MCR | Warped Tour, Columbus | Warped Tour, Charlotte | 2005 Headlining tour, Columbus | 2005 Headlining tour, Ypsilanti

The reason behind this blog series

Next week: That Canadian show I talked to Frank about!


Alkaline Trio/Cursive Tour dates!

Alternative Press just announced the dates for the upcoming Alkaline Trio/Cursive tour!

Feb 16 - Pomona, CA - Glass House
Feb 17 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
Feb 18 - San Francisco, CA - Regency Ballroom
Feb 19 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
Feb 20 - Seattle, WA - Neumo's
Feb 23 - Boise, ID - Knitting Factory
Feb 24 - Salt Lake City, UT - In the Venue
Feb 25 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre
Feb 26 - Lawrence, KS - Granada Theater
Feb 27 - Chicago, IL - Metro
Feb 28 - Chicago, IL - Metro
March 2 - Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak
March 3 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
March 4 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
March 5 - Pittsburgh, PA - Club Zoo
March 6 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre
March 8 - Clifton Park, NY - Northern Light
March 9 - Hartford, CT - Webster Theatre
March 11 - Philadelphia, PA - Tracadero
March 12 - New York, NY - Nokia Theatre
March 13 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland
March 14 - Providence, RI - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
March 16 - Towson, MD - Recher Theatre
March 17 - Charlotte, NC - Amos' Southend
March 18 - Charleston, SC - Music Farm
March 19 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
March 20 - Jacksonville Beach, FL - Freebird Live
March 22 - Orlando, FL - House of Blues
March 23 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
March 25 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
March 26 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
March 27 - Dallas, TX - Palladium Ballroom
March 28 - Austin, TX - Emo's
March 30 - Tempe, AZ - The Marquee
April 1 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
April 2 - Los Angeles - House of Blues



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MCR Chat Contest

For those of you who stumble across this thinking, "What is #MCRchat?" -- #MCRchat is a scheduled twitter-based chat about My Chemical Romance that I started in an effort to bring fans together and to promote the band.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to give out special MCRchat-exclusive coupons for the official My Chemical Romance online store, which made me realize that I can do a lot more with the chat than offer a place for fans to meet and to promote MCR. I can give back to those who have helped MCRchat itself grow!

Thus, I have decided to hold a contest with prizes for all you MCRchat-supporters!

In 2006, The MCRmy (My Chem's official street-team), held a contest in which participants had to use promotional posters for The Black Parade to create a store display. I used mine to create a replica parade float that was displayed in my local Hot Topic. I didn't win the contest, but I had a few posters left over after I had completed the float, which doesn't exist anymore as of this year -sadface-. Some of the posters, I hung up around town, but a few of them I kept and have been hoarding away. These, my friends, will be your prizes since I recently won huge, signed versions of them through, what else, an MCRmy contest. I figured it's definitely time to share. Ha-ha!

I apologize to MCRmy soldiers who already have these posters.

There are five posters, there will be five winners and five different ways to win. Ready?

Each of the five posters I will be giving out display the torso/Black Parade jacket of one member of MCR. There will be five contests to win them individually.

To enter the contest, you must submit an original work, whether it be a drawing, a piece of writing (creative or essay), or a video inspired by the member whose poster you are trying to win. Be creative! If you are unsure about your entry, let me know and I will tell you if it is okay.

-All entries should follow all general MCRchat rules--
-Please be respectful of the band and of one another
-No including elements of band members' personal lives
-If submitting a writing work, no fanfiction. Use a personal testimonial.
-NO USING OTHERS' WORK. Please submit original work that belongs to YOU.
-Submit only ONE entry per contest.
-If you win once, you will be ineligible to win again
-This can be something you created in the past or within the contest time
-Because of CRAZY expensive international shipping rates, I'm sorry, but this will be a U.S. only contest.
-I CANNOT ACCEPT MONEY FOR SHIPPING/THE POSTERS; as, they were free, promotional posters of no monetary value.

Any entries that break any of these rules (my judgment) will be disqualified.


How To Submit:

Submit your entries to CassieWhitt@Gmail.com with "Contest" and the name of the band member's poster you are trying to win in the subject line.
Include a brief explanation of how your piece was inspired by the band member along with your twitter username.
If I find you are not following #MCRchat on twitter, you will be disqualified. So, please remember to follow.

All entries are to be submitted by February 1st!


Further contest details will be announced on the @MyChemChat twitter page. After entries are submitted, I will hold a vote, and the winner will be decided!

Keep your eyes open on twitter!


ViennaKISS, MCRmy moderator and fan extraordinaire, has decided to give #MCRchat an additional 5 posters for the individual contest winners! View the poster here!

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Warped Tour 2010 Bands Announced!

Bands that are to play 2010's Vans Warped Tour have just been announced.

According to the Van's Warped Tour official website, the following are some of the bands that are to play Warped twenty-ten!

Ace Enders (?)
After Midnight Project
Alkaline Trio (?)
AM Taxi
Andrew W.K.
Artist Vs Poet
Attack Attack
Breathe Carolina
Breathe Electric
Bring Me The Horizon
Call The Cops
Chase Long Beach
Closure in Moscow
Deal's Gone Bad
Disco Curtis
Enter Shikari
Every Time I Die

Eyes Set To Kill
Fake Problems
Fight Fair
Haste The Day
Hey Monday
I See Stars
In Fear and Faith
Last Call Chernobyl
Mayday Parade
Middle Finger Salute
Motion City Soundtrack
Of Mice and Men
Parkway Drive
Pierce The Veil
Polar Bear Club
Reel Big Fish
Riverboat Gamblers
Set Your Goals
Sparks The Rescue

Speakeasy Tiger
Suicide Silence
Sum 41
The All-American Rejects
The Cab
The Casualties
The Frantic
The Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band
The Rocket Summer
The Snips
The Summer Set
The Swellers
The Word Alive
Tip The Van
We Are The In Crowd
We The Kings
You Me At Six


Check out the announcement from Warped Founder Kevin Lyman and Warped Pit Reporter Tiffany Mink

Vans Warped Tour


Monday, December 14, 2009

Classic Live Review: My Chemical Romance's 2005 Headlining Tour | September 17, 2005 | Ypsilanti, Michigan

Part six of my classic live reviews series.

My Chemical Romance's 2005 headlining tour with Alkaline Trio and Reggie & the Full Effect in Ypsilanti, Michigan. September 17, 2005


Ah, dear Eastern Michigan University and your convocation center, you're a hard place to find- a huge arena, but hard to find.

My friend and I woke up early and headed north to Michigan to see MCR again just two days after we had seen them in Ohio!

Eventually we did find the convocation center and went to wait in line. We met two awesome girls who came from Cincinnati while we were waiting, began a beautiful friendship and... found out our tickets weren't for floor?! DAMMIT!! And just a few seconds before that tragedy occurred I had saved a poor, innocent daddy-long-leg's life. That's how I'm re-payed... UPPER BOWL!!! Noooo!!!

Oh, how I wanted to cry. Ticketmaster... Oh, those slick fuckers. said NOTHING about any "upper bowl" shit! Just general admission... UUGGGHHHH!!! Oh, I was pissed. I don't think I've ever cussed as much as I did when I got to that damn "upper bowl."

In the end, since we were had gotten to the venue so early, my friend and I managed to get the best possible spots in the balcony, which was good, but we were still heartbroken that we wouldn't be in front of the stage as we had planned.

So the show from the balcony was A LOT different from seeing it up close, and everyone around us was really calm and quiet, but whatever. Reggie and Alkaline were still awesome from a distance, and I scared the hell out of the majority of people in the balcony by owning face during their songs and flinging my upper half over the rail to point and sing along better.

I'm sure I scared them most during MCR, though. I mean, to be nuts in the midst of a huge crowd can go generally unnoticed, but not in a balcony. My friend and I got so many horrified looks for going so crazy. It was hilarious. People gaped as we talked along with Gerard, having heard his little rants so many times that we now know them by heart, and sang along with bits we remembered of "Shut Up and Play," their brand new song. We scared them all, oh yes... I thought several times that I would fall completely over the balcony railing, especially during "Our Lady of Sorrows" and "Vampires..." It was so exhilarating even at a distance. I felt so excited and -like- empowered as if the music were just surging into me and giving me insane energy. It was completely different and very strange to be that far from the stage, though.

Before they played "Helena," Gerard gave a speech telling us it was "a very special lady named Elen's birthday" and made us all "look to the sky and say 'Happy Birthday, Grandma' on the count of three." It was a really, really touching and powerful moment. I almost cried.

Later, at the hotel, we met the girls from Cincinnati and found out that they had gotten meet-and-greet passes and got to meet the guys after the show! Before the show started, they were at the barricade and two girls behind them told them they would trade them the M&G passes they had gotten for their spots at the barricade, and our friends obliged. Our friends told us that the girls had won the passes by donating food for tsunami victims. HMMM! Next stop of this tour we go to, we're DEFINITELY going to try that!

Our friend said that the guys were all very nice and that when they came into the gymnasium where they met MCR, Gerard was going karate moves in the middle of the floor. They got a picture signed by all of them, and Gerard drew a skull on his arm in the picture and wrote "bad-ass" and had an arrow pointing to himself. It was hilarious! Oh, those lucky, lucky girls!



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Check out next week's entry to see if my meet-and-greet plan worked!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Warped Tour dates announced, Bands to be Revealed this month

Dates for 2010's Vans Warped Tour were posted today despite the tour's being so many months in the future.

Jun 24 - Cricket Amphitheatre - San Diego, CA
Jun 25 - Pomona Fairplex - Pomona, CA
Jun 26 - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA
Jun 27 - Seaside Park - Ventura, CA
Jun 29 - Cricket Pavilion - Phoenix, AZ
Jun 30 - N.M.S.U. Practice Field - Las Cruces, NM
Jul 01 - AT&T Center - San Antonio, TX
Jul 02 - The Showgrounds At Sam Houston Race Park - Houston, TX
Jul 03 - Superpages.com Center - Dallas, TX
Jul 05 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - St.Louis, MO
Jul 06 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - Indianapolis, IN
Jul 07 - Post Gazette Pavilion - Burgettstown, PA
Jul 08 - Time Warner Cable Amphitheatre - Cleveland, OH
Jul 09 - Arrow Hall - Toronto, ON
Jul 10 - Parc Jean Drapeau - Montreal, QC
Jul 11 - Comcast Theater - Hartford, CT
Jul 13 - Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
Jul 14 - Darien Lake P.A.C. - Darien Center, NY
Jul 15 - Toyota Pavilion - Scranton, PA
Jul 16 - Susquehanna Bank Center - Camden, NJ
Jul 17 - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - Uniondale, NY
Jul 18 - Monmouth Park Racetrack - Oceanport, NJ
Jul 20 - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD
Jul 21 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - Virginia Beach, VA
Jul 22 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Charlotte, NC
Jul 23 - Vinoy Park - Petersburg, FL
Jul 24 - Cruzan Amphitheater - West Palm Beach, FL
Jul 25 - Central Florida Fairgrounds - Orlando, FL
Jul 26 - Lakewood Amphitheater - Atlanta, GA
Jul 28 - Riverbend Music Center - Cincinnati, OH
Jul 29 - Marcus Amphitheater - Milwaukee, WI
Jul 30 - Comerica Park - Detroit, MI
Jul 31 - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre - Tinley Park, IL
Aug 01 - Canterbury Park - Shakopee, MN
Aug 02 - Sandstone Amphitheatre - Bonner Springs, KS
Aug 05 - Race City Speedway - Calgary, AB
Aug 07 - Utah State Fairgrounds - Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 08 - Invesco Field - Denver, CO
Aug 11 - Home Depot Center - Los Angeles, CA
Aug 12 - Sleep Train Amphitheatre - Wheatland, CA
Aug 13 - Idaho Center Amphitheatre - Nampa, ID
Aug 14 - Gorge Amphitheater - George, WA
Aug 15 - Washington County Fairgrounds - Hillsboro, OR


Bands playing the tour are to be are to be announced on December 18!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taking Back Sunday live footage

Promowest Live's footage of Taking Back Sunday performing "New Again" at the LC Pavilion on Columbus on October 23.

Check out my review of the show!

Oh, and-- pause at 00:27: there you will see me and my line-wait buddies!

Taking Back Sunday - Song2 from jason corron on Vimeo.


The Used premiere 'Empty With You' video

Just posted on twitvid, check it out:


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alkaline Trio announce upcoming album title, release date and tour plans with Cursive

Alkaline Trio's upcoming album, to be released on February 23, 2010, will be titled This Addiction.

The album title, revealed in an article from Spinner yesterday, is also the name of a song the Trio has performed live.

Spinner also announced that Alkaline Trio is set to tour with Cursive in February; though, dates have not been revealed.


Classic Live Review: My Chemical Romance's 2005 Headlining Tour | September 15, 2005 | Columbus, Ohio

Part Five of my Classic Reviews series. Originally posted on GreatestJournal.Com in 2005

First date of My Chemical Romance's 2005 headlining tour with Alkaline Trio & Reggie and the Full Effect @ (then-named) Promowest Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio.


Ughnn... *groan* I don't think I'm well enough to go to school, Grandma *smirks*

Yes, that's right. Miss Cassie here played hooky. My friend and I left for the venue, got there at about 11:30, watched MCR do their soundcheck through a hole in a fence (it was an outdoor venue), then went to wait in line for... forever. Ha, but it is well worth it. My Chem is worth everything *clutches heart and smiles softly*.

While we were waiting in line, we met some super cool people, all of which had dramatically different personalities, which made for an "adventurous" line wait. That morning, "Big Worm" came out and talked to all of us in line for a while, left, then returned with drumsticks from Bob. Mine is dinged up; so, I know he used it!

When the doors finally opened, despite our lining up super early, my friend and I still got second-fucking-row. Gah, I hate second row! It's hell. Oh well...

I honestly wouldn't have cared about being in second row that much had the people in front of me not showed up at 5 P.M. and said "OH MY GOD, GERARD IS [insert "HAWT" and its various synonyms here]" over a thousand times before Reggie and The Full Effect even came on. The girl next to me and I had a fun time trying to scare them to death with "front row horror stories." I think we succeeded, judging by the way their eyes widened and the way they kept asking questions:

"Oh my God, so what happens if I pass out?"
"Oh, it's no big deal, security will just take you out of the crowd and stuff..."
"Who is security?"

Before Reggie and The Full Effect came on, James (Dewees.. singer/keyboardist) was standing at the side of the stage; so, I waved at him. He waved back and I grinned really big; then, he lifted his shirt and rubbed his nipple at me.. funny stuff LOL.

Reggie was surprisingly good. I've never really been big on them until I saw them live and heard more from them. They're...them. and that's all.

They covered "Raining Blood" by Slayer and James jumped offstage, popped up in my face, then dove into the crowd (landing on MY head), making me all giggly and whatnot.

The crowd was insane during Reggie, which I didn't really expect, but they were, and -- by the end of Reggie's set -- I was drenched (not exaggerating) in bodily fluids (most of which didn't belong to me) and was thoroughly dehydrated. I thank God for kind security guards. Yunno, the ones who give you a shitload of water at shows. They saved my life.

Next came Alkaline Trio *grin*. I had the most hardcore Alkaline Trio fans behind me, and it was insane. They were all over the damn place, and I actually think they left after Alkaline Trio. Matt Skiba was all over them too, pointing and grinning and getting all excited at them. The Trio was awesome. I didn't know all the songs they played, but I LOVED their performance.

Somewhere in the middle of "This Could Be Love," which they dedicated to MCR, I found myself getting light-headed. That's what I get for not eating anything but fucking Doritos and a sausage biscuit all damn day. Not to mention the thirst... God, I needed water... Security took care of that while waiting for MCR to come on, though ('cept the bastards changed to raspberry-flavored water. Ick!).

Before long, it was MCR time.
Golly, I got so excited. I knew it was going to be one hell of a show and that MCR would be at their peak energy level since it was the first date of the tour. Perfection! Every second of the show was perfect. From Gerard's repeating the word "fuck" over and over in the dark randomly, their playing "This Is The Best Day Ever" for the first time in three years, to "Shut Up and Play" (their new song), and to... my nearly collapsing because of heat exhaustion?

That's right. Not eating all day and being in second row caught up to me... That and the fucker beside me who had his elbow lodged into my ribcage so that my arm was stuck awkwardly over his shoulder, the stinky people behind me and the brats in front of me who didn't know a majority of MCR's songs' thoroughly pissing me off.

Yup, it all caught up to me in a wave of bile from deep within my stomach that almost (ha, fooled you) projected all over the backs of the people in front of me. Somewhere in the middle of whatever song MCR played before "...Prison," I found myself reaching out desperately for a security guard, who, when I touched him, gave me a look as if I were the lowliest piece of filth on his bright yellow shirt and walked away. That is where it all got blurry, kinda dark and... nice and cozy between the warm bodies in the crowd... mmm... sleepy time for Cassie. NO! I decided then that I had to get out of the crowd, I didn't want to pass out in it, for sure; so, I turned around and -- with all of my strength, which wasn't much -- I pushed a shitload of people aside and ended up on the outskirts of a lovely circle pit. Yea, gotta love my luck there... Thank goodness it was Gerard's "story time" before "...Prison" and all was calm. I pushed through people to the side of the pit (got a few "Holy shit"s and "Oh my fucking God, dude"s) as I staggered to the back of the crowd, nearly falling a countless number of times, until the mass of people started to thin out.

It's definitely a whole different, calm world at the back of the crowd. I kept up my staggering until I found a low concrete wall. Oh, how cold that wall was and perfect height so that when I fell to my knees my head rested perfectly upon it. I rested there all during the intro to "...Prison" then got up and destroyed a few faces. I wore myself out then collapsed on the wall again as MCR went offstage.

I knew there would be an encore; so, I didn't leave. Not long after they went offstage, the boys were back and my ears were greeted with the opening drums of "Vampires Will Never Hurt You," my favorite MCR song! I sprung up from the wall and ran forward into the crowd, yelling "Holy fucking shit" so loudly that I could hear myself over everything. I found a nice clear area where I jumped and screamed and lost my fucking mind. Not smart in my condition, but it felt so good. After that, they did "I'm Not Okay," and I spent the whole of it breathing heavily, face buried in my little concrete pillow, only moving to raise my arm for the classic Not Okay "middle-finger-salute."

And just like that... It was over and my world's realities came slowly back.

A creepy-looking guy walked up to me and was like, "Dude, why are you kissing wall?" I glared at him and flipped him off then stood up (shakily) and staggered in the general direction of an exit with the rest of the crowd. I found my friend, an angel holding a cup of ice water, bought merch and got the Hell out of there, completely exhausted, staggering, smelly and grinning like a fucking fool.


Next Week: MCR's 2005 headlining stop in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Starting Line to Tour?

Last month The Starting Line announced a reunion show in Philadelphia. After the show became "the fastest sold out show in the band's career," they added a second date, but is this -- as the band put it -- "break from their break" enough?

After much to-do about the band's break, including Somebody's Gonna Miss Us, a DVD to chronicle their career, there was a semblance of finality, but last night as I talked to a member of a band with which TSL lead singer Kenny Vasoli's side project Person L, had played, I found out otherwise.

According to this source, The Starting Line has tour plans in the works beyond the two Philly shows.

We'll see.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Classic Live Review: Warped Tour | August 8, 2005 | Charlotte, North Carolina

I ran into a problem with this week's review. I wrote about this show, but the problem is I wrote about it on Greatestjournal.com, which is now shut down and users cannot retrieve blog entries that were once posted there.

I dug into the deep corners of the internet to find another of my old blogs, where I posted only sparse notes on this show.

I believe, however, that I may have written about this show in a diary I left in my dorm room. When I get back from Holiday break, I will add more details from my diary.


Thursday, 11 August 2005

I'm back from North Carolina! I've learned a few things on my trip...

Warped Tour:

smells far worse in North Carolina

makes me very greedy about my spot when I have barricade. I learned a new hip movement to keep my spot. I didn't want to lose it and get killed like I had in Columbus


bruise very easily

will one day be murdered by a mass of angry extreme Fall Out Boy fans

Can hold my pee for over 10 hours for MCR

When my friend and I were let into the venue in North Carolina, I didn't waste any time and went immediately to the main-stage to claim my spot for MCR. A glimpse at the schedule told me, however, that it would be a VERY long day. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE WAS THE LAST BAND TO PLAY!!

I got to see all the bands I missed from having to leave early from the Columbus warped tour, so it was okay, but I was just ready for MCR!

I managed to hold my spot (and bladder) all day as it rained on and off and people got increasingly more smelly and I watched person after person make their way to the front and beside me. Luckily, none of them were able to wrench me from my spot! MWUAHAHA! I was NOT about to let go of that barricade no matter what it took!

By the time MCR came on, it was getting dark and starting to rain harder than it had all day... fitting. It was perfect. They played the same songs they had in Columbus, I think, and I went crazy! I was seeing them as close as I possibly could and it was overwhelming and amazing!! After all the waiting all day, it was relieving and surreal to finally see them.

I think they may have cut their set short because of the rain, which sucked, but it was still amazing.