Monday, November 30, 2009

Gerard Way talks new My Chemical Romance album with Spinner

In an article posted earlier today on Spinner[dot]Com, Gerard Way divulges still more of the upcoming MCR album's secrets.

Whereas in other recent interviews, Gerard has described the album as being about survival, in this one, he gives us a new perspective, calling out bands who are in this for the wrong reasons, a war MCR have waged for years:

"That's what I like about us- our ability to terrify people who are doing this for the wrong reasons." -Gerard Way (from June 2005's Rock Sound)

In the article, the track we have previously seen titled "The Light Behind your Eyes" has changed to "Light Before your Eyes."

Of the nine tracks Spinner got to preview, the author writes: "we were left suitably blown away."

Seriously, with every new theme of this album that emerges, I grow more excited and...empowered as an MCR fan. I'm dying to hear more, and I'll keep everyone posted as I do!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Join #MCRchat on twitter and Receive a Special MCR store Discount!

Most of you who follow my blog already know that I run a twitter-based My Chemical Romance chat.

The awesome folks at WBR have given me a special discount code for the My Chemical Romance online store to give to those who participate in the upcoming #MCRchats!

Join the chat this coming week to get your coupon code:

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For the back-story on #MCRchat, check out this blog entry.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Upcoming My Chemical Romance release to be a work of Self-Protest

During the recording of and through the band’s touring on their previous release The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance found themselves going through a hell-on-earth too closely resembling the sort of purgatory in which the album’s main character, The Patient, finds himself stuck.

They lived in a haunted mansion, wherein a gloom clouded them and lead singer Gerard Way developed sleep problems while bassist Mikey Way started facing demons of his own. Drummer Bob Bryar was severely burned on the set of the “Famous Last Words” video and later contracted gangrene in the wound. Rhythm guitarist Frank Iero started having health problems that sent him home for a while during their touring for Parade. Later, Bryar had to have wrist surgery while guitarist Ray Toro, who had avoided the curse until this year, found his canine companion severely sick.

Could this next album be a reversal of The Black Parade curse?

Members of MCR reveal in a feature article showcasing their upcoming album as the ‘most anticipated of 2010’ in this month’s Alternative Press magazine that there was a point when they started to live, not as My Chemical Romance, but as their alter-ego: the theatrical, ostentatious and followed-with-terrible-luck Black Parade.

Before their very brief hiatus that came after their 2008 Madison Square Garden show, MCR admit that the songs from Parade were not connecting and performing them had lost its fun. Some members of the band feared that that show could be the very last for My Chemical Romance. Some fans will recall the now well-known quote from Gerard onstage that night:

“If we never play another show again, keep yourselves alive.”

It’s eerie to think that that could have been the end, but –fortunately- it was not.

When MCR came back together, they came back with a vengeance and a handful of songs that Gerard Way referred to as “protest songs,” little did he know at the time that the songs were protesting his own band and what it had become during The Black Parade era.

They wrote with influences like The Stooges, the MC5 and The Damned in mind to create more than an album's worth of short and to-the-point songs. After a brief trip to Japan for Summer Sonic and after playing the MCRmy shows at the Roxy in L.A., the members were hit with a wave of inspiration, having seen the reactions fans had to their older material. It became apparent to them that they wanted to get back to that pre-Black Parade heart with the upcoming album.

I think the album will reflect their new, bold logo that – without frills – simply reads “My Chemical Romance.” MCR are finding a way to be MCR again, and I think they’ll do it beautifully and in a way that fans will be able to more than understand and appreciate.

Also, I think it will reflect that Madison Square Garden quote I mentioned earlier.

"The whole 'My Chemical Romance saves lives' thing is a misrepresentation," [Gerard Way told AP]. "We are grateful and touched that you got something out of our music. But, ultimately it was you who worked through your reality. That's my message to the world: Get in the clear, we'll take care of this."

The song “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back” seems like it could potentially get this message across; as, Gerard mentions, “That song is about the importance of a believer over a victim.”


Also revealed in the AP article is a new song title in addition to more details on some that fans already know.

Newly revealed, “The Light Behind your Eyes” is described as an atmospheric song “Sort of like the sunset before the gunfight.”

We are also given an updated title for what fans have been calling “Kiss the Ring” or “L.A. Heavy:” “Hail to the King.”

I. Can't. Wait. Much. Fucking. Longer!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Classic Live Review: Warped Tour | June 18, 2005 | Germain Amphitheater | Columbus, Ohio

Part Three of my 'Classic MCR Live Reviews' Series

Originally posted on June 18, 2005


Today I went to Warped Tour, got there around 9 and was at the main stage by 10, in the front and hugging the barricade for dear life. All of the bands were good (Underoath, The Starting Line, Hawthorne Heights, Atreyu...), but I was waiting for the real treat at 5:45 -- My Chemical Romance!

After Strung Out finished their set, I could feel the pressure of the crowd go way up and was even popped out of my place at the barricade (though, I was still holding it). Everyone was gathering for MCR.

Bob came out and started testing the drums. No one seemed to notice that it was him beside a few of us in the front who were yelling to him. I got a few pictures of him then I saw Frankie walking around behind the stage with his strange, new make-up: Red streaming from his eyes like blood and half of his face and lips painted blackish. It was different.

Finally MCR went on, and my arm became permanently stuck at the barricade between a bunch of people, rubbing back and forth painfully (I have HORRENDOUS bruises). I swear within, maybe, a minute, I was completely suspended in the air, my feet not touching the ground, held by the pressure of people around me...

It was the roughest the crowd had been all day, and I LOVED it!

They did "I'm Not Okay..." first then "Our Lady of Sorrows" and I was lost at that point... I must have looked awful, because I had my head tilted back, eyes shut and knew I looked like I needed to get out of the pit.

At one point a security guard asked me if I were okay, and I nodded... I waited until the end of MCR's set (it ended with "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison"), and I must have blacked out; because, I don't remember them leaving the stage or anything. I felt fine after that, but I didn't feel like trudging out through the crowd; so, I tapped the security guard in front of me, lightly in my exhaustion, and had him lift me out.

I swear I felt fine, but I'm REALLY dramatic. So, I staggered (because I'd been on my feet all day) to the sidestage barrier to meet my friends and the security guard grabbed me by the arm and said, "No, no, no, no no, you're coming to first aid."

I opened my mouth to protest, but found I couldn't then realized that he was taking me under the stage, and straight toward Gerard Way's ASS, may I add. LOL.

We emerged from underside of the the stage, and I yelled out in this horrible, desperate-sounding voice (from exhaustion) to Gerard as he was the closest person to me. He turned around, holding the cigarette he was smoking, and frowned as he watched me collapse onto Bob's freshly-unloaded drum set and bust open my knee. Of course, the security guard had to lose his grip on me when my favorite band all decide they're going to respond to the name, "Gerard" and turn around to see me looking like an ass. Gerard had this really worried expression on his face; I probably scared him. LOL.

My heart broke as the security guard drug me away toward the first aid tent, eventually putting me in a wheel chair and rolling me over. I was fine, I swear! and they were taking me away from MCR...

When I got to the tent first aid people put an icy towel around my shoulders and got my information... My lip was trembling and my eyes kept going out of focus.

When I told the first aid guy I was fine, he asked me to squeeze his hands and I did, then he asked me to hold out my hand and it was shaking uncontrollably. Maybe I wasn't so fine? Or maybe I was just shocked at seeing the guys of MCR standing FEET from me.

So, I sat there, staring miserably in the direction of MCR, my heart shattering, seeing them right there and not being able to go to them. I asked the first aid guy if I could go meet them and he wouldn't let me go anywhere until my mom signed a paper for my release... I nearly cried as I continued my miserable, longing staring.

Then, like a miracle, Gerard started walking toward the tent. I yelled to him and he looked over and waved and I brandished "come here." He looked around nervously and asked one of the first aid people if he could come in the tent and they let him in and I was like, "Can I have a quick picture?" and he was like "Yea, of course" and wrapped his arm around my ice water towel clad shoulders. I handed my camera phone to the first aid dude (lol) and flung the towel off of my shoulders, apologizing for it: "Sorry 'bout that", Gerard was like "Nah, that's alright" and we got our picture taken. I thanked him and he told me, "No prob. Get well, okay?." I nodded as he walked off.

After that, Gerard talked to some other fans in the first aid tent and I took random pictures of his awesome bulletproof vest (creep), then almost as soon as he left, Mikey came walking past the tent. I yelled to him and he walked up smiling. I asked him for a picture, same schpeel as with Gerard and he was like "Hope you, uh, feel better."

Ah, it's so surreal... I'm mad that I didn't get to meet Bob, Frank and Ray. They were feet away from me, but first aid wouldn't let me go anywhere. A golf cart came to pick me up and took me back to my car; then, I left.

I was bummed that I didn't get to go back inside, but I had seen My Chemical Romance and met two of them!! That's all that mattered.


After this, I attended the 8-8-05 Warped Tour in Charlotte, NC. I can't find my review for it at the moment. I'll keep searching so I can post it next week.


Introduction to Classic Reviews Feature

Older posts:
Taste of Chaos | Green Day & MCR

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New MyChemicalRomance.Com Layout and Functions!

So, makeover part two just blew fans' minds to hell.

The new layout is arguably more navigable than the older version of the site and features new aesthetic features as well as new functioning features.

Some new attributes of the site include:

-A new photo section featuring pictures of the band in the studio on which fans can comment.

-Messaging between fans

-Larger avatars

-A member search feature

-New user information available (join date)

-Separate pages for users' profiles, blogs and friends

-Fan photo uploading on merch pages of the MCR online store

-A new background image featuring repeating "CHEMICAL ROMANCE" ("MY" actually isn't shown) in grainy, gray block letters against a black background.

-Red paint streak borders surrounding important titles and links

Yesterday, fans were whipped into a suspicion frenzy that something like this would happen when a blog post appeared announcing that the site would be down for maintenance.

The layout changed to allow fan membership and interaction this past July. Today, it has evolved!

Thanks, MCR's online team for working to make this awesome!


PS: If you spend over $50 at the My Chemical Romance online store now through the 30th, you get a free t-shirt!

My Chemical Romance January 2010 'Alternative Press' cover Revealed

Alternative Press just revealed the cover of their January issue, which will feature their 'Most Anticipated Albums of 2010' list and My Chemical Romance as the cover-featured artist!

According to AP, there will be 5 different collectible covers for this issue on newsstands while the full band cover is for subscribers.

My predictions were correct!

Who, other than MCR, do you hope to see on AP's 'most anticipated albums' list for the coming year?

Pre-order any of the collectible issues here!



For details from this issue's My Chemical Romance article, go here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Chemical Romance to appear on the cover Alternative Press's Upcoming 'Most Anticipated Albums of 2010' issue!

Today, Alternative Press posted, hinting at who would be their cover artist for their annual 'Most Anticipated' issue.

The hints AP posted were quotes from Anthony Green and Matt Skiba about the mystery cover artist.

Being a hardcore Alkaline Trio and Matt Skiba fan, I would recognize this quote from him about MCR anywhere:

I remember seeing them at Warped Tour. They were playing a small side stage to small crowds, while we were playing to big crowds on the main stage. I told their singer that they were going to be humongous in a year. We made an agreement that if I was wrong, we would bring them out to support us on our next tour, and that if I was right, we would open for them. A year later, they had a platinum record and they took us out to support them on a sold-out arena tour.

Mikey Way also twittered about it, making it more blatantly obvious.

Keep your eyes open for AP 258!



Udate: View the cover of and pre-order the magazine!

Alkaline Trio to Release album on Epitaph in February

In an article posted today on Spinner.Com, Alkaline Trio guitarist and co-vocalist Matt Skiba divulged details of the band's upcoming album to be released jointly on Epitaph and the band's own Heart & Skull label in February.

Skiba expressed excitement for the fans to hear the album and says that it will more resemble their earlier, more punk-fueled work than their previous few releases. Skiba said the 11-track album was written in a similar manner to their first album, Goddammit, the simple approach resulting in what Skiba described as "a record that we could easily play live."

Fans of the signature dark emotion of Alkaline Trio will not be disappointed; as, Skiba mentioned that the some of the songwriting on their upcoming release centered around very personal and tragic events in the band members' lives.

Song titles mentioned in the article were "Dorothy" and "The American Scream".

In addition to those songs, one can assume that the album will also include "Dine, Dine, My Darling" and "This Addiction," which the band premiered at Riotfest last month.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Classic Live Review | Green Day w/ My Chemical Romance | May 5, 2005 | Columbus, Ohio

Second of my fourteen-part "Classic MCR Reviews" blog series.

Written the day after the show. May 6th, 2005.

As I warned last time, I was fifteen when I wrote this and edited only minor mistakes; so, there are probably many errors and things that are liable to make you raise an eyebrow.


Last night, I saw Green Day and MCR in concert!

Very few people were there when I got to the venue and in line. My friend and I got in quick, found our seats and sat down to wait for the show to start. As we were sitting there, we realized that -- from our seats (which were AWESOME) -- we could see backstage.

Suddenly, Mikey Way went walking by beside the steps to the stage, and I'm, like, freaking out, wishing I could jump from my seat and run over to excitedly meet him (which would result in startling Mikey into having an asthma attack and Gerard's running up with his inhaler to save his life {yea, I've thought this one out}), but I resisted temptation. As I looked around, I saw that I was the absolute only person who saw him walking around down there. Of course, some people may have seen and not recognized him or not cared. But whatever. All is well. I still say I should have run over there. Too late now.

By the time 7:00 (My Chemical Romance time) came, virtually NO ONE was was in the arena (there were only about 20 people total sitting in the section where I was)! I mean, like NO ONE in my whole section stood up for MCR except for me and some kids at the bottom. Naturally, I was LOSING MY MIND, and everyone was kinda like, "What a freak!"

We were in the section closest to the stage; so, I guarantee that if the guys ever looked up into the crowd, they would have seen me: this tiny moving mass among still-standing fools and evil, disrespectful people who sat down. Yea, yea, wishful thinking, I know. It makes me feel special. So shove it!

They played:

"Give 'em Hell Kid"
"Thank You For The Venom"
"Cemetery Drive"
"You Know What the Do To Guys Like Us In Prison"
"Our Lady of Sorrows" ((I got sooo excited over that one))
and "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"

and more, but I was completely out of it!

It was awesome. Especially since we were so close and got to see everything in high (sometimes graphic) detail-- for example, when Gerard decided to rub himself and make dramatic moaning sounds.

I have Gerard audio recorded spewing the most random randoms between songs on my phone along with the end of "Our Lady of Sorrows" (I keep listening to that recording, because it's a really muffled one. All you can hear is "JUST BECAUSE MY HANDS ARE AT YOUR THROAT!!") and the beginning of "...Prison."

After MCR went off, I went to the bathroom with my friend then back to our seats and I watched, with an angered expression on my face, as people mobbed into the arena, wondering why in the hell they weren't there an hour ago when God (and by God I mean 5 guys, and by 5 guys I mean MCR) was playing.

Suddenly, this person in a pink bunny suit comes stumbling out onto the stage, chugging beer and "drunk-hopping," dancing to YMCA and "Blitzkrieg Bop." and then -BOOM- GREEN DAY!!

I'll admit that I'm not the biggest Green Day fan, but they put on one hell of a show. I swear, it was insane. I've never heard something so loud as the screams coming from the audience when the band first came onstage. I can't even describe their vibe, because soooo much happened.

At one point, Billie Joe Armstrong teased us all, making the audience obey him and repeat the most random things after him in order for him to... take his clothes off. HA!

He just walked out and looked down at his imaginary watch and was like "I think it's time," -pause- "I think it's time for me to take my clothes off!" He then started to play at his belt then he started making the audience do stuff to earn his nakedness. He also stuck his hands down his pants and started basically masturbating onstage. He was all, "SOMEBODY FUCK ME NOW!!"

Green Day 'created a band' by having random kids from the audience come play onstage with them. The kid who played guitar even got to keep it!

There was fire and lights and air-humping and "We are the champions!" and extremely long note-holding on Billie-Joe's part when he tried to get the audience to match his chanting of "AYYYYYYYYY-OOOOOOOOOH!"

I can't even describe... Much too much happened for me to give great details.

Sorry about that.


Previous 'Classic' Review:
Taste of Chaos 2005

Please also read my purpose behind this blog series.

Keep an eye out for part three! Warped Tour, 2005 when I met Gerard and Mikey!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz to make 'Big Announcement' & Premiere new Single

Pete Wentz is set to call in to premiere Fall Out Boy's new single, "From Now On We're Enemies," on FriendsOrEnemies.Com-powered online station Rock-It Radio tomorrow at 4 P.M. EST.

According to Rock-It Radio reps, "[Wentz] also has a big announcement you won't want to miss!"

With the band's being on "break", I'm sure FOB fans will be ecstatic to hear from their favorite bassist. Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 4 P.M..

Fall Out Boy's "greatest hits" album Believers Never Die is set for worldwide release tomorrow (Nov 17).


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Official Band Twitter Account for My Chemical Romance

As I was snooping about today, I came across a twitter account for @MCRofficial that was being followed by one of the MyChemicalRomance.Com moderators who works for WBR.

At the time I found it, there were three posts that started from November 10 and only three followers including myself. I have a feeling this is official and will be announced soon.

If not, I'm just over-excited and blabbing, but it seems legitimate.

Finally a full band twitter account!


Confirmed on Nov 13!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Chemical Romance to play special Australian club show with The Get Up Kids

Jeff Watson has just posted a new blog entry at MyChemicalRomance.Com announcing a Soundwave Festival side-show that MCR is set to play with The Get Up Kids.

The club show, which is set to take place on February 24th at The Big Top Auditorium in Luna Park in Sydney, Australia, comes in the middle of MCR's five-date run on Australia's Soundwave Festival.

Many Australian fans told me, when the band announced that they were going to play Soundwave, that there are often side stops on the festival tour.

This is the first MCR side stop announced, and - according to the Big Top event page- their only:

"On the back of their Soundwave 2010 appearances My Chemical Romance will be performing one club show only in Australia."

Tickets will go on sale Friday, November 20.


My Chemical Romance in Kerrang! and Rock Sound today!

Today's issue of Kerrang! Magazine featured an article about My Chemical Romance. MCR.Com user _Apple posted scans of the two-page spread on her blog.

In the article, Gerard Way explains the new breed of angst in and meticulous process of this album, which he says is NOT a concept album as would almost be expected from MCR at this point. With this band, however, one has to learn to expect the unexpected.

Gerard Way says of the upcoming "dirty rock 'n roll" album: "Oh, it's filthy. That's what I love about it!"

If there is any semblance of a concept on this album, it will probably have to do with MCR's "being the best My Chemical Romance [they] can be" and falling into a more definitive place in music.

The band members seem to have remarkable confidence in this album, and I have remarkable confidence in them.

"And now, [Gerard] continues, "there's angst, but it's different. I think we're rebelling now as a rock band. We're trying to keep it pure, but we're not playing victims anymore."

The article also mentioned many of the songs Ray Toro listed in his blog post yesterday, and gave short lyrical samples from each.

From "Save Yourself, I'll Hold them Back"
"You can leave this world/Leave it all behind/We can steal this car if your folks don't mind/We can live forever if you've got the time..."

From "Still Alive" (written from the perspective of a bottler at @ festival show)
"We came here to rough up everyone we see/Get off the stage and ask yourself, 'Am I still alive?'..."

From "Death [Be]fore Disco"
"'cause all the good times, The give you cancer..."

From "Trans Am"
"Gravity don't mean much to me/Is this our destiny?/This world is after me..."


In addition to in Kerrang!, MCR also made an appearance in an online article from Rock Sound today.

In this article, Gerard Way expresses the honesty of the new record and shares his high hopes for it and a certainty that fans will love it.

He says that he feels this upcoming album "is more raw and honest and a better snapshot of the band" when compared to previous works.


PS: -faints-

Classic Live Review: Taste of Chaos | March 6, 2005 | Hara Arena | Dayton, Ohio

The first of my fourteen-part "Classic MCR Reviews" blog series.

Originally posted on March 11, 2005 on GreatestJournal.Com

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was 15 and have edited very little... Just saying.


We go back to Monday night around 1:30 A.M.. I am sitting in my room with an insane grin on my face discovering new bumps and bruises everywhere on my body

"God, I wasn't even on the floor. How the hell did I get all these?"

My mind springs back, recalling almost passing out from exhausting myself during "Thank you For the Venom."

"Oh, that's how." My grin broadens. Ah, beautiful...

So, I woke up the day of the show and was completely and utterly excited, knowing that later on I would be seeing my beautiful chemical romance. I bathed and picked out the more comfortable of my MCR shirts and threw on my pants, only to discover that my mom wasn't going to drive me to Hara Arena (in Dayton where Taste of Chaos was) until later. I was impatient and antsy all day. I knew my friend Emily was going to wait in line around noon, and I had to wait 4 more EXCRUCIATING hours to get there.

We picked up my friend and FINALLY got to Hara. I found Emily WAY up in the line and my friend and I made our slow journey toward the very back. Nothing much happened while we waited, but we got free Taste of Chaos editions of Revolver Magazine that people were passing out. It kept me occupied for about 20 minutes. HA!

We saw many pretty "emo boys" and met these randomers in a band from Florida. Gerard came outside and was talking to this radio station in a tent outside the building. I wanted to run up there, but I thought it was just something people were saying to get us to lose our spot in line. Sadly, it wasn't. Oh well...

Then, out of nowhere, the half of the line that I was in started making this mass exodus toward the front of the building. THEY FORMED A THIRD LINE!

When we got in, we were fortunate enough to score AWESOME seats to the left of the stage. Ah, god. it was FUCKING AMAZING!

Senses Fail played first. I don't know really any of their songs but they were good.

Then Killswitch went on. They were awesome. The guitarist had on booty shorts with these silly-looking boxers hanging out of them and tights underneath, he was hilarious.

A more memorable line from their performance was the guitarist proclaiming: "This next song goes out to all the hot girls in the audience with braces... FOR KEEPING IT METAL!!"

I don't quite remember, but I think A Static Lullaby Played, then Underoath then... *drumroll*


Ah, everything was silent; then, BOOM! Like a cloud from heaven, a blue light shone on the right side of the stage and there floated Ray Toro's fro!! *dies* Then BOOM Frankie. BOOM Bob. BOOM Mikey then *EXPLOSIONS* GERARD!!!

Then the familiar guitar from the beginning of "Helena" met my ears, and I lost my freaking mind. Gerard opened his mouth and within "Long ago.." I was gone. I recorded a bit of it on my cell phone. That's the only thing that kept my mind there.

Out of nowhere, like a crazy man, Gerard screamed between songs: "DO YOU WANNA FUCK ME!? I CAN'T FUCKING HEAR YOU! I SAID, DO YOU WANNA FUCK ME!? Do you wanna cover my head with a pillow and take a knife to me and twist it until I BEG you to stop? NOW, DO YOU WANNA FUCK ME!? FUCK YEA! WELL, I WANNA FUCK YOU!" I managed to get this moment of madness, his introduction to "Honey this Mirror isn't big enough for the Two of Us" recorded on my cell phone! Randomly, in the middle of this song, Gerard got down an humped a stage monitor for like 3 minutes. I was in complete shock. Ha-ha!

After that he was like, "SUCK ME OFF! SUCK ME OFF! If someone ever says to you: 'SUCK ME OFF,' I suggest you don't, because you get NOTHING but a very nasty taste in your mouth... THIS SONG IS ABOUT GUZZLING DOWN A WHOLE LOTTA POISON: THANK YOU FOR THE VENOM!"

I bout fell over right then. My favorite song! I screamed and yelled and I had the aisle seat so I could jump wonderfully. Mid-way through the song I thought I was going to either die of heat exhaustion, be drowned in sweat, pass out from lack of oxygen or all three.

Even though my arms were about to fall off and my whole body was wringing wet with sweat and I couldn't breathe and was sure I was bleeding, I couldn't calm myself. I could see Gerard Way, my hero and role-model. Right there in front of me. I could see the red make-up around his eyes, I could see his tiny teeth, every curve of his face and that amazing bat belt he wears!

After "...Venom"

"Here comes the bride, Here comes the bride, All dressed in white..." YAY! Sung in a creepy voice, this is the way Gerard intoduced "To The End." I felt myself giving out in the midst of that song; so, I stopped... a little bit. I was able to cool off, because they played "Ghost of You" next, and I obeyed Gerard and lifted my cell phone high and swayed.

Then they played "Cemetery Drive". I accidentally recorded about half of it on my phone.

I think that's the point when Gerard started the chant "YOU CANNOT DESTROY ME!" Ah, it was awesome.

"Do you like that... children..? Haha, Do you like being called children? WHAT, I can't FUCKING hear you. From what I can see, you like being called children. NOW DO YOU FUCKING LIKE BEING CALLED CHILDREN!?"

"Now someday, someone will try to take advantage of you. They'll try to break you down, and I want you to look at them and say, "YOU CANNOT DESTROY ME!!!!... YOU CANNOT DESTROY ME *chants*"

Yup then it was "Cemetary Drive", I was right.
Afterward, Gerard was like "Now if any of you FUCKERS don't agree with anything I'M saying, you can do one of two things. YOU CAN FLIP ME OFF OR YOU CAN TRY TO MAKE YOUR WAY UP TO THIS STAGE, PASS THE SECURITY AND KNOCK ME THE FUCK OUT! And that does not go without reward. OH NO! You will get a prize. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS?! A NIGHT IN FUCKING PRISON!!!" Introducing the song, "You Know what They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison"

There was more chanting of "YOU CANNOT DESTROY ME!! YOU CANNOT DESTROY ME!!!" Then I was saddened, because Gerard announced that it was their last song, and they played "I'm not Okay," but my sadness didn't hold down my insane energy that I somehow managed to keep up throughout the whole performance.

So, they went offstage and I could hardly sit back down I was so excited. I soon found that I had ABOSLUTELY NO VOICE WHAT-SO-EVER when I tried to talk to my friends. When I did talk, it sounded like I had strep throat and had just sucked about a kilo-liter of helium.

It was awesome.

Anyways we waited for a bit then...


The first song they did was "Take it Away," and I went crazy again, but not to the point of almost passing out as I had before.

Bert, the lead singer, was really random between songs. He was like, "I just want you to know that after the show, I'm having sex with EVERYONE! Even these guys down front in the yellow!!"

Quinn rapped and he and Bert hugged for, like, ever. And Bert made Quinn play this little thingy on the guitar like 3 times so that he could dance. Quinn did it once and Bert danced and was like "Wait, do it again! Do that funny little thing again!" and he danced, then he was like "One more time. They love this shit!" He called us a "Rowdy bunch of Motherfuckers" at least 4 times.

They played all of their singles and some more unfamiliar songs, but it was all awesome.

Just when everyone thought the show was over... MCR and The Used came back out onstage together to perform their tsunami benefit cover song, their cover of "Under Pressure." AND THEN *thanks all higher beings for this* GERARD AND BERT KISSED!

*cries* Almost as soon as it had started, it was over...

I ran out, bought a shirt that is like 6X too large for me and went home to go to school the next day and discovered ungodly amounts of bruises and scrapes and sore spots. That's how out-of-it I was... I didn't even realize my knees were crashing into the chairs in front of me or that I was getting all banged up. School the next day was a painful hell.

I loved it.


I'd like to note some specifics that were FAR FROM my mind when I originally wrote this.

2005's Rockstar Taste of Chaos was the very first year of the tour, and - oh yea - this was my first "real" concert. This is what started a full-on addiction.

Next Week's classic review:
Green Day and My Chemical Romance


Upcoming Blog Series: Classic MCR Reviews

I haven't known them very long, they didn't save my life, and I haven't been to a concert... I'm not a very good fan

Being an active member of the My Chemical Romance online fan community and running my own MCR chat, I see this a lot.

It honestly breaks my heart.

The members of My Chemical Romance, from the beginning, have been creating a supportive community of people who can relate to one another through music when it is hard to relate to anyone else. MCR's music speaks to people and brings people together. A My Chemical Romance fan is just that- a fan with a love for the band's music. Or, at least, that's how it should be.

Unfortunately, there is a degree of unspoken elitism that some exude over other fans, contrary to the band's mission to give us a community where we are equals.

I'm noticing it now more than ever: newer fans are feeling inferior because they haven't known about My Chemical Romance for as long as some other fans or because they haven't gone to a concert, a sad product of MCR's message of fan unity and acceptance being swallowed whole by some sort of evil force.

I've decided to try to combat this evil force, whatever it may be. My first step was creating #MCRchat on twitter, which has had beautiful results and has shown that fans come in all shapes and sizes, but - in the end - we all have a common ground, and we can support one another.

This is my second step. This is for newer fans and older alike, but it's mostly for those who are new and insecure in their fandom.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and it is no one's fault that they were born later than another person. I talk to many young fans who would have died to have seen MCR in their "Revenge-Era," and the only reason they missed out was that they were simply too young at that time.

I started liking My Chemical Romance as a sad and lost 14-year-old girl in 2004, who found solace and something uplifting and inspiring in MCR's music. I was fortunate to have found them so early, but knowing about this band for 5 years or for 5 months does not define a fan.

So, here's the deal: I do not want to keep everything that I have learned in my years growing up with MCR to myself. For those who were not there, I want to pass along what it was like during that "Revenge Era." I want future MCR-lovers to be able to know this as a part of MCR history and to feel included in this fan community. I was a new fan at one point. We all were.

I plan to post reviews (written in the time period of the show) of all the MCR shows I have gone to, starting with the earliest and working my way forward in time.

I would encourage all other "older" MCR fans to come forth and share their experiences as well. I think we have an obligation to keep this alive for future fans and to help welcome all new fans.



2005 Taste of Chaos | Green Day & MCR | Warped Tour, Columbus | Warped Tour, Charlotte | 2005 Headlining tour, Columbus | 2005 Headlining Tour, Ypsilanti | Headlining tour, Atlanta | Headlining tour, Canada | The Black Parade tour 2007, Atlanta | Projekt Revolution 2007, Tampa, FL | Projekt Revolution- Raleigh, NC | 2008 Tour, Chicago (Day 1) | 2008 Tour, Chicago (Day 2) | 2008 Tour, Columbus |

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Chemical Romance Clue Fans in on Material for Upcoming Album. Announce Tentative Titles and Mixing Completion of Nine Tracks!

My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro posted a new blog entry announcing with whom MCR are mixing their upcoming album and gave insight to a few of the nine completed tracks.

Toro writes that Rich Costey, who mixed MCR's 2006 Life on the Murder Scene, is working as mixer for their upcoming album. He also notes that the mixing style and ultimate goal they and Costey have followed for this album "is to make it loud, and then make it louder then that."

Some song titles Toro mentioned in the post are:

Still Alive
"very drum and bass oriented"

Save Yourself
"mix of Judas Priest metal and 80's arena rock"

The Only Hope for Me is You
Has string arrangements from David Campbell

Trans Am
"an epic take on 'Born To Run' in 4 minutes"

Death Before Disco
Played at The Roxy shows

Kiss the Ring
Played at the Roxy. Also known by fans as "Kiss the Rain" or "LA Heavy"

Black Dragon Fighting Society
"ode to Misfits punk"

As you will note, a couple of these were discreetly revealed to us by bassist Mikey Way in an earlier post. Just don't get too comfortable with these titles. Toro said, "FYI any of the song titles mentioned are still tentative, you know how we like to change things up!!!"

If any of you remember the drama around "Shut Up and Play/Pray" / "Disenchanted" or that "Welcome to the Black Parade" was once titled "The Five of us are Dying," you will know that MCR are fans of the working title and tend to surprise us with their end results (My favorite MCR working title is "Boy Division").

From Toro's descriptions, it seems MCR are not shying away from risk on this album. Have they ever?

I can't wait!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The results are in...

Thank you to everyone who voted in my recent poll!

Most of you expressed interest in seeing my old My Chemical Romance show reviews. What this means is that I will start posting them in a weekly "Classics" feature.

Keep your eyes open for the first one, my review of the 2005 Taste of Chaos show in Dayton, OH: my very first MCR show, next week!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Album Review: Say Anything - 'Say Anything'

Say Anything
Say Anything
November 3, 2009


1. Fed to Death
2. Hate Everyone
3. Do Better
4. Less Cute
5. Eloise
6. Mara and Me
7. Crush'd
8. She Wont Follow You
9. Cemetery
10. Property
11. Death for my Birthday
12. Young Dumb and Stung
13. Ahh…men

Read my full review here!