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Dear Bob Bryar: In Honor of Dixie

"I don't even know what happened to my best friend and miss her more than anything in the world," Bryar tells PEOPLE. "The devastation I feel is beyond words."
Source: People[dot]com

According to People[dot]com, My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar recently received a devastating shock when, a week after sending his German Shepard mix companion to a trainer, he received her cremated remains without a clear explanation for the dog's death. The drummer is filing a lawsuit against the trainer, who has changed the story of Dixie's death multiple times and who acted without Bryar's permission to cremate her.

My Chemical Romance fans are well-aware of how much Dixie meant to Bob, and some of us even became personally attached after his blog series and frequent twitter updates in which he shared stories of their drive across the country together to get home.

Bob rescued Dixie from a Southern shelter, inspiring her well-fitting name and, from what we have seen in his posts, she has had his heart since.

This blog is dedicated to Bob's beloved Dixie and will function as a forum in which fans can express their well-wishes for Bob.

Post your comments below, and I will re-post them into the body of this blog; then, I will send the link to the boys on twitter in hopes that Bob can see.
Remember to include your name and a link to a picture if you'd like to have a face attached to your sentiments.


Dear Bob,

Cassie Whitt
Reading all of Bob's posts about Dixie was heart-warming. Having dogs that I consider not only pets but best friends, I know the connection one can have with one's pet. Bob demonstrated such a love for Dixie that I think all fans could see absolutely radiating. I am sorry for your loss, Bob, and I hope that trainer gets what he deserves! Thank you for sharing Dixie’s life with us; she will remain alive in all our memories. I hope you are able to gain truth and closure soon.

Dear Bob:
I was truly devastated after hearing about your loss. I am very sorry about what happened. We understand how much Dixie meant to you. All I can say is that I'm sure you gave her the happiest life any dog could ever ask for, and that she must have been very grateful for it. Dixie is in doggie heaven right now sending you lots of love from up there. She was a beautiful dog and she will be forever in your heart (and ours too).
Karina, Mexico city

Oh my god...
Reading that article stopped my heart.
I've lost animals before, but I can't even [fathom] how Bob must feel.
This makes me physically numb...
I hope that justice is served here.
God... you could just tell how much Bob loved Dixie.
This breaks my heart.
I wish him all of the very very very best.

Anna B.
Bob, I am so sorry for your loss. My Chem fans could obviously tell how much you loved her, which in turn made us love her as well. She was such a beautiful dog, and will be missed. Adopting her, knowing how difficult it could be raising a dog that was abused, was tremendously kind; there need to be more people like you in the world. I hope that the truth comes to light, and justice is served for Dixie.

RIP Dixie

--Anna B.

Hi bob... Hey, I just wanted to stop by a few minutes and send you so many hugs, you have to know, that you have all of our support, I know how hard this can be and yet, I can't imagine what you're going trough, this shit is so unfair, this is a hard time, but we're gonna be here for you, we always have and we always will. We love you, Bob, and keep on living, you just take the time to give this fucker what he deserves. Good luck with everything, XOXO Brerard.... <3 Dixie <3

I'm so sorry to hear about Dixie's passing. We all loved Dixie and we could tell she was very close to you. A dog is like a family member, they are also a best friend. Our thoughts are with you and please accept my condolences and sympathy,
Amanda Kay

Elathan's Muse
JUSTICE FOR DIXIE! Take him down, Bob! Hold that guy accountable for his actions and I hope you get the truth about what happened. This guy shouldn't so much as LOOK at another pet!

Hey, Bob, I just wanna say that Dixie is gonna be in a better place, is horrible what happen to her, i know that this is gonna be a hard time to u, but we're gonna be supporting you! we love you!! That person of shit is going to get what he deserves. Take care, good luck, Valerie. xO.

I hope Bob knows that all of the fans feel for him and all mourn the loss of Dixie. We loved her like she was our own...

Well… Bob this is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done but u have to know u have all of our love and support and I know this is hard but u have to think about her... she always made u so happy and that was the only thing that made her happy....ur happiness and if she's not here anymore u know she'll always be with you just to see ur smile every time u'll be thinking about her...because of that u keep on going well be here for you..whenever u need us with so much love!! xoxo BunnyFuckinD
<3 dixie <3

Bob Bryar;
There are no words in any language to make this better. Nothing I say or do will fix the situation. Just know that if we could bring back Dixie, we would do so in a heartbeat. It was obvious what she meant to you, and what you meant to her. Nobody deserves to feel what you do right now, and we want more than anything to be able to offer our support.

Dixie's story of adoption, and life with you has left an impact on every fan - and stranger - who has read it. From my usually silent father to one of my closest friends, each person that read those blogs some months ago walked away with something to say. Your words showed an unbelievably touching love, and passion for this creature's life. Within a few posts and pictures, everyone fell in love with a dog that we had not met; but knew was very, very special. An empty seat will forever exists where this beautiful being used to sit, and nothing can properly sum up how I feel about that truth.

Know that you are not alone in the pain, and grief you experience today. All of us mourn with you, and pray that justice will be reached for the dog that moved, touched, and changed a fanbase.

May Dixie be at peace wherever her soul now resides. She will not soon be forgotten, that is without a single doubt. Sleep well, wherever you are

With a lot of love,

Dear Bob,
I am so very sorry for what happened to Dixie. People like him don't deserve to live. Take him down Bob, give him what he deserves. Well, don't actually murder him because then you will go to jail and Dixie, the other guys of MCR and all the fans and the MCRmy do not want that. But you know what I mean.

I can't even begin to understand what you must be going through and how you must be feeling right now but you need to remember we're all here for you and you can get through this, as hard as it may seem. Just remember; "I am not afraid to keep on living..." keep telling yourself that. You'd be amazed by the number of people that simple line has helped, it will help you too.

Keep hangin' on in there Bob.

Kaitlyn Jackson
Tasmania, Australia

Oh and be expecting a card from the incredible numbers of the MCRmy at my school [Ogilvie High] alone, and a good few others outside of it. XXOOXXOO

Hey Bob, I'm really sorry for what happened to Dixie, I started crying when I read about it, then I had to stop myself from yelling at my computer screen because my parents were sleeping. I knew how much Dixie meant to you, and that dude sounds like a complete asshole. I hope he gets what he deserves […] Just know that you have all of your fans supporting you (not to mention you probably have friends and family doing that too).
xo- Heather, Cincinnati

I hope u feel better soon! I cried after I read it.
I have a dog too, and I know I would be super depressed if that happened to me; I’m so sorry to hear that.
You loved her; we know that. Aww, Bob
we loved her too, but not as much as you did,
cheer up! I know Dixie doesn't want to see you so upset..
we love you bob!
we'll always will!
you know if only i could be there with u,i wud hug you, Bob, and cry too.

I feel so sorry for Bob, I love dogs and know how does that feels.
All that stories that bob let us knew via twitter made us laugh over and over again.
I’m just hoping that the guy who made this to Dixie pays for what he did, at least give Bob an explanation of whatever happened that day, but will be much better if he had to pay in a legal way.
we are with bob
my best wishes to him!!

DJ Gabo
Hey man, I know this is a really hard time for you. Man, you really are an inspiration for me musically, I admire you a lot, and all of this what youre going trough will only make me admire you more, I wish you the best luck ever in all of this, I have a dog too, and I don’t know what would I do if I was in your situation, a huge hug man. And hope the motherfucker gets what he deserves.

I don't really know what to say cause I know that nothing really makes it better. Nothing anyone can say makes it okay. But I am so so so very extremely sorry about Dixie. The time she had with you was amazing, I know it.


Bob we grieve with you and for you. Thank you for sharing Dixie with us. We extend love and support at this sad time.

I am so sorry about Dixie. i started crying when i found out because i know how much she meant to you. After looking at the pictures of her and reading about her from your always-funny blogs, I think her death took a chunk out of the My Chemical Romance fans too. Saving her from the shelter was an extremely kind and wonderful thing to do, there really should be more people like you in this world. that trainer is a serious asshole and the shit that happened is really not fair. Go give that fucker what he deserves, your fans are all standing behind you, well at least now you know i am. Dixie was great and she's always going to be remembered. this is an absolutely horrifying situation in which you are going through and i hope you recover well from it. just remember that you had Dixie in your life, but don't think she's gone because she's not. wherever she is right now (dog heaven), she's sending you all her love and she's probably even watching you right now.
XOXO Leeann <3 *big big big hug*

Bob, I am so sorry. I don't even know Dixie, and she meant a lot to me, so I can imagine how much she means to you. A while ago the vet did the same thing to my dog, because he was sick. There was possible treatment for him, but they didn’t ask our permission, and didn't ask if we wanted to do the treatment. I'm crying right now, and I am devastated. My prayers go out to you. I am so sorry. He did the wrong thing. Sue him for everything he has. It won't replace her, and it won't give him what he deserves, but it is the best you can do. Again, I am really sorry. We will all be there for you, all your fans, and I am sure all the guys will be too. :( I'm truly sorry Bob....

Rasha (headfirst4halos00)
Bob, I am so sorry for your loss, and I now that this is a very difficult time for you. As a pet owner myself, I can imagine all of the heartbreak you are going through. Dixie is in a better place and I'm sure that she is very grateful for all of the love and kindness you have bestowed upon her. She is in heaven now, chewing on some yummy doggy bones in that big field in the sky. I will keep you in my prayers, and remember, that me, and fellow fans will be supportive and will hope that justice will be served.


Rasha =]

oh my word
I cant even believe this, when I read the article I just started crying, it was like reliving the day I lost my dog... I know its hard and its most probably worse as you don’t know what happened to her. Just know that you will get through it and that idiot of a trainer will pay, I hope you know that all the fans are here for you for support.

loads of love for dixie she will be missed xoxoxoxoxoxo

I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I've lost my own dog at 19, a half-pug/half-jack russell named Bandit.

The agony I felt was terrible. This, is so much worse.

Bring him down. You're doing the right thing and we're all behind you and Dixie.

Dear Bob,
I really feel for you, I can't believe what has happened to you. Every one of us here loved Dixie too, and we could easily tell she meant the world to you.
Adopting Dixie after she was abused and everything else was a great thing to do, we can tell she stole your heart from the minute you saw her, and no wonder, she stole all our hearts.
Reading the article for the first time just about killed us all. It shocked me, a lot. I think I speak for all of us when I say that the 'trainer' that done this should not just be sued.
Dixie was one great dog, I'll miss her loads, I'll miss all the stories you told us about her too.
Remember that you have all us fans supporting you 100% of the way

For Dixie, I'm sure, you Won't be afraid to keep on living...

Lots of love and hugs for you <3
And lots also for Dixie, wherever she may be, we love her <3

Morgan, Glasgow, Scotland <3

Davina Ivlow
started crying when I heard the news. I'm so so very sorry for this loss. Dogs are my favorite animals. We all want you to know that we love you with all our hearts and we are here for you. <3 <3 <3
-Davina Ivlow, Missouri

Dear Bob Bryar,

I'm so much sorry for what happened to Dixie.I cant find any word that I can describe. I can understand you. You always did great things for Dixie. We all fans was appreciate that you were shared Dixie’s pictures with us
We all know how much you love her
She was kinda a friend, a child for
you. She was lucky to have an owner like Bob. I'd wish that This never happened to Dixie :(. Don’t forget that You gave Dixie a great a life, You know.
Take Care too much, Dear Bob
Our hearts with you. We all Love you so much...
Good Luck, Hugs*

Claire L.
Aww, I'm sorry what you have gone through. I can't say I feel your pain, but I could tell that Dixie was part of you. She was a lovely dog and at least she's still in your heart.


the news saddened me. I know what it's like to lose someone you love and someone who has become a part of your family. My little dog died in April and it was devistating. I can only imagine how it would feel not knowing what really happened. I hope that you will find the answer so that it can bring you some closure.

Always remember that your fans are here for you. You have touched our lives and have brought us so much hapiness, we hope we can give you something back. You and Dixie will be in my prayers and I hope that you will find comfort with friends and family.

Thanks for being a part of our lives and thanks for giving us sneak peaks at your life with Dixie. She will be remembered with a smile on our faces.

Denisse, Utah

Chanele Mc Guinness
Dear Bob,

I am soo sorry to hear about Dixie..
Obviously, I didn't know Dixie,
But I can understand cause my dog, Nollaig, passed away a few years ago..
But not under these circumstances.
This makes it so much harder..

The truth will come out eventually..

So sorry..


When I read the article
I felt something strange in my heart, I just can't believe it!!. I'm so sorry, this is a very bad new. I recently lost my dog Frida,
she died in a mysterious way too.
Now Dixie is in a better place, she knows you love her very much and the most important thing you gave her a great a life.
100000 hugs.

Tabasco Mexico

I can't even believe this. Bob, I am so, SO sorry for your loss. I'm glad that all of the fans were able to get to know Dixie from all your posts about her. We've all become attached to her too, and this is absolutely devastating. I recently lost my beloved cat Mickey that I had for almost my entire life to kidney failure and was on a camping trip when she passed. I can't imagine having lost her in the hands of someone else, though. All of us are behind you in every step of the way of revealing the truth and serving justice. We love you, Bob, and we'll miss Dixie too. Again, I'm so, so sorry.

Danet Grabbe
Dear Bob,

When I heard the news, I was in tears and couldn't even speak. I can't find words to describe how this makes me feel. It was easy to see how much you really loved and cared for Dixie. She was extremely lucky to have you as an owner. To have you as a friend. We all grew to love Dixie very much and we always will. Just know that we're all here for you and always will be. Dixie will be in our hearts forever more.


We miss you, DixieDiarrhea.

And though it may never be truly ok again, the good stuff will let us live with the bad.

Dixie will be remembered by MCR lovers for a long, long time.

Good luck Bob.


Dear Bob,

We're all terribly sorry to hear the news, and nothing we say will be able to take the pain away, but at least we can all share it so that it doesn't feel like such a heavy weight on your heart.

You can always remember Dixie as the dog you shared memorable moments with, and I'm sure she'll do the same wherever she is. You gave her the best life she could've had, and I bet she loves you just as much as you love her.

And I know you must need some kind of closure, know what happened to her, but even if you don't ever get the truth, be sure to know that right here and now, not then and there, she's watching and taking care of you.

We hope the best for you, and if you need to break down, please know that we're all here to pick you up. Always.

I'm really sorry about Dixie. I didn't really know her, but I remember when my pet died I was stuck in a horrible mood. It was really bad because I felt like I lost my best friend and about 2 hours later I had to go and perform in front of a really big crowd. To make it worse, while I was telling my friend about it, some guy comes up and is like "Were you feeding it drugs? I wouldn't be surprised if you did, freak." People like that just annoy the shit out of me.

I really hope that trainer guy gets what he deserves. If I were you, I'd do exactly the same thing.

The news made me tear up a bit because I just hate hearing about animals dying. My friend Maria and I wish you the best.

Best wishes,

Dear Bob
We are with you in these sad times!

We hope that justice is made that the person who took Dixie away from you pays for the distress and sadness they caused you !

Dixie was a great dog and we all came to love her through the love you expressed for her!
I just hope that you can find peace in your heart and specially i hope that she didn't suffer when her time abruptly came.

Stay strong Bob...we are behind you to support you !!

My most sincere condolences,

Ana Claudia Castro (El Salvador)

Nelle Barcena
Hey Bob,

I'm really sorry for your loss. I won't say I understand how you feel, but I guess you must be really lonely and devastated right now. I can't send you anything to show how much I feel sorry for you and Dixie, but I hope you get to read this. A lot of us MCR fans send our condolences and we hope the one responsible for what happened to Dixie gets what he deserves. I'll pray for you and her and I hope you're alright. Take your time in healing, we can all wait. Maybe someday you can come out of your misery and learn to smile again.

I know I never knew Dixie, but as we can all tell from your Tweets and blogs and the photos of her that you posted, you really considered her as part of your family. I'm not sure if I understand your pain, because I lost my Dad several years ago, maybe I can feel a small part of it.

Best wishes, and we all hope you're okay.


Bob, my heart breaks for you. I know how it feels, and I would never wish it on anyone. Losing a loved one is hard, and I hope one day your wounds will heal.

Love from my side of the 'verse,

dear Bob,
im really sorry for your loss. i cant believe a careless man would do such a horrible thing. i know how it feels to lose a dog that i have had all my life..=[ again im truely sorry for your loss


Dear Bob:

I am so, so, so sorry you're having to go through this. My best friend and I were together when we found out what happened, and I burst into tears while she started hyperventilating. Even though it can't bring Dixie back to you, I hope you know that that... organism that calls itself a man is disgusting. You, Dixie, and every other dog and human he's hurt are worth millions of him.
If there's anything that ANY of us can do for you, post a blog and you know we'll all be doing it for you. Send a letter to the courts? You got it. Hunt down this repulsive creature and beat him with baseball bats? We're already searching for information. Hold a candlelight vigil in Dixie's honour? We'll have one planned in no time.
You are a WONDERFUL person, and you don't deserve even one iota of the pain you must be feeling right now. It WASN'T your fault, and there was NOTHING you could have done to prevent this from happening. You're the best, most loving human a dog could ask for.
Take care,

I hope you find justice for what happened to Dixie. From what you said, she sounded like an amazing friend. Remember that we're always here for you. No one deserves this kind of distress, so I hope everything gets resolved, and I hope everything is okay with you.


Shane Rakier
Dear Bob,
I'm really really sorry about your loss of Dixie. I can honestly say that she was your whole world, because I had a chihuahua dog named Rosita, who got sick and the doctor told us there was nothing we could do for her. Dixie will always be remembered by the MCRmy and fans all over the world, cause she was very, very special to you.
I'm glad you saved her and gave her a loving home. You had a lot of heart to help her find love in her life, although she's been through tough times.
We love you Bob, and we will always love Dixie.



Other websites showing support:
The MCRmy | Chemically Romanced Messageboard |

(Please send me more links to sites so I can add them here)


Remember, you can send cards and such to Bob through the mail to Warner Brothers:

Warner Brothers Records
c/o Jeff Watson
3300 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

Jeff Watson delivers all mail to the band members, so Bob will get whatever you send.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Concert Survival Tips [Part II]

Concert Survival Tips Part II
Warped Tour Survival

There are two very specific forms of surviving in the concert world. There’s basic show survival, which is- well- basic; then, there is Warped Tour. Festival shows such as Warped are a breed all their own: a breed that can grab you by the throat, over-exhaust your sweat glands, and throw you –before you have time to think- into the land of “Oh-shit-I’m-passing-out-in-front-of-my-favorite-band!".

I was in thrust into that land at my first Warped Tour.

(Flashback Time…)

Not only was 2005’s my first Warped, but also my first time being in a pit. I waited the whole time in front of the main stage for My Chemical Romance to come on, and- by the time they did- I was beaten and battered (second row sucks, but that’s a story for another survival lesson) to the point of exhaustion. I, however, could did not let this damper my mood; as, I was seeing my favorite band for the third time, and for the first time, I was actually seeing them up-close! Like I was going to relent! PFT! So, I flailed and went as wild as usual while the crowd compressed me in the summer, asphalt-increased heat. I was happy, somewhere beyond happy, somewhere so far from this world that I hardly noticed when I woke up and the band was suddenly in the middle of “You Know what They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison” and people around me were giving me funny looks. I was fine, right? Well, I thought I was even after the band had finished and I followed my friends who crawled out of the crowd over the barricade. As I stumbled to my feet after being hoisted out by the crowd, I was promptly stopped by a security guard who grabbed my arm, said, “Whoa, whoa… You’re coming with me.”

I was horrified. What had I done? Did I break some sort of Warped Tour rule? As the security guard guided me by the arm under the stage my favorite band had just played upon, I looked back at my friends in horror; then, I looked ahead… 10 legs and clouds of smoke surrounding the appendages at the light end of the stage-tunnel revealed my favorite band’s standing directly in my path. I panicked. I had to say something; how could I miss my opportunity to talk to My Chemical Romance?! My mind went fuzzy; the legs started moving away; I had reached the light; the guard’s grip on my arm was slipping; my voice was weak as I yelled the name of the owner of the last pair of legs I saw: “Gerard!” And that was the precise moment the entire band decided to respond to the name “Gerard” and when the security guard lost his grip on me, and my heat-weakened body fell onto Bob Bryar’s freshly-unloaded drum-kit.

I was hoisted up as a wheelchair was brought to me. My leg was bleeding from its collision with the most magnificent and embarrassing set of drums I had ever encountered, and I was blushing as red as that blood as I watched my heroes look back at me with wide eyes before they walked away. Great. I had blown it, and now my favorite band thought I was some fangirl mental patient. Why couldn’t I have yelled the name of one of the other guys, and why the HELL did my voice have to sound so rabid when I said “Gerard”?

As it turned out, my voice had been so weak and rabid because I had had a heat-stroke. I guess I was “not okay” (sorry) after all. As I sat in the first aide tent backstage and watched MCR’s standing about 50 feet away doing an interview, I was close to tears. They were so close; yet, the medic wouldn’t let me move to go talk to them and repent for my wild behavior.

Finally, I saw Gerard Way start walking toward the tent, and I called him over (this time much more gently). He asked the medics if he could enter; then, he came to talk to me. My life was pretty much made at that moment. I was too nervous and still too mind-scrabbled to tell my hero much of anything, but I had enough sense to ask him for a picture and to attempt to hold up my phone to take said picture, which only revealed my trembling hand. After Gerard’s awkwardly trying to take the phone so he could get the picture followed by the medic’s taking the phone to get the picture, my apologizing for the wet towel around my shoulders as Gerard put his arm around them, the singer’s assuring me that there was nothing to apologize for, and after his asking me if I were okay about 20 times, the picture was snapped, final “are you all right?”s were repeated, and I was left shaking harder than before with a huge grin on my face. My favorite singer had just talked to me, and I had a picture to prove it. And, though it was awkward, he had had a concerned look in his eyes as they were directed at me, which made me ecstatic. I sat back down on my ice-cooler chair, shaking, grinning, and crying just a little bit as Gerard talked to another nearby fan before leaving the tent with a wave and smile and heading over to the second stage watch the Transplants.

A moment later, My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way made his way over to the first-aide realm, and I met him just as awkwardly as I had met his brother, but this time I had the sense to hand the camera-phone to the medic before he could see that I was shaking (as if it weren’t bad enough that he could see I was teary-eyed).

Shortly after my second (well, technically third) encounter with a member of my favorite band, a go-kart came and whisked me away to the parking area where I was forced to go home in the middle of the day, which sucked major.

(End Flashback...)

So, what’s the moral of this story? You don’t want to be mind-scrabbled at Warped tour, and you don’t want to be forced to leave early. Though something good happened when I got sick at Warped, most of the time, nothing good can come of mixing heat and hurt. So, here are some survival tips for Warped Tour.


1. Don’t show up too early.
It gets HOT at Warped Tour, sometimes too hot to handle healthily. The earlier one shows up, the longer one has to endure the heat. Simple. The earliest I have ever shown up to Warped Tour was about 2 hours before doors. Unless there is a band you are dying to see and want to secure a barricade spot for, don’t worry about showing up early. It’s not very hard to get to the front of a crowd at Warped Tour; as, crowds are shifting from stage to stage all day. If you want to see a band up close, but don’t want to stand in the crowd all day, just get to the stage a band or two before the one you want to see and work your way up as the crowd moves, but don’t be a jerk about it. It’s hot, and very few people will have the patience for your being a jerk. Generally, fans go see a band at one stage then migrate elsewhere. If you really love a band and are willing to stay at the front of one stage for them (as I did for 10 hours at my second Warped Tour in 2005), be prepared for the heat and for the impact of the ever-changing crowd behind you.

2. Bring a Large Bag
Warped Tour is the one show that can be excluded from the “No big bags” rule I mentioned in my first Concert Survival blog. I would actually RECOMMEND bringing a large bag to Warped. You will accumulate lots of fliers, stickers, CDs, t-shirts, and random items from vendors throughout the day, and many of them are worth keeping, so it’s nice to have somewhere to store them. Beside that, you’ll need something to carry the loads of sunscreen I recommend you bring.

3. Apply The ‘Screen
You will be in the sun all day long, and I know many of you are like me and don’t see much of that fiery death-ball in the sky. You don’t want to be the Warped Tour lobster-kid with the awkward tan-lines and a ticket to skin cancer-ville. Apply sunscreen, and apply it often; the more waterproof and higher the SPF the better!

4. The Band Schedule Is Your Best Friend
Immediately upon entering Warped Tour, you will want to look skyward for a large list of bands and their correlating stages and times. Okay, not skyward, but above the tents; as, the band schedule is tall, towering, usually a strangely-shaped inflatable thing, and there to help you plan your day. Usually, you can most easily find this schedule by following the flock that is undoubtedly heading toward it. Many tents hand out papers, and some even hand out blank schedules that you can fill in to remember when your favorite bands play. Of course, you can always just type it into your phone or –the more popular option- sharpie it onto your arm, and it works just as well.

5. Bring a Sharpie and a Camera
For above reasons, and for the simple fact that Warped Tour is like and open-range punk-rock carnival where both fans and bands alike roam. Warped Tour is probably the easiest tour in the world on which you can meet bands; as, they are often just hanging around. So, bring your sharpie and camera to be prepared for possible encounters.

6. Scope out the Tents
At Warped Tour, not only can you sometimes meet your favorite bands by coincidental encounters, but sometimes the bands even set up meet-and-greets. I have met many, many bands through Warped Tour M&Gs. Meet and Greet times are often posted at the bands’ merch tents, and some Warped sponsors and vendors also hold meet and greets at their tents. Warped Tour is a great place for worthy causes to get the word out, so check out some non-band tents and get some information as well. A lot of non-band vendors hold contests to help you win sweet stuff at Warped Tour. You wouldn’t want to ignore them and miss any chances!

7. Stay Hydrated!
Another vendor you should surely check out is the concession stand at the amphitheatre or one of the many water-carts at Warped Tour. You are going to sweat; it’s pointless to think otherwise. You’re on asphalt in the middle of the summer and surrounded by thousands of people; it’s HOT, and you need to keep yourself healthy.

8. Give yourself a Break
The heat of Warped Tour is no joke, and certainly not something you in which want to run risks. Find a shady place or somewhere to sit if you start feeling overwhelmed. I promise; a band isn’t going to mind if you’re not watching them in the immediate center of a hot and exhausting crowd. Don’t be stupid like I was and play tough. Let yourself cool down and relax.

9. Don’t Wear your Very Best Clothes
To reiterate: You are going to sweat; it’s pointless to think otherwise. You’re on asphalt in the middle of the summer and surrounded by thousands of people; it’s HOT. Trying to look cute at Warped Tour is like trying to surf a scummy pond in the dead of winter.
Your hair WILL go flat, your clothes WILL get dirty and sweaty, your make-up WILL run, and your clothes are likely to get ripped in all the madness. Look nice, but don’t try too hard. It’s better to be comfortable in a stressful environment than constrained and slowly-melting.

10. Keep your Eyes Open
Lots of odds and ends to trip over, just saying…


Basically, think of going to Warped Tour as you would think of going to an amusement park on the hottest day of summer and plan accordingly.

Happy surviving!


::More Survival Tips::
Surviving The Line-Wait

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In annoying news, my internet isn't working at all.

Hello, text updates.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dial-Up Downer

So, tomorrow I am leaving Ohio University, and -thus- leaving my beautiful high-speed internet access for my old-school dial-up at home.

I am sorry if my blog becomes a bit less colorful over the summer, but I will try to keep it as fancy as possible, even if that means waiting two hours for a five minute video to load so I can review and embed it here.

I wont let my MCR updates slow down as my connection speed does, however. Things are too exciting in My Chem land to let a one little slowly creeping modem ruin the news and fun!


Monday, June 8, 2009

My First Year of College: A Review

Some of you may know that I started this blog as a suggestion from my Journalism 101 professor, and it has grown into this ball of madness you're viewing. In the beginning, I was thinking I'd use it to show off my knowledge about journalism and media in general as a journalism student, but fuck that. FUCK that. I am not yet ready to be an old man who is obsessed with gadgets and who likes blogging about "media this, media that."

No, this has become my place to do what I intend to do for the rest of my life: connect with other fans through my writing and write about what I love. Not that I don't love journalism; obviously I do, but it's like my trusty tour van and music is my tour route.

I have learned multitudes about both journalism and about the music industry this school year alone and I know I have only more to learn and am way excited for that!

For now, however, I will not bore you with my schoolwork (Ha!), but will give you a summary of the bigger events that took place during my school year.

I went to some shows!
Bill And Trav's Bogus Journey Tour

Taking Back Sunday / Envy on the Coast Winter Tour

Senses Fail @ the Basement

Believers Never Die Part Deux Tour

Taking Back Sunday's "New Again" Tour

Let us not forget my working Lobsterfest.

So, I help out at the All Campus Radio Network (ACRN), and we worked our faces off all year to hold Lobsterfest, our annual all-day music festival. It was probably the most fun I have had. I loved it from the moment I woke up to start helping set up a stage and vendor tents at 8AM, through making multiple trips to help fill the headliner's show rider, during my sitting in the tent for hours selling shirts, all the way to 12:30 that night when I was helping tear down the stage.

So, bands-- if you're looking for a merch girl / go-to show helper. I'm just saying, I'm pretty damn good at it and have experience. ;-D!


I did some sweet street promo!
The MCRmy kept me busy this year, but that was not the only promoting I did. I also worked in the promo department for ACRN, so I got to use my TSN experience and stealthy skills to throw show fliers up all over the town of Athens.

Also, finally having hi-speed internet opened up my promo possibilities tremendously, which made me so happy I could have fallen over!

I designed my very first custom flier thanks to my Visual Comm class.


I listened to a TON of new CDs

Helping out in the music department of ACRN has many, many perks! One gets to hear CDs before they come out and discovers MANY, MANY new artists and genres. Not all of the artists are quite worth one's listening time, but often one can find a gem in the pile of new CDs. Here are my top five of the CDs I reviewed this year:

5 "Zero (single)" -Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4 "Welcome to Goon Island" - XX Teens
3 "Meet me at the Bottom" - Let Me Run
2 "Coaster"- NOFX
1 "Avalon" - Anthony Green


I got a little recognized!

In May, someone from Taking Back Sunday's team of online ninja-spies found my review of their show, and decided it was worthy of being posted on both the band's myspace and on their main website. I almost cried... Okay, so I cried a little. I was just happy!

As a result, this is what happened to my blog views:

Thanks, TBS team!


I Did Many things That Centered Around My Chemical Romance
as always...

For the first 29 days of my college career, I wore nothing but MCR shirts.

I have accumulated even more shirts since. Next year, perhaps I'll wear nothing but MCR shirts for the first 40 days..? HA!

At the request of Mr. Bob Bryar, I collected Red Bull cans (getting myself addicted to the stuff in the process), painted some of them, and sent them to Burbank, California to help Bob fulfill his dream of making a Red Bull wall.

I spazzed about the boys getting twitter and got a reply from Mikey Way. "Sister to Sleep" -- God, I hope he meant they're finally going to put the song out.

I won an MCRmy contest for promoting "Venganza!"

I have yet to see my prize, but I'm still excited!

I was among the first fans featured on MCR's facebook and, later, on their merch page wearing my Venganza vest!

I celebrated Frank's and Gerard's birthdays by dressing up (sadly, I didn't know how to dress up elaborately for the other guys')

I started #MCRchat on twitter.

Their hiatus has made me miss them fiercely, but I'm way stoked now that they're recording. Before you know it "A Music-Freak's Views" will be filled with more MCR news than you can handle.


All in all, it was a good first year. There were points when I got really low, but all I needed to do was turn on my speakers and remember that I do have the strength to get through anything college life throws at me. I couldn't have made it without the awesome new friends I made through ACRN and my best friend from home who reminded me that I wasn't alone even if I was miles from everything I had ever known.

I'm also extremely grateful to have lived with these lovely and supportive ladies.

Thanks, everyone!

Make it loud, make it loud, make it motherfuckin loud! -Let Me Run


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Chemical Romance: Cryptic Album Hints

The image to the left, to the untrained eye, may appear to be nothing more than a cut-off scribbling on a dry erase board, but - to My Chemical Romance fans- it has far more significance.

My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way has been continuing a series on the MCR blog called "practice cam," and this is the latest picture he has posted and encouraged MCR fans to "decode."

Can't decode it? Well, I have my theory. On their most recent tour, My Chemical Romance played a beautiful, new ballad that fans have been calling "The World is Ugly". Now, look at that picture again. Does it make more sense?

I think a certain Mr. Way is giving us track-hints. Check out their website to see more similar pictures that appear to be track-listings. These include words and phrases such as: Tokyo Death, Monster Jam, Drug, Pretty, Gun, Teenage Girl, City Lights, Trans-Am, and Still Alive. Some working titles perhaps? Maybe even final song titles?

Here's a great live recording of "The World is Ugly" from youtube user elle10one

Are we getting closer to knowing what the next My Chem release may sound like? Perhaps. Check out my other recent entry on the upcoming My Chemical Romance album for more of these hints.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Concert Survival Tips! [Part I]

With more frequency than ever, I have been coming across younger fans who have yet to attend a concert and are seeking the advice of older fans on what they should do. Personally being a seasoned veteran, I have taken it upon myself to start a new blog series to help the novice concert-goers!

Above: My friend Emily and I freezing in line
for MCR in Canada. Winter, 2005.

First installment:
Surviving The Line-Wait!

As those of you who have read my show reviews know, I sometimes take desperate measures to make sure I have a front row spot at shows, meaning-- I wait in line for EXTREME amounts of time.

Would I recommend you doing this?

No... but I say that only so your mothers will not yell at me when you say, "But that blogger girl told me to!" I am, however, secretly nodding my oh-so-corrupting-head on the other side of this computer screen, saying, "Yes, yes!"

Some of the most memorable moments of concert days are the ones spent in line hanging out with the new people you meet. Because everyone is at the show to see the same bands, it is likely that you will find you have so many wonderful things in common with your newly made line friends that you will form lasting friendships. If you are like me and don't exactly feel you fit too comfortably in anywhere else, the line is the perfect place to find somewhere where you absolutely can feel comfortable in your company and in your environment. It just shows how music can bring people together... Yunno, bring them together so that they can be completely ridiculous and torture themselves for long hours just to see the band they love.

The torture is worth it, however, and the early-queuing crowd can attest to that. After all, exciting things happen early the day of shows.

First off, you get to see the buses pulling into the venue in the morning, and may even end up meeting band members as they head off to explore their new environment. Everyone is really chill during the day, unlike at night when so many fans try to rush the buses to meet bands and are glared down by security.

There is, for a lot of the day, absolutely nothing to do and no rush, so there's a long time to just relax and hang out.

I can say with 100% honesty that I have never waited in a line where there hasn't been at least one person meet a band during the day. This is because we get bored and feel the urge to wander, and -not to mention- attempt to find a bathroom that we can use. Band dudes get bored and wander too, so it's no shock that one might meander to the Starbucks down the road and happen to find a favorite guitarist or two sipping a Frappuccino there. It's such adventures that end up being the story a person tells: a piece of the day that makes the show just that much better.

Another perk of waiting and wandering is that you get to know the city better and have a more lasting impression of it. There are a certain few blocks in Chicago, for example, that I could tell you not to travel or to watch out for certain potholes, "and -for god's sake- don't use that fucking Dunkin' Donuts bathroom. Ugh..." -- See what I mean? There are roads, restaurants, stores, and landmarks that I will remember forever and associate with amazing shows all because I waited in line all day and had to explore to "survive."

I would just point out this simple thing: don't be stupid like me. Do not wait in line for hours in 100+ degree heat nor in the freezing dead of winter. If you are not healthy, spare yourself, because it takes a lot to make it through the day.

Here is some survival equipment I would suggest for your wait:

Sustenance, or snacks are a big part of line-waiting. I suggest you snack throughout the day so that you will not grow weak during the show. I prefer eating Saltine crackers, because I get so nervous that I become almost sick, and Saltines help calm the stomach or so I've heard.

Big Bags
The whole point of your being there early is to secure your spot at the barricade. Having a big bag will slow you down; as, security will have to tediously search it before you can get into the venue. Make sure to have your pockets cleared when you get to item-check to get through faster.

Health Substitutes
I know. That sounds really bad. This kind of works along the lines of "sustenance," but with an added element. Try taking some foods like protein bars and drinks that have a little extra to keep your body happy, and make absolutely sure you take your vitamins the day of the show. The last thing you want to do is wait in line all day for your spot at the front only to lose it because you get faint in the pit. Oh, and -- NO ENERGY DRINKS! Not good...

For your camera just in case you have a one of those surprise moment where you run into a member of your favorite band! Be sure to check both the venue's and the tour's camera policy before deciding to take your digital in, though. You do not want to risk getting it taken or having to leave it somewhere for after-show pick-up. If you want to play it safe, do as I do and just get a Kodak disposable with zoom. You should be focusing on the show instead of on how many pictures you can take, anyway.

I can't stress enough how much you need to be hydrated. This is especially important if it is hot outside the day of the show. Once you're squished in the crowd, you will be sweating like crazy and will want to be as hydrated as possible so you don't get weak and have to "get out."


Line Wait Etiquette

*NO CUTTING IN LINE! This should be a given, but it is violated all-too-often. This is a common courtesy rule. You wouldn't cut someone in line at a bank- don't cut them in line at a show.

*Absolutely DO NOT show up early having promised a boat-load of your friends that you will save them a spot. If you're 8th in line and 5 of your rude friends show up late and get in line with you, you have - in the case of some venues - taken up the whole of the barricade and sabotaged your line-made friends behind you. Don't be an ass.

*PARENTS: You can become the most WORST queuing etiquette violators. People have waited in line all day, and -just because your son or daughter is special to you- it does not mean he or she is special enough for you to shove people out of the way and barge to the front.

*DO NOT PANIC OR INCITE PANIC! Try to stay seated on the ground for as long as you possibly can before doors open. A few people's suddenly standing, I have found, causes panic in the line and forces everyone to surge forward, turning lines into mobs that can be very dangerous.


Canada for MCR: December 1st, 2005.
Hours before the doors opened, everyone started standing up, and we were soon compressed so tightly that it were as if we were in a crowd before we were in a crowd. It sucked.

Chicago for MCR: April 17th, 2008.
We were let into the lobby of the venue an hour early with everyone standing and mobbing in the small room. When doors finally opened to enter, everyone freaked out and started running. I could hear people falling behind me, and my feet were not even touching the ground as I was carried off by the crowd.

Florida for MCR: August 11th, 2007.
A security guard announced that the line would be shifting. Everyone stood and ran forward, making a mob and causing almost everyone to lose their spots.

Listen carefully to the instructions and, for goodness sake

*OBEY SECURITY! The three instances I listed above, which are the worst and definitely scary, could have been avoided if people had listened carefully to the instruction of security guards and remained calm.

With these tips, you'll surely be able to handle your next line wait.

Have any crazy stories about line-waits or outrageous line-etiquette violations to rant? Post a comment and tell me!