Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Call to MCR Fans: MCR Chat on Twitter!!

Hey, guys!

Today I set up an MCR chat twitter.

Here's the back-story (originally posted as an MCRmy promotion project), and I would appreciate your help spreading the word so we can make this work! :} ♥

With the Twitter's being such a HUGE and still-growing media, I thought a good way to promote the band would be to get My Chemical Romance on the trending topics list of the site. I made a project for this, and we have tried and failed time and time again (minus the whole #mikeywayday incident. Ha!), so I looked to often-trending subjects to find out the secrets.

The secret to trending a topic on twitter is rapid-fire updates all sharing a common tag. If you look at #journchat, which trends on Monday nights, it is apparent why. This is a scheduled chat in which members discuss a topic, answering a common question and follow it with the tag #journchat. This makes all the responses show up when one searches #journchat on twitter, transforming the search results it into a chat room.

So, I thought-- what better way to not only promote the band but to also bond fans than to start an MCR twitter chat? This is why I created:


Once we figure out a suitable time and set it, we will be able to start chats, and -with hope- make #MCRchat a trend, sparking the interest of others in the subject of MCR. With the band recording a new album, they need all the awareness and attention they can get!

In order to make this work, though-- we need a TON of people to get it started.

If you guys want to support the cause, please post on twitter:

"Join the #MCRchat (@MyChemChat)!"

and follow your own "tweet's" advice!

and, soon, we'll get the chat up and running!



Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brand New Summer Release AND US Tour!

According to Alternative Press online, Brand New will be setting out for a short US tour this summer. 9 dates, primarily for east coast stops, have been released, and the venues in which the band intends to play, such as Cleveland's Grog Shop, are going to be small and intimate, so everyone should scoop up their tickets ASAP.

Pre-sale will start Tuesday, June 2nd via Ducat King at 12pm.

Brand New are currently working on their next release, which they intend for this summer.

Get stoked, kids, get way stoked.


Friday, May 29, 2009

My Chemical Romance Guitarist Posts "Audio Blog"!

Everyone should head over to My Chemical Romance [dot] com where you can not only hear a streaming clip from MCR Guitarist Ray Toro where he talks about the new album, but also download the clip to have and to hold as your very own.

In his posted clip, Toro explains that the band is done writing and is preparing for the new album by practicing and polishing their new songs. He explains that this is a process My Chem's previous release, "The Black Parade" did not have and how the added practice and fine-tuning is changing the new songs. The guitarist concludes by promising even more updates and expressing the band's desire to get the album recorded and to tour.

Is my heart pounding, oh yes! Is it 5AM?.. ... Well, that too.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taking Back Sunday "New Again" Review

New Again
Taking Back Sunday

Release Date: June 2nd, 2009

Sounds like: TBS all grown up.

1. New Again
2. Sink Into Me
3. Lonely, Lonely
4. Summer, Man
5. Swing
6. Where My Mouth Is
7. Cut Me Up Jenny
8. Catholic Knees
9. Capital M-E
10. Carpathia
11. Everything Must Go

In several recent interviews, Taking Back Sunday have been bombarded with the ever-dreaded fan question: "Why don't you write the kind of songs you used to?". When those questioners listen to "New Again", I believe their question will be answered better than it could be in the words of the band members. Fans expecting another "Tell All your Friends" may be sorely disappointed by "New Again", but certainly should be neither disappointed nor surprised.

From "...Friends" to TBS's previous release, "Louder Now" the band has gradually evolved, and "New Again" seems to be just another step of natural progression in that evolution. The band's sound has been changing, though sometimes only slightly through each album, and refining itself into what it has become and is presented as on their latest release.

"New Again" starts with the title track's prompting the listener in with an addictive bassline that sets the mood for the album with a pounding beat representative of the more blatant "rock" sound that carries through the rest of the album, an element that has been far more subtle in past TBS releases. The band seemed to attack their instruments and dive straight into the sound without looking back for this release. Fans of simplicity may be taken aback by the "big" sound TBS have mastered in their own unique way for "New...". Even slower songs ("Where my Mouth Is" |"Everything Must Go") eventually build and absolutely thrash the listener with musical intensity. Whereas, previously Taking Back Sunday have been known for their infamous shrieking dual-vocals, this release may very well define them as musical "dynamicists." Yes, I did just have to make up a word for that.

So, where has all the shrieking gone? Oh, it's still there, but used sparingly and where it is needed for emphasis. The dual-vocals that TBS fans have grown to love are hardly noticeable and relatively rare, but what is also hardly-noticeable is the fact that they are absent; as, new guitarist Matt Fazzi's and lead singer Adam Lazzara's voices mesh harmoniously. As different as the "New Again" vocal styles may be, they still maintain the same sing-along, catchy melodies that fans love. As far as lyrics go, Lazzara has explained in recent interviews that the words penned for "New..." are more personal than ever, and- with a few close listens- fans will find this very apparent.

Some stand-out tracks that listeners should check out:
-"New Again" : For setting the mood for the album
-"Sink Into Me" : The album's first single
-"Swing" : For its addictive properties, beautiful melodies, and sheer make-you-move-ness. (my personal favorite!)
-"Cut me Up Jenny" : To make you sing along on the first listen.
-"Carpathia" : This is the closest thing you will get to Adam Lazzara rapping.
-"Everything Must Go" : To feel. To make your chest absolutely explode.

With "New Again", Taking Back Sunday have refined a sound and made it more their own than ever. Go to TBS's Myspace to hear the entire streaming album for yourself, and let me know what you think!

Also, check out my review of their recent show which was featured on the band's Myspace and on their main site!

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Chemical Romance Set to Record! Producer Announced!!

As I promised in my blog last night, MCR news has erupted, oh- about three minutes ago. According to the newly posted blog on the band's site, MCR will be starting the recording process within the next month. For this album, the band has chosen the producer Brendan O’Brien who has worked with bands such as Killswitch Engage, The Offspring, AC/DC, Billy Talent, and Stone Temple Pilots. It's a very interesting choice in producer, to say the least.

With a producer who deals with a more mainstream sound, what is to be expected of the next My Chem release?

Fans who have heard the two new songs that the band played when they were last on tour already have a feel for what the new sound could be, but MCR have always been kings of shocking fans. So, the fan-titled songs, "The World is Ugly" and "Stay", could sound nothing like this new album. The band has also hinted that the album may take on the more gritty feel of their "Desolation Row" cover. Another hint as to what the album may sound like came from bassist Mikey Way, who cryptically asked "Sister to Sleep?" on twitter a while back. For those unfamiliar, "Sister to Sleep" is a rough song that MCR used to perform that was never recorded. I have had the song in my musical collection for years, and know very well that it is hardly listenable with its unintelligible lyrics and fierce, roaring music, but something about it makes me listen to the song over and over again. Fans certainly will be pleased if we finally do get treated to a recorded version of "Sister to Sleep". Only time will tell.

My Chemical Romance announced in February that they had begun the writing process for this upcoming album.


PS- In other news: Gerard Way, frontman of My Chemical Romance, became a father today. Congrats, Dude!

My Chemical Romance Update Tomorrow!

Jeff Watson, webmaster and official Red Bull can collector for the band, has just announced that tomorrow, or -rather- later today, there will be an MCR announcement on their website. So, keep your eyes open for whatever surprise may be in store!

In other My Chemical Romance [dot] com news: check out the order page for the ¡Venganza! Vest / USB Bundle. There you will find a picture of yours truly nestled among the pictures of several other proud fans sporting our "bullet-proof" vests. The pictures have been featured on the band's Facebook, and are now posted to the ¡Venganza! page via imeem.

If you have a picture of yourself wearing your vest that you would like to submit, send it to for your chance to be featured!

Also, where you once could not find MCR's videos on youtube because of the WMG vs Youtube drama, you can now find them in the new, special video section of My Chem's page. Check out what Mikey Way, MCR bassist, had to say about the new section in his blog. Sadly, you will find none of the videos from I Brought you my Bullets... nor the older version of I'm Not Okay (I Promise) there, but there are eight excellent music videos that more than make up for the lost three!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lyrics of the Week: "This Could be Anywhere in the World"

Sorry I've been slacking with my weekly lyrics, but this week I'm on it, so don't yell at me!

The first time I heard Alexisonfire's ("Alexis on fire", not "Alex is on fire") "This Could be Anywhere in the World", I wanted to hear it again and again because of its addicting chorus melodies and the sheer beauty of the vocals, both screaming and singing. There's something heart-wrenching about the music of this song, a sort of desperation that mirrors the lyrics.

This song is very appropriate in today's economy. Now, more than ever, it is a reality for many young people that things could easily fall apart and leave them stranded somewhere they long to escape and in a situation that is unbearable.

This Could be Anywhere in the World

This town has its claws
Buried in my neck
This town it takes lives
Without mercy
Without hate

The streets are in distress
The sun sufficates behind darkened skies

The grass is growing
On top of my feet
I'm sinking
Won't be long
Before i'm too deep too run

The line up seems endless
Underneath the salvation signs

We are the dead ones
We are the lost cause
We are the bend before the break
Our steps seal our fate

Because this city, this city is haunted
By ghosts [Ghosts] from broken homes [Homes]
Because this city, this city is haunted
There's no hope [Hope] left for these souls [Souls]

Every step i take
I leave a small piece of myself behind
Soon there will be nothing left

The cracks in the pavement
Match the cracks in their weathered skin

The sky's a brick wall
The ground's a juggernaut
Each day they get a bit closer
Between them, i am caught

I stare in amazement
I can't believe this is where i live

Every breath i take
I feel my lungs seal
this breeze feels more like shards of glass
I'm more scars than skin

Because this city, this city is haunted
By ghosts [Ghosts] from broken homes [Homes]
Because this city, this city is haunted
There's no hope [Hope] left for these souls [Souls]

Our steps seal fate [x2]

This is our celebration
Come join the lost souls [x2]

This city, this city is haunted

Oh! Walk with us, Oh!
Walk with us!

City, this city is haunted
By ghosts [Ghosts] from broken homes[ Homes]
Because this city, this city is haunted
There's no hope [Hope] left for these souls [Souls]

Be sure to catch Alexisonfire on this year's Warped Tour!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Taking Back Sunday, Envy On The Coast, and Anberlin REVIEW

::EDIT:: Thanks so much for featuring this on the Taking Back Sunday myspace blog and on the TBS main page!! I am so grateful! -c.

What's the best way to start a set? Taking Back Sunday certainly are logical when they start at the beginning, with "You Know How I Do", the first track from their debut album, "Tell All Your Friends"- certainly an ace choice for the crowd that gathered for them in Cincinnati on May 15th: a crowd that appreciated the old tunes with fierce intensity and reveled in the new, moshed with all their might to the well-known as well as to the obscure.
Taking Back Sunday hit the jackpot with this audience and they knew it, especially when we the crowd, as a screaming mass, yelled back the lyrics to their songs louder than they had been sung to us, causing lead singer Adam Lazzara to grin, praise us appreciatively, shake his head in amazement, and even topple over from his crouching position saying, "I'm supposed to be up here looking all cool, but here I am, grinning like a mu'fucker." Bassist Matt Rubano described the crowd's energy in shock and with a smile as he announced during the encore, "It's hot as Brazil in here, and you guys are still acting like it's the first song."

We killed it. The band killed it harder.

But much happened before this that needs to be explained. That's just a taste to tide you over.

First, there were two dedicated girls who left my dorm in Athens, Ohio at 4AM in the dark and fog, getting lost along their way to Cincinnati, and panicking that their front-of-the-line spots would be far-gone by the time they arrived there at 7AM. Those two dedicated girls, my friend Emily and I, were lucky enough to procure their spots in line with hours of waiting before anyone else happened to show up at all. Lucky, yet scared in the shady, little Cincinnati neighborhood.

In the middle of the UC campus, yet in it's own little realm, Bogart's Showcase Club sits on a not-so-inviting strip of shady places with lingering shady people. Yes, this is the same Bogart's near where T.I.'s friend was shot. Anything for the band, though, right?

A few hours after getting in line, Taking Back Sunday drummer Mark O'Connell and guitarist Eddie Reyes walked by, seeing us and looking concerned. "What are you guys doing out here?! It's dangerous," said Eddie, his eyes wide as if searching us for our mental hospital bracelets and slips with our written death-wishes. "Waiting in line for you guys" was all I could reply with a fearless smile chased with a sip of my life-sustaining orange Gatorade. Fun times. Throughout the day, Ed and Mark walked by several times, making short friendly conversation with the line-waiters. Later in the day, new guitarist Matt Fazzi, accompanied by bassist Matt Rubano came out to talk to us. Unfortunately, I had been off trying to find a clean bathroom for the majority of their conversation with my line-made friends who informed me that the two were searching for the nearest Panera Bread and the bassist was sharing stories of seeing a person once drive past this venue and punch a woman in his passenger seat in his face, another warning about the neighborhood. My contribution to the conversation was an "Oh hi" when I walked up, resuming my line place, an "Oh hi" that was returned with cheesy humor by Rubano as, "Oh hi... O. O-hi-o."

Taking Back Sunday are, by no means, an extremely small band, so it was amazing to see the members being so casual with their fans, addressing us as if we were old friends, and simply hanging out. At one point, Eddie even came out to ask for a light from those of us in line, which humored me a lot.

So, we continued line-waiting, stressed when the venue decided to open two doors, then finally our bodies crashed into barricade and, soon:

Envy on the Coast
Made of music...

I wrote about these guys live before when I last saw them with Taking Back Sunday in December. These dudes, a fellow product of the Long Island scene from which TBS rose, were asked - once again- to tour with TBS and, from my previous taste of the Envy live experience, I was excited to see them again. In my last review, I don't think I was able to capture exactly what it is that Envy brings to the stage, but it clicked to me this time. These guys really love the music they're playing, and use themselves to physically manifest the music. This is most apparent in lead singer Ryan Hunter's erratic mouth-twitches, serpentine and primal, vigorous movements. Flailing in ways that would hurt other human beings, Hunter becomes the music, fully embodies the energy of it and makes movements akin to violent seizures or energy explosions. Such animalistic, controlled-by-music movements are stunning to see, especially when one, a mere hour before the barefooted demon of energy graces the stage, saw the same person, in human form, walking calmly behind the venue. Even if one is not sure of the lyrics to their songs, these guys are sure to persuade your heart to pound out the beat with them. Phenomenal.

"I love my life..."

There is a first time for everything, and this just so happened to be my first time seeing Anberlin or really even paying attention to them at all, for that matter. I had attempted to listen to the music on their myspace page before attending the show, but none of their songs could hold my attention. Their live performance was nothing spectacular either. There was a drum overload that drowned out the rest of the band, making both the vocals and the sound samples used in their songs inaudible. The band, however, seemed sincere in their performance, and I think the positivity of their set can be summed up in something lead singer Stephen Christian uttered: "I love my life..." The singer went on to explain that it has always been his dream to be able to play with Taking Back Sunday and the sincerity behind his smile as the band played made me thoroughly believe him. Dreams come true. Beautiful.

Taking Back Sunday
"I'm right here. Just be here with me."

By the time headliners Taking Back Sunday were about to take the stage, the crowd had moved and wrestled itself into a contorted mass resting within an environment akin to a sauna. Hot, compressed, and full of pent-up energy, crowd-members trembled and shifted in a unified mass of anticipation for the main attraction. The crowd roared, screamed, and used any appendages they could salvage from between bodies to express their enthusiasm as Taking Back Sunday took the stage.

Starting, as I mentioned at the beginning of this entry, with an oldie-but-goodie, TBS electroshocked life into their set and the pulses of their audience members who reacted with violent appreciation. They played three consecutive high-pace songs before saying a word of greeting, at which time they gave us the appreciative smiles of proud fathers, glad to see their audience-sons enjoying the gift they brought us. Adam Lazzara, lead singer of the band, encouraged us to stop watching the show through viewscreens. "I'm right here; just be here with me," he prompted, and the flashes of cameras obediently grew more sparse.

The band dispersed a fair amount of songs from each of their albums, including four songs from their upcoming release, "New Again". A rare treat that the Cincinnati crowd got to experience was the B-Side "Brooklyn", which the band did not previously opt to play live. Through the well-known singles as well as the lesser-known B-side, the audience maintained a powerful and rough energy, flailing and embodying the music the band provided as the singer of Envy on the Coast had before them. Lungs filled and expelled, past trembling vocal chords, the notes and lyrics the audience members so passionately loved. A moment of calm finally came during the encore when the band played "Everything Must Go", a heavily emotional song that ends their upcoming release. So emotional was the way singer Adam Lazzara presented this song that one simply had to stop and stare-- had to stop and feel the song. This is the same song that I mentioned in my previous TBS review that nearly had me in tears.

With a newly found energy, an apparent passion for their music, and an eagerness to interact with the audience, Taking Back Sunday provided one of the best performances I have yet to see from them. When I saw them for the first time a few years ago, I thought they were amazing, but now they are, as their album title suggests, "New Again" and better than ever. If you have the chance, absolutely go see a show on this tour. I highly recommend it.


PS: More blogs will come. Next time- picture blog!

Thank you for reading!

Taking Back Sunday Review [Coming Soon]!

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to let you in on some things to come.

As you know from my posting about it, I saw TBS on the 15th, and I will have a review of that show very soon. Let me just tell you that it was AMAZING. My mind is thoroughly blown. The crowd had the most energy I had ever seen at one of their shows (the band acknowledged this with shocked grins as they watched us), and it was the best performance I have ever seen from them. Are they, indeed, "New Again"? - Yes, I say that with all my heart-- TBS seems to have mended any wounds that may have been plaguing them, and are triumphing over... The world it may seem.

I met most of the band while waiting in line for 12 hours in a dangerous area-- definitely worth it, but I'll explain it all later.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Believers Never Die Review

It's time for Cassie to be a critic.

I write this the day after the show, hoping I can remember as many details as possible from the rain-soaked experience of last night that has been calling itself the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour.

The Arena District of Columbus, Ohio found itself invaded last night by rainclouds and a crowd of kids in brightly-colored hoodies massing together in the quickly flooding Lifestyles Communities Pavilion. Rain or Shine, this was an outdoor event... Rain. Hmph.

The rain, however, was no obstacle for fans who had waited in line all day and those who conglomerated in the downpour when doors opened. In their eyes it was worth a few prune-y fingers to see Hey Monday, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy. But, but was it really?

To begin, I would like to narrow down the bands that opened for Fall Out Boy into a couple categories:

A.) Bands just being bands
-Hey Monday
-All Time Low

B.) !!DANCE PARTY!! / Dance and don't give a FUCK
-Cobra Starship

C.) Cheese... Awkward cheese.
-Metro Station
-Fall Out Boy?

Hey Monday
Keeping it real

The first opening band, Hey Monday, about whom I have previously written, falls under category A. No frills or cheesy theatrics that came later in the show, just Hey Monday rocking out and getting the audience stoked. The band was energetic and a great choice for an opener, and I'm sure they procured a lot of new fans last night even within their mini-set of about four songs. We also got an early glimpse of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz during their first song, when he came out to sing with them and the young girls around me nearly picked me up and threw me to get closer to the stage.

Cobra Starship
"I came here to make you dance tonight; I don't care if I'm a guilty pleasure."

The next band was Cobra Starship, who I will admit, I believe stole the whole show. With their audience interaction, singer Gabe Saporta's between-song ramblings, and their aggressive-energy, this band kept the audience on their toes. I'll admit that I wasn't the hugest Cobra fan before I saw them live, but they wowed me at this show. When the band played, it seemed that it was almost less of a performance, but a fight, which brought an interesting and new vibe. The band's self-awareness and consciousness of the fact that some in the audience had "beef," as Gabe would say, against them seemed to drive the band to impress, and impress they did. I can say I am proud to have "put my fangs up" before "Bring it [Snakes on a Plane]" and to have been named a "cobra for life" by the onstage persona and heavily fan-worshipped Gabriel Saporta.

Metro Station

What is there to say about Metro Station? Well, I'll start with the fact that Hannah Montana has a brother: a tall, lanky, pale dude who thinks he's tough and over-does it. This creature happens to sing for Metro Station, and many people perceive the band as a "joke" for this reason. After seeing Metro live, I don't blame those people. I must give credit to this band for making me laugh and dance and keeping the audience alive, but seriously-- I think a certain Cyrus is over-compensating. The band walked out, began playing, and I noticed a repetitive action that kept occurring: a certain singer's shirt kept being lifted. I turned to my friend and said, "He's going to take that off by the end of the set." I was, unfortunately, right. It was way awkward. They amused me nonetheless, but -sadly- it may not have been for the right reasons.

All Time Low
Mad teleportation skillz.

The most sincere performance of the night, I believe, came from All Time Low. Now, I -personally- am not into All Time Low and all the other bands that sound just like them, but they impressed me live, which means I will probably start listening to them. There was something very genuine about their performance. I think a lot of that comes with their being my "type A" band - a band just being a band. There was no ostentation (save for a hot pink bass guitar that was just sweet), no awkward theatrics-- shirts stayed on and everything! The band members treated the crowd to an intimacy that the previous bands had not provided when the guitarist jumped into the audience and also when he somehow managed to get to the lawn and stand in front of it. From where I stood in the crowd, I could not see how he got back there so suddenly, or how he got back onstage, so my friends and I concluded that he had teleported. Yea, All Time Low can TELEPORT, TAKE THAT! Also, I believe these dudes had a shirt that insulted The Maine that they were selling at this show, so haters of The Maine-- happy birthday, there's your present- early or belated.

Fall Out Boy
Well, they're better than they used to be...

A bit of background information: the last time I saw Fall Out Boy was at Warped Tour in 2005, and then-- it was a horrific mess. Lead singer Patrick Stump howled and gargled like a half-strangled banshee, making their performance one very unappealing to the ears despite the rest of the band's sounding good. Though Stump still sometimes misses a few notes, I can honestly say that Fall Out Boy has made an IMMENSE improvement since last I saw them.

Musically, these dudes were on point, and it was awesome even though the crowd didn't seem to be feeling the newer tunes (an energy peak was "Grand Theft Autumn"). I think that, with four energetic lively acts leading up to them, FOB -in a way- set themselves up for a dull house. By the time the headliner was performing, most of the audience members were drenched, cold, and tired from all the dancing they had done, not to mention confused by the strange theatrics with which the band opened.

There were, on either side of the stage, asymmetrical screens that projected scenes of rioting before the band came out, and when they did come out, they were accompanied by burly Chicago-riot-squad-costumed men, one of which was in my direct line of sight and stood as still as the grave, looming over the crowd, an eerie menace. The band wore business suit costumes, but the thing that really raised eyebrows was Patrick Stump's strange, white wig and an unsightly laceration on the side of his head. Those, especially, who could not see the screens were frowning, arms-crossed, and confused.
A word about theatrics and Fall Out Boy: if your music doesn't invite theatrics, don't do it. Fall Out Boy's music is good enough and speaks well enough for itself that the theatrics were just a bit cheesy and, for some, confusing.

After a few songs in their strange get-ups, the band left the stage for a "costume change," which also raised some eyebrows, and came back with the political message about large corporations running the world, which- also- seemed a little out of place, but I give them props for speaking out on something.

The show went on with some banter between Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump between songs: songs, banter, songs, banter... Sadly, the crowd - from where I stood- seemed the most calm it had been all night, which was disappointing, because- for me- the environment tends to make the show. If people are standing still, it's not quite as fun. It's that sort of philosophy that many follow, where the band will put back out the energy they are given. Not much giving was going on here.
However, there was ONE dude who was way into it the whole time, and it reminded me that, no matter how much of a let-down a show could be to one person, to the next, to the dedicated fans: it's going to be golden, which is beautiful to me.

It was not all bad, of course. It was fun, and I really got into the songs I loved (even if the crowd surrounding me was still), but where a build-up is supposed to lead to an explosion, at Believers Never Die, it lead to a "Meh. Okay, but--"

One of my favorite parts of the show was when Fall Out Boy ended with "Saturday," so I figure what better way to end this than to close with a video of their last song.

Check it out:


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fall Out Boy Bassist Announces Blink 182 Summer Tour

Pete Wentz announced onstage tonight that Fall Out Boy will tour with Blink 182 this summer. Pretty epic, I'd say considering the whole "Blink is back" phenomenon... But, can we really say they were ever gone... Ah, I'm tired out from the show and rambling. Forgive me.

Keep an eye out for my Believers Never Die Review!


The Bouncing Souls Bring the LOLZ

The Bouncing Souls are, well, old. Or "old fucks" as the characters portrayed in this video would say. These dudes have been around for 20 years, and have shown no sign of slowing yet. You have to give them respect for that. Check out this hilarious video celebrating 20 years of the 'Souls brought to you by Alternative Press.

The Bouncing Souls: 20th Anniversary TV Spectacular Vol. 1 ( Exclusive) from Alternative Press on Vimeo.

Check out The Bouncing Souls this year on Warped Tour. I promise, you wont be disappointed.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bands and Online Games!

It's more popular than one might think for bands to use video games to grab the attention of fans. For instance, there is the now legendary Emo Game which features bands such as The Starting Line, Cursive, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and Hot Water Music which was created by starvingeyes, the same guys who brought you the more modern Fall Out Boy Trail. Those of you who are like me and have been into My Chemical Romance for a while probably also remember the Helena and Sweet Revenge games that used to be a feature of My Chemical Through the various layout changes of the website, the games were lost as a feature, but can still be played for the sake of nostalgia here: Sweet Revenge game AND Helena Game. Now, Taking Back Sunday have added a brand new addition to the band-game frontier- check it out:

I'm soooo terrible at the snow level, but it's cool. Just gets me more hyped for the show on Friday!

Have fun!


Monday, May 11, 2009

"Sink Into Me" Video Now Posted!

Taking Back Sunday have just posted their new video for "Sink Into Me" on their website!

Luckily, I have mad embedding-copy-paste skillz and can post it right here:


Taking Back Sunday hype "New Again"

So, I've seen bands do some pretty cheesy stuff to advertise their releases, but this-- this takes the cheesecake.

Looks like a sweet package, though, and what I have heard of the album thus far is pretty epic.

TBS's video for the first single ("Sink into Me") from their upcoming album "New Again" premieres today, so keep your eyes open and on MTV! As I said in a previous entry, the video involves the band slipping in black goo (Matchbok Romance "Monsters," anyone?) and sinking into a stage. Sounds messy and delightful!


Side note: 4 Days until I see these guys live!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alkaline Trio Update

According to Alternative Press, Alkaline Trio has left Epic Records and will be recording a new album this summer to be released on their own record label.

I don't know about you, but I am WAY stoked about that.

Want proof? Check out this video and a new song from the May 3rd stop of their tour in Massachusetts:

Sounding good, 'Trio, way good.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sometimes in Life...

Sometimes in life, one is so proud of the music one has scrobbled on that she just does not want to listen to anything else and ruin it. I give you my brilliant listening of last night-- a masterpiece I like to call: "Cassie at the Age of Twelve"

Ah, there-- now it's preserved forever and I can go back to listening to music.

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. This quarter has kept me amazingly busy. This month is sure to be a huge one for this blog, though, because I have two shows to attend, and those two shows happen to be within the same week. Busy, busy, busy...

Wednesday, May 13   Believers Never Die Part Deux Tour                         Columbus, Ohio

Friday, May 15          Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, Envy on the Coast      Cincinnati, Ohio