Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Safe And Sound" - Kyosuke Himuro Featuring Gerard Way [Video]

A while ago, I mentioned that Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance, was working on a song for Final Fantasy VII with Japanese artist Kyosuke Himuro from the band Boøwy. Gerard wrote the song, and that was all I knew about it then. I had assumed the English lyrics would be written by Gerard and that would be the extent of it, but no- Gerard actually sings the majority of the song!

Check out the video:

Video is a bit generic for my tastes, but Gerard sounds great and the song is catchy (anything featuring "whoa-ohs" is- Fact).


PS: I see that Youtube has taken the video down. It was only a matter of time...

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Kelsey E. said...

Okay I am going to get it out there because I am a J-Rock fan AND Final Fantasy NUT, so my (slightly biased) response to this is- GAHHHHHH! I like it a lot, it's extremely catchy, and I love the lyrics. As cheesy as they are, they seem very FF like. I might have to buy the Advent Children release just to hear this at the end.

And thanks for posting the video- I had no idea Gerard sang so many of the words! The clip on Kyosuke Himuro's site was only the Japanese...