Music Saves Lives (The Point of it All) [Part Two]

I was browsing blogs earlier today when I came across an entry entitled MCR=LOVE written by a user named Roslyn. In it, she highlighted a few stories from the website I had mentioned in my first "Music Saves Lives (The Point of it All)" post,

She also had embedded this video, which I had never seen before. If you want to know why I am "obsessed" with My Chemical Romance, this video explains it precisely:

This past month as been a very hard one for me emotionally, and sometimes I need a reminder that I am not alone in what I face; My Chemical Romance has always been there to show me exactly that. I think that's a pretty positive thing to "obsess" over, don't you?

" get despressed; you get really desperate; you get really hurt; you feel like an outsider, and one of the only places- maybe- you feel like you can fit in is right here at this show."



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