Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Technological Romance

This morning I, as is routine, visited the My Chemical Romance website to see what the blogs had to tell me-- after watching a friend of the band perform "5 Dollar Footlong" metal style, I navigated back to the My Chem site and had nearly left it for google when something amazing caught my eye in the left corner of the screen.

Could it be-? Yes, it was a bulletproof vest replicating the one that Gerard wore during Warped Tour 2005!
Half of my aesthetics come from that very era in MCR history, so naturally I clicked and was only introduced to even more goodies when I got to the site to pre-order the vest, which -as it turns out- is only a side item. Clipped onto the vest comes a BULLET-SHAPED USB DRIVE containing live photos of the band along with 9 performances not seen on their latest DVD, The Black Parade is Dead!.

Wow. Innovative. I think this is the first time I've seen an artist sell a USB drive with content rather than a DVD, CD, or Book. The times, they are a'changin', eh?

I'm off to pre-order now. Click here and you can too!


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MikeYabs said...

Actually, I've seen the USB drive approach before. Not as the only way to get the songs like this did.

Rolling Stones had a USB drive in the shape of the trademark tongue logo that had the "Shine a Light" soundtrack and other bonus features on it. The Mars Volta released their latest album on a USB with extras, and if I recall there was a pre-order package with Fall Out Boy for Folie A Deux with a bear shaped USB.

But the bullet is still pretty cool