Monday, March 30, 2009

News While I was on Break!

Sorry for all the downtime-- this thing will be up and happening again very soon, especially considering all the juicy fun I have been receiving via text message from the twitter accounts of My Chemical Romance.

Over break, I found that Gerard Way is desperately searching for a 1979 Trans Am, and he means it. Don't believe me? Just go to My Chem's website and see for yourself. If you guys find any sweet cars (he prefers silver with red interior in the California area), send him an @Reply (@gerardway) on twitter, and it is likely that he will get back to you.

Speaking of Gerard and Twitter-- he let slip some HUGE news to fans last night: he is currently working on a new comic series that is "very different from [The Umbrella Academy]." Apparently, the new comic will be "co-written with a partner." Hmm. Whom that could be is a complete mystery right now; that is, until Gerard lets something more slip. This doesn't mean the end of TUA, though. He later asked which TUA character fans would most want to see have his or her own book.


Other news:

Spring and Summer are going to be epic for me for three reasons: TOURS, TOURS, TOURS!
The list is tremendous, but I will name a few

-Believers Never Die Part Deux Tour
with Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, and Hey Monday

-Alkaline Trio
with Saves the Day and Nightmare of You

-Taking Back Sunday
with Envy on the Coast and Anberlin

-Warped Tour

-The Used
Recently Announced...

Tickets to all these tours are sitting straight up in the glass box in front of Ticketmaster/Live Nation, wagging their tails, and hoping you pick them up.


There is much to be said, my friends. I still have a Senses Fail review for you and plenty of other juicy gems in the works. You'll see.


I have added a poll to my sidebar and would love feedback! Thanks, guys!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Temporary Hiatus

Hello, readers!

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be leaving for Florida tonight and will not be able to grace you with my bloggy presence for a while. Yes, that Senses Fail review is still going to happen along with many more goodies. You will see!

Thanks again for reading, and I'm sorry you will have to occupy yourself with old entries while I'm gone, but there's some good stuff in the backlog. Check it out some of my favorites:

This entry I am thinking about making a mandatory read for all who visit this page.

Bill And Trav's Bogus Journey Tour reviews! Now with page navigation!

Taking Back Sunday show reviews also with navigation!

Speaking of TBS-- this week has been pretty huge for them! Not only did the band announce dates for their Spring tour with Envy on the Coast and Anberlin, but also gave fans a new "definite" release date for New Again: June 2nd.

Oooohhhh excitement! See you guys next week and all this week on Twitter.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

¡Venganza! Preview!

By going to My Chemical Romance's website, one can now preview footage of the band performing Give 'Em Hell, Kid from the their upcoming USB release, ¡Venganza!.

Click here to pre-order!


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Remember that snazzy My Chemical Romance vest and flash drive I told you about? You can pre-order it by clicking the banner to the left! Orders are set to arrive around April 10th!

"¡Venganza!" which is Spanish for "Revenge!" is the title of this release for good reason. The final performance MCR did as their alter-ego counterparts from Italy, The Black Parade, was filmed in Mexico City, and the Parade half of the performance was released on their DVD, The Black Parade is Dead! last summer.

This second half of the performance is not performed by their alter-ego band, but by My Chemical Romance-- pure and raw MCR playing all songs from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Get it now? Ah ha!

For those of you who attended the 2007 Black Parade / My Chemical Romance tour, you will know exactly what I mean when I say the two performances are those of two completely different bands. When I saw them on this tour, Muse opened for The Black Parade, and The Black Parade opened for My Chemical Romance. It sounds crazy, but the theatrics flowed well and made for a spectacular performance. Personally, my favorite parts of the show were when the "singer of The Black Parade" made fun of My Chemical Romance. That's beyond the point, though-- the favorable performance, for sure, was the one of My Chemical Romance who played all Revenge songs, so this USB drive is definitely worth the money and The Black Parade is Dead! just doesn't seem whole without its missing brother.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things You Will Never Find in my Blog (Sorry).

My favorite little nook of the internet happens to be the forum of My Chemical Romance's street-team, The MCRmy. I have been an active member of this site for years now and have met some great people along the way. One of the things that I like the most about this internet forum is that I can feel free to express my love for a band and talk about music without the intrusion of the oh-so-dreaded "personal lives of the band" cropping its ugly rumor-feeding head. One of the forum rules clearly states:

� Do not discuss the personal lives of the band. Their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, actions off stage or family information is their business and is not open for discussion here.

In my writing, I have decided to adopt this as a personal law. Out of respect for the artists about whom I write, I will never speak of their personal lives outside the information that they personally disclose.

This recent blog post by Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday from TBS's website only reinforced this rule for me:

"...but on a more serious note, i like to keep personal matters private for obvious reasons but there is this one thing that makes my stomach turn, i rarely pay attention to the rumor forums floating about the internet however in googling my baby's name out of curiosity i stumbled across a few entries that leave an awful taste in my mouth. as it seems, when i got married last year certain people took it upon themselves to spread decaying rumors claiming that i cheated on my former girlfriend with my, now, wife. they set out to make me, and her, look bad, pulling accusations out of thin air, to put it simply, lying. why someone would do this is beyond me. typing my son's name into a search engine and having these lies attached somehow to his name is shameful. like i said, it makes my stomach turn. the only truth in any of those rumors was that they were lies..."

So, simply for future reference: yes, I am aware of aspects of artists' personal lives, but you will not see them posted here. This is out of respect for the artists I love, because something can start as a truth, get riddled with assumptions, and end up possibly seen (as is shown by Adam's blog) by the artist you love. You don't want to be "that kid," do you? I certainly do not.


Busy Bee Blogging!

I have a lot to blog, friends... Shall we count the things?

-Senses Fail Show Review
-An Ode to the 9-3-7
-Things You Will Never See in my Blog
-Winter Quarter ACRN CD Reviews

Ah! Busy time! Shall I even mention that I have exams this week and am leaving for vacation immediately after them? There may be a bit of a delay on those up-coming entries, but they will be coming, and there will be pictures and videos from the Senses Fail show.

I promise.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Senses Fail this Thursday in Columbus!

Have I really, honestly, since I got my tickets months ago, not mentioned this show?! Well, I'd say there's no time like the present, especially since the show is now mere days away.

On Thursday, March 12th, yours truly will be found in Columbus, Ohio at a little venue called The Basement to see Senses Fail. This by-way stop from the Saints and Sinners Tour which features Hollywood Undead, Haste the Day and Brokencyde has had me squealing excitedly for months.

Between Cleveland and Cincinnati, Senses Fail will be taking a break from the Saints and Sinners line-up to play a solo show with two local Columbus bands at The Basement. Compare the size of The Basement (200 capacity) to Saints and Sinners venues (avg. 1500), and this is sure to be an intimate surprise for fans.

This will not be my first time seeing Senses Fail; rather, it will be somewhere near my 8th, and the story behind the times prior is a strange one. You see, I've never really seen Senses Fail on purpose. I know that makes no sense, but it's true.

When I first saw them at Taste of Chaos in 2005, the only songs I knew by them were "One Eight Seven" and "Buried a Lie." After that, I saw them on Warped Tour six times. Yes, six. Most of these occurrences have been mere effects of following My Chemical Romance around for much for 2005, and others from attending multiple Warped Tours in multiple states, and Senses Fail's tendency to play multiple sets at said Warped Tours.

Well, no more! This time I'm seeing them completely on purpose and am proud of it. "Thrashabout Thursday," as I have deemed March 12th, cannot come soon enough. If you see a girl with half-red hair running wildly from Morton between 4:30 and 5:00, Oh Athenians, dare not cross her path-- you will be knocked down.

Expect pictures and a review in your near future, readers.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Technological Romance

This morning I, as is routine, visited the My Chemical Romance website to see what the blogs had to tell me-- after watching a friend of the band perform "5 Dollar Footlong" metal style, I navigated back to the My Chem site and had nearly left it for google when something amazing caught my eye in the left corner of the screen.

Could it be-? Yes, it was a bulletproof vest replicating the one that Gerard wore during Warped Tour 2005!
Half of my aesthetics come from that very era in MCR history, so naturally I clicked and was only introduced to even more goodies when I got to the site to pre-order the vest, which -as it turns out- is only a side item. Clipped onto the vest comes a BULLET-SHAPED USB DRIVE containing live photos of the band along with 9 performances not seen on their latest DVD, The Black Parade is Dead!.

Wow. Innovative. I think this is the first time I've seen an artist sell a USB drive with content rather than a DVD, CD, or Book. The times, they are a'changin', eh?

I'm off to pre-order now. Click here and you can too!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Watchmen : A Movie as Awkward and Loveable as its Target Audience

The midnight premiere of Watchmen brought out the town's finest assortment of proud comic-geeks and elitist critics all of whom had some expectation for the film which has been long in the works. Some thought it would be the best movie they've ever seen; some were just waiting for it to fail, and others simply curious about the hype given to it by die-hard fans of the graphic novel.

So the what were their verdicts?

The die-hard fans had enough to be happy about to outweigh the many flaws. The movie stayed true to the book we so love (sans the "space squid" and plus a new twist) and moved at a pace that emulated reading the novel for the first time. Because of the immense amount of back-story and character development in the graphic novel, I had lowered my expectations for its film adaptation, but was not disappointed in the end. Director Zack Snyder was able to pull it all off well, giving close to the complete story before moving to the imminent situation faced in 1980s the "present" in which the movie was based. There were little gifts for Watchmen readers scattered all over the movie that non-readers surely wouldn't understand. In then end, I wonder how much a non-reader would understand?

I tried to go into this movie wiping my mind clear of the graphic novel in attempt to see it through the eyes of someone who had not read it. I kept piecing elements of the story together, but I'm wondering if I could only do that because of my readership? I have been told by one who hadn't read the novel that it "moved slowly," which makes perfect sense since they weren't among those holding their breath with knowledge of what was to happen next.
If one can make it through the back-story without losing attention, the story that unfolds is just as thrilling, mysterious, and shocking as ever even for those who have read the novel multiple times, especially so since there is a new element added in place of a piece of the original story. I don't want to spoil it, but all I can say to hint is that there is no island in the movie.

For the relentless critics, Watchmen held plenty of fodder for their reviews. For instance, Watchmen had some of the most awkward music-to-scene placement in any movie I have ever seen. Uptempo songs were played at grave moments or simply cheesy songs were played at serious moments, making it all seem a bit cheesy. This could be flawed judgment or a nod to The Comedian who would have so valued such irony. The most awkward instance of music placement had to be Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" over an over-dramatic sex scene. If you're going to fake it, don't take Silk Spectre II's methods to heart, ladies. That's all I can say about that. The entire audience burst into full-on laughter for the duration of the sex scene.

Speaking of awkward and sex-- how about that giant, blue penis (peni in some cases)? Dr. Manhattan's penis played quite a major (and awkward) role. I distracted my eyes from it (or tried) by focusing on his eyes and trying to find the traces of his pupils, but I was still quite distracted.

In other "awkwardities," there was an abundance of slow motion. It made for an interesting aesthetic, but does time really have to slow down every time Laurie's hair blows? Time is a major theme of both the novel and movie, watches being a main symbol, so messing with time is only natural for Watchmen. Except, of course when it starts making audiences screen-sick.

My grandmother called me this morning and asked of the movie, "Isn't that scary? That's what they said on TV." No, it was not scary for me, because I knew what was going to happen, but there are parts that are tough to see in illustration, let alone executed realistically on a huge screen. For the squeemish, the Rorschach scenes are going to be difficult to take, especially when he is going through psychiatric analysis. It's no "pretty flower" nor "cloud," to say the very least.

My personal thoughts on the movie?
I loved it! I love the graphic novel, so I would naturally love any film adaptation that doesn't ruin it, and the film did not ruin it for me. The awkward music placement and moments of pure-cheese may have made me take it less seriously, but it was still great. I loved the coloring and set-up of the scenes which made everything seem to be in 3D though it wasn't. After leaving the theatre, I found myself still seeing yellow brighter than all other colors because of the film's use of color and its bringing out the yellow elements.

It started with yellow and a last laugh and ended with My Chemical Romance. What is not to love?


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blogs this Week and Plans for the Future.

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reads my babblings once more and -hopefully- give you something to which you can look forward.

I got smacked in the face with blog inspiration at a Speedway station outside of Columbus on Friday. As my friend pulled her car to the pump, a familiar man walked from the station. The three of us in the car looked at him, tilted our heads to the side with familiarity, then said in something remarkably close to unison, "What up, Hawthorne Heights." which evolved to, "That guy looks like the dude from Hawthorne Heights," then finally, "That is the guy from Hawthorne Heights." While waiting for my friend to finish filling her tank and occasionally glancing at the drummer at the next pump, I thought about my blog, and I realized something significant that I had been neglecting in it: REPPIN' DA 9-3-7, YO! Eh em, I mean, supporting my hometown artists.

Here was a member of a band that shares my area code, and I had not mentioned his band once in a blog! Granted, I liked HH a lot when I was 13, then forgot about them, but it's still exciting to know that they're from my area and even played the same small venues some of my friends now do in their former incarnation, A Day in the Life. Hell, they're even the reason why when I go to other states and say I'm from Ohio, people immediately throw out the, "Oh, so is your heart in Ohhhiiiooooo?" It gets a little old, honestly, but -hey- a band from my area brought attention to my state; I should probably give them some attention right back.

Seeing a Dayton band's member at a gas station, and my friends' band's being in AP this week sealed it, I have to give the Dayton / Springfield area some love and soon.

Springfield is less boring than you think, I promise.