My Chemical Romance Rumors & Responsibility

I try to be very deliberate in the conversations I choose to have and encourage within the MCRmy. It's something I've taken very seriously for a very long time, as anyone who has read this blog is, no doubt, aware.

So, when the internet at large, massive news outlets included, lost its collective shit about perceived changes to the My Chemical Romance website and uploads to the band's official YouTube channel, drawing a very flimsy line between what would appear to be some regular web presence housekeeping and the band's "possible reunion," it was hard to know what to say or how to address it in a significant way...

There's a feeling I have about these recurrent reunion rumors that I have been grappling to understand. It makes me both roll my eyes and become pained. It's that feeling I'm going to attempt to work out in writing here, because my actual response to the rumors is simple:

Are you fucking kidding me? If My Chemical Romance comes back, …

Gerard Way And The Hormones make surprise live debut at Warner Bros. Summer Sessions

Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way made a surprise appearance at Warner Bros. headquarters in Burbank for the final installment of their Summer Sessions concert series today performing as "Gerard Way And The Hormones."

I originally posted this story on on August 8, 2014 at 4:05 p.m. EDT

The pre-Reading And Leeds performance, for which Way was joined by the familiar faces of James Dewees and Ian Fowles from the Aquabats, was kept very quiet until the last minute, but the great thing about these sessions is that if past experience stands (which it very well might not, but we can always cross our fingers), they tend to end up online.

We will keep an eye out for any available videos. In the meantime, check out social media photos and videos from the performance and soundcheck via members of the WBR staff and fans below!



(We spotted former MCR guitarist Ray Toro in the above video!)

The mighty @gerardway soundcheck…

Sad Alien

It’s been more than a year since my last entry, which I would say is inexcusable, but truthfully I have a plethora of reasons for the lack of updates. It would be impossible to maintain this blog with the fervor and time-commitment I had in 2010, and the sadness I feel admitting that is immeasurable.
Sometimes the best way to describe a feeling is to give an instance of it, so I will start with this morning.
Gerard Way announced that his debut solo album will be here in just a couple months! September 30! He released the tracklisting, with some of the songs we know and love, and a couple whose demos I have been cherishing for a while now. It’s all so exciting. Or it should be, and it would be normally….
But I have a new feeling when I post news about the guys’ continued art these days. It’s sadness.
No, I’m not sad that it isn’t My Chemical Romance. I’m not sad to see the guys go their separate ways and pursue new things. I’m thrilled to see what they do, in fact, and can't wai…

#MCRmyForLife - International My Chemical Romance Day 2013


Killjoys Never Die: Much to say, much to do


That's what life is.

But today, I have a day off(-ish), and I'm going to spend it populating my home, here, with the MCR-related pieces I've written for my "big blog," I'll call

So much to say. So much to treasure. Just keep in mind that invisibility always wears off.

3-2-1, BOOM.


Ray Toro posts solo song, "Isn't That Something"

Note: This post has been backdated. Originally posted on May 24, 2013 at 10:22 p.m. ET

Ray Toro has posted a solo song on his SoundCloud account, The Real Ray Toro. Toro stated in a tweet that he completed all facets of the song completely on his own. Stream it and let me know what you think!

I played everything. Sang everything. Recorded everything. Mixed everything. Myself.
— raytoro (@raytoro) May 25, 2013
We've now heard new material from Gerard, Frank and Ray. Mikey next? Possibly. 

"I’m definitely not taking a break" - Gerard Way talks future musical ventures

Note: This post has been backdated. I originally posted this on May 22, 2013 at 6:24 p.m. ET

In a new article from Yahoo! Music, former My Chemical Romance frontman and newly announced AP 300 cover star Gerard Way talks about his post-MCR musical work.

While remaining vague about the direction his work is taking ("I’m just trying to figure out exactly what I’m supposed to do. I take a cue from the universe and I think about that pretty deeply and go with my gut 100 percent."), the singer expressed that he's "usually up until a minimum of 2 a.m. writing music" these days. What he does reveal is that he does not foresee his musical works becoming a solo project.

"I’ve never seen myself as a solo guy. Some of my favorite artists, like Nick Cave and Tom Waits, are so far beyond me right now and I feel that if I was going to do something like what they do, I’d have to be a lot older and I’d need a lot more life experience. So I don’t feel like doin…